Where Does Costco Chicken Come From? (All You Need To Know)

Costco’s grocery department is an excellent place to pick up your food needs, including vegetables, fruit, and meat!

But when it comes to Costco’s poultry goods, where does Costco get its chicken from, and who makes it? I did some research on the topic, and this is all I could find out about it!

Where Does Costco Chicken Come From?

Costco warehouse chickens come from Costco’s very own chick farm and processing facility in Nebraska, which they opened in 2018. Costco was rumored to previously use producers like Perdue, Pilgrim’s Pride, and Sanderson Farms for their chickens, but Costco decided to open their own facility to lower prices.

For more information on Costco’s chicken and where it is sourced, read on! 

Where Does Costco Get Their Chickens? 

Previously, it was rumored by some Reddit users (though not confirmed) that Costco was relying on major meat producers like Perdue, Pilgrim’s Pride, Koch Foods, Sanderson Farms, and Tyson for their chicken products.

However, as of 2018, Costco decided to open its own chicken farm and processing plant in Nebraska to keep up with the demand.

Since its opening, all Costco poultry goods are fresh from this facility and are responsible for processing chickens from Nebraska and Iowa.  

This in-company operation allows Costco to save costs while ensuring a quality standard for their meat and to control their own poultry supply.

And because the Midwest has plentiful corn supplies for chicken feed, the Nebraskan location is a crucial consideration.

Where Does Costco’s Organic Chicken Come From? 

Costco’s organic chicken, including the store’s own personal Kirkland Signature organic chicken, comes from their personal farm and processing facility in Nebraska.

In accordance with U.S. regulations on organic meats and poultry, Costco does not use antibiotics or hormones in their organic chickens and tries to provide them with adequate space to grow in.

What Is Costco’s Chicken Farm and Processing Facility Like? 

What Is Costco’s Chicken Farm and Processing Facility Like? 

Costco’s chicken facility is located in Fremont, Nebraska, as a vertically integrated plant that supplies the company’s poultry needs functioning since 2018.

The design of budlings, equipment, and chicken handling programs are all designed to keep animal welfare as the key component of all operations.

This setup includes hatcheries, grower barns, feed mills, and a processing facility, along with shipping operations to distribute the poultry to Costco warehouses around the country. 

Costco’s poultry facility incorporates humane procedures, such as the following: 

  • Controlled atmosphere systems
  • Humane Apollo Gen 2 automatic harvesters
  • Limited stocking density to address space concerns
  • Protected lairage areas
  • Transport with trailer curtains for shelter
  • Tunnel ventilation to improve barn air quality

Is Costco’s Chicken Source Ethical?

Given that any mass production of poultry can be seen as unethical, Costco does try to keep its chicken market as ethical and regulated as possible.

Because of this, Costco requires animal welfare audits in its chicken farm and processing facility, including American Humane, Certified Humane, and UEP audits.

Additionally, according to Costco’s animal welfare standards, all guidelines recommended by the National Chicken Council are followed in the facility, and the latest humane processing technology is implemented.  

Is Costco Chicken Good Quality?

Costco meat quality tends to be as good as any other large superstore and customers do enjoy their meat selections and pre-cooked rotisserie chickens.

Also, most Costco poultry does have the advantage of being prepared for cooking styles before packaging, so you don’t have to dice, fillet, or spatchcock your chicken products, which is another reason why customers love Costco chickens!

What Kinds Of Chicken Does Costco Sell? 

Costco offers raw and cooked chicken products in its warehouses. Raw chicken products come in a variety of cuts and prepared cooking styles, including whole, filleted, deboned, spatchcocked, and more.

Costco’s cooked chicken selections are also popular with customers, including whole rotisserie chickens, wings and thighs, breasts, and more.

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Costco’s chicken supplies come from its own chicken farm and processing facility located in Nebraska.

All Costco chickens, including broilers that will be turned into rotisserie chickens, organic chickens, and Costco’s own Kirkland Signature brand, are sourced from this Nebraskan facility.

Because Costco controls its own supply, quality, and humane regulations, poultry products are well-priced and of good quality. 

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