Does Costco Deliver Alcohol? [All You Need To Know]

Costco offers amazing prices on groceries available in-store and online at, including an extensive range of wine, spirits, and beer.

However, if you don’t have time to visit your local Costco, or simply want an order delivered, you might be wondering if Costco delivers alcohol. Here is what I discovered!

Does Costco Deliver Alcoho?

Costco Warehouses do offer alcohol delivery, which is provided by However, this service can vary in availability by state, county, and Costco store. Costco can do same-day alcohol delivery for beer, wine, and spirits for eligible members, with a minimum order value of $35, plus additional services and delivery fees.

To learn more about how the Costco alcohol delivery works, identification, and same-day delivery, keep on reading!

How Does Costco Alcohol Delivery Work?

To order alcohol from Costco for delivery, you must first go to the Instacart app or website.

From here, simply input your ZIP code to discover if the service is available from your local Costco! If it is, you will be able to easily browse through the products available.

Select the beers, wines, or spirits you want to order from Costco, and add them to your cart. Then, set a delivery time that works for you – you should be able to get your items delivered on the same day, so long as there is availability.

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to see real-time updates as an Instacart personal shopper picks your items and delivers them to you.

You can order other groceries from Costco using the Instacart app, too, all of which will be eligible for same-day delivery.

What Forms Of Identification Does Costco Accept For Alcohol Delivery?

When ordering alcohol from Costco through Instacart, you will need to be over the age of 21 to receive your items.

The shopper that brings you your delivery will scan your ID when they arrive to verify your age. The forms of ID that Instacart will accept include:

  • United States-issued driver’s licenses.
  • United States-issued military IDs.
  • State-issued identification cards.
  • Some expired driver’s licenses and state IDs, subject to certain requirements.

If your shopper does not successfully deliver your items to you, whether because they cannot verify your age or for another reason, they will be returned to the store, and you will be issued with a refund.

However, you may still be charged the delivery fee and any bottle deposit fees that apply.

Do All Costco Stores Offer Same-Day Alcohol Delivery?

Not all Costco stores offer same-day alcohol delivery with Instacart. However, more than 200 Costco warehouses do. To find out if your local Costco store is eligible, look online on the Instacart app or website.

If the service is unavailable in your area, you might still be able to get either one-day or two-day delivery on loads of Costco products.

When prompted on the landing page or when checking out to find out, just enter your ZIP code. However, you cannot order alcohol through the Costco website. This is only possible through Instacart.

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Conclusion: Can I Get Alcohol Delivered By Costco?

Since partnering with Instacart back in 2019, Costco has been able to offer one-day delivery on all groceries, including its wide range of alcoholic beverages. Simply search for your local Costco on the Instacart app or website. If a Costco near you offers the service, you will be able to browse and order from the selection available.

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