Do Costco Cakes Need to Be Refrigerated? (All You Need to Know)

Costco stocks different types of cake flavors and types, from cheesecakes, marble cakes, and pound cakes to chocolate chip muffins.

However, after you purchase a cake from Costco, you may be wondering how long they stay fresh and if they need to be refrigerated. Well, here’s what I discovered from my research!

Do Costco Cakes Need to Be Refrigerated In 2024?

Costco cakes don’t always need to be refrigerated in 2024. However, the exception is if the ingredients used must be kept in the fridge. For instance, if the cake has frosting, such as whipped cream, or cream cheese, these ingredients can spoil if the cake isn’t refrigerated. However, unfrosted cakes don’t have to be in a fridge.

Read on to learn more about the best way to store Costco cakes and when they need to be frozen, along with other useful and related facts!

Do You Need to Refrigerate Costco Cakes?

Costco has different types of cakes under the bakery & desserts section; therefore, you can purchase sweet treats for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

However, when buying the cake from Costco, you need to figure out how to keep them fresh, which largely depends on the ingredients used to make the cake.

Like most baked goods, you won’t need to refrigerate your cake, especially if it doesn’t have frosting and you plan to consume the cake within a week.

Therefore, ensure that the cake is in a cool, dry place and at room temperature. However, if you plan to have it in your home for longer, it’s advisable to keep it in a fridge.

When Do You Need to Put Costco Cakes in the Fridge?

If the cake has frosting like pastry cream, cheese cream, buttercream, and ganache toppings, it needs to be in a fridge to keep it fresh.

This is because these ingredients don’t have a long shelf life; hence, they will affect your cake if kept in the open.

Additionally, if your cake has custard cream or fresh fruit, it might also need to be kept in the fridge to keep the cake fresh.

Fortunately, you can store the Costco cake for up to seven days if kept properly, as it remains fresh within this period; therefore, it’s safe for consumption.

However, to determine if your cake needs to be put in the fridge, you must look at the ingredients used in baking.

How Long Are Costco Cakes Good For?

On average, Costco cakes can last for as long as four days without becoming stale. However, this varies greatly depending on the recipe and ingredients used.

For example, if the ingredients have a short shelf life, your cake will go stale in a few days, especially if it’s not refrigerated.

For instance, cakes with fresh fruit or cream cheese frosting can last for about two days, depending on how they’re stored.

Fortunately, when you buy cakes from Costco, they usually have a label on the cake box indicating how long the cake will remain good.

If the cake is wrapped in a resealable plastic, it can last for a week.

However, to be sure, you can consult the Costco team as you order your cake and confirm the dates to ensure that you eat the cake while it’s still fresh.

What’s the Best Way to Store Costco Cakes?

What’s the Best Way to Store Costco Cakes?

To keep the cake fresh, you can cover it with a plastic wrap. This prevents condensation and protects the cake from damage.

Also, if the cake is unrefrigerated, it should be covered to keep it from losing moisture. By doing this, the Costco cake remains fresh for longer.

How Much Do Costco Cakes Cost?

One of the advantages of buying cakes from Costco is that they’re very affordable.

Compared to competitors like Walmart, Costco is much cheaper; in fact, you can get cake slices for only $13.99.

These prices are affordable for most people, making it cheaper to get a cake from Costco instead of baking one at home.

Does Costco Sell Ready-Made Cakes?

Fortunately, Costco’s bakery has a variety of ready-made sheet cakes. You can get a plain cake, or some with birthday and holiday messages to take home on the same day.

However, if you need to get a custom cake, you can also order one, but give the bakers and decorators a day or two notice if you want a design on your cake with a special message.

Does Costco Deliver Cakes?

If you want to order a cake from Costco and don’t have time to visit a store, you can order one online.

For unfrosted cake slices, Costco has a 2-day delivery system. When shopping, this is usually indicated on the products as you add them to the cart.

In addition, Costco also has a delivery system for items under the Cold & Frozen section.

This is meant for perishable items such as cheesecakes that need to be kept in a fridge. Costco also indicates this against cakes that require refrigeration.

How Can You Tell If a Costco Cake Is Going Bad?

If you buy a cake from Costco and keep it for a few days, you can know whether it’s going bad by looking at its texture.

When the moisture evaporates, the cake might become hard and develop a dry texture.

Additionally, a stale cake also develops mold, especially if it has fresh fruit and other types of frosting, so keep an eye for mold on your Costco cakes before consuming them.

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Costco cakes don’t always need to be always refrigerated. However, if the cake has frosting, such as whipped cream, or cream cheese, these ingredients can spoil if the cake is kept out in the open, whereas unfrosted cakes don’t have to be in a fridge.

Costco cakes can stay for four days to a week if they are stored properly. The cake will generally last longer depending on the recipe and ingredients used. Therefore, if the cake has frosting and fruity ingredients, the shelf life might be shortened.

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