Best Costco Coffees (7 Coffees To Keep An Eye Open For)

One of the best things about shopping at Costco for pantry staples is that they tend to stay fresher longer, and you get them for a great price, which is certainly the case with the coffee selection, which is surprisingly varied and well-stocked, a mix of house brand and big names.

If you’re on the fence, I have seven of the best Costco coffees to keep an eye out for next time you’re shopping – and almost half are from Costco itself!

Best Costco Coffees In [currentyear]

1. Kirkland Signature House Blend Whole Bean

The Kirkland Signature House Blend from Costco’s infamous house brand is sold in 2.5-pound bags for $15.39.

Also, this large-and-in-charge bag of whole bean joe is one of Costco’s worst-kept secrets; that’s because Starbucks actually makes it!

Yes, somehow, Costco negotiated a partnership with Starbucks that would put its brand-name quality coffee in Kirkland Signature bags.

Made from Arabica beans, the bag proclaims said beans have been medium roasted, but tasters find it closer to a dark roast.

In fact, some have speculated it’s actually Starbucks’ French Roast.

2. Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean

This is an excellent buy for anyone who maybe isn’t quite as convinced that the Kirkland Signature House Blend is the same.

Moreover, the thing about Costco is that even the name brands are sold at an attractive discount versus prices you’d find in a regular grocery store.

So, if you are brand loyal and want to buy the bags with the Starbucks label, then Costco is the place to do it.

Additionally, this French Roast is a fantastic choice, with “French” in this instance being synonymous with “dark,” and the beans giving a beautiful charry, smoky flavor.

Lastly, you can get it from Costco for $23.99 for a 2.5-pound bag.

3. Mother Earth Organic Medium Roast Whole Bean

This USDA-Certified whole bean coffee from Mother Earth is sold in two-pound two-packs for $34.99.

A true medium roast, it’s perfect for people who want a bit more depth than a light roast but don’t like the smoky or charred flavor of a dark roast.

Moreover, the flavor profile is described as “smooth” with a “nutty flavor and bright finish,” and in 2016, this coffee received a 91-point score from Coffee Review.

Also, a reviewer on the Costco product page mirrors this sentiment, adding that these beans do not make an acidic-tasting coffee.

That said, the 100% Arabica beans are sourced from Central and South America.

4. Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold K-Cup

If you have ever run out of K-cups, buying them at Costco is the solution, and if you’re looking for a nice dark roast, the Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold is a good choice.

For example, these K-Cups are not only 100% Arabica coffee; they’re USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified.

Also, you can purchase 120 of them for just $37.99 (or $0.32 per pod!).

Of course, like all of Costco’s house brand products, these K-Cups are manufactured by a wholesaler before receiving the Kirkland Signature label.

In this case, that wholesaler just happens to be Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., a common brand you’ll see on grocery store shelves under its own label.

With that, RV and Playa report that the taste has a nice “smooth profile without the typical bitterness you would find in a lower-quality product.”

All in all, an excellent option for you Keurig fans out there, and unless you’re drinking three cups a day, one box will last you quite a while.

5. Tully’s French Roast K-Cup

5. Tully’s French Roast K-Cup Costco

If you need something akin to a punch in the mouth to wake up in the morning, consider eschewing the violence and instead reach for Tully’s French Roast K-Cups.

That said, the roast type is loudly proclaimed on the box as “Extra Bold Dark,” so light and medium-roast fans will want to sit this one out.

Further, Tully’s has crafted a “powerful and intense” coffee richly flavored like bittersweet chocolate and anise for all the dark roast denizens out there.

Also, a low savoring might reveal jam-like notes, like ripe plums.

Overall, Tully’s French Roast is definitely an experience, and you can pick it up at Costco for $43.99 for a 100-pack.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast Ground

A name brand stand-by, the Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast ground coffee is the perfect middle-ground.

Not too light, not too bold or dark or rich, it’s an all-around crowd-pleaser – coffee that tastes exactly like you’d imagine coffee would and should.

Also, not only can you purchase a tub containing 45 ounces for $21.99, but Costco carries Dunkin’ K-Cups, so all the Keurig owners out there can enjoy them without any muss or fuss.

7. Mayorga Organic Café Cubano Organic Coffee

A toasty dark roast, the Mayorga Organic Café Cubano Organic coffee received great reviews from Coffee Hustle.

Also, it’s USDA Organic certified, and the sustainably farmed beans are a blend of three types from Central and South America.

Overall, it has a lovely chocolatey flavor that is naturally sweet rather than bitter or acidic; it would make a beautiful cold brew if you do that at home.

Also, when asked about their favorite Kirkland coffee on this Reddit thread, numerous respondents broke from the question and said this brand was the best.

Fortunately, you can get it at Costco in a two-pound two-pack for $38.99.

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While Costco might have a smaller coffee selection than your Walmart or your Kroger, what the warehouse retailer has isn’t too shabby.

From famous brands like Starbucks to its house brand Kirkland Signature, many of the coffees Costco carries are well-regarded and worth picking up.

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