Who Makes Kirkland Formula? (All You Need To Know)

No doubt, a lot of thought and research goes into choosing what to feed our children because when they are young, they need so many essential nutrients to grow up and be healthy.

If you are a regular shopper at Costco, you have noticed the Kirkland brand and maybe have even been curious about where Kirkland’s formula comes from. If so, this article may be just what you are looking for!

Who Makes Kirkland Formula In [currentyear]?

Kirkland formula is made by Perrigo, a brand that provides health care worldwide, and is produced in the United States in the state of Vermont as of [currentyear]. This information is vital, as you need to be sure what you are feeding your children is good for them, and that starts with where it comes from.

If you would like to learn more about Kirkland’s formula, such as where it is made and if it is a good fit for your child, keep reading!

Which Company Makes Kirkland Formula?

Kirkland brand formula is manufactured by Perrigo, which is a health care supplier for places all around the world and is produced in the US in the state of Vermont.

Further, the dairy ingredients in Kirkland’s formula come from dairy markets around the world, including the United States, New Zealand, and Canada.

Should You Buy Kirkland Formula?

There is a negative stigma around off-brand formulas that you can buy at grocery stores.

Therefore, it’s essential to research the details and ingredients before purchasing anything for your children, let alone their main source of nutrients when they are young.

Luckily, the Kirkland formula complies with all FDA requirements, SQF codes, and is ISO certified, meaning it follows all of the United States’ requirements for a healthy and safe formula.

Further, high-quality formula is essential; this is why Costco doesn’t want its shoppers who are parents to feel like the formula they are getting is not as good as name brand formulas.

Moreover, although Kirkland’s formula is much more affordable than other well-known brands, the company did not make its formula less nutritional for your children.

What Do Parents Say About Kirkland Formula?

What Do Parents Say About Kirkland Formula?

When it comes to reviews, of course, they are going to be mixed, as everyone is different and, in turn, has different experiences with a product.

For example, one parentsays that they hate the packaging as they always end up wasting some formula because it gets spilled.

Also, another parent is dissatisfied with the product as it seems that their baby would wake up more during the night until they switched to another brand.

However, this review speaks highly of the Kirkland formula as it is affordable and meets all necessary health standards.

Additionally, another reviewer says that they had gone through a ton of name-brand formula options, but nothing seemed to work for them until they switched to Kirkland’s formula.

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Formula?

Usually, Kirkland products are only distributed from Costco Wholesale stores. However, if you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own home, some different options are worth trying.

For example, you may be able to find Kirkland brand formula online at Amazon, and you can also get it from Costco.com.

Do You Need A Costco Membership To Buy Kirkland Formula?

As you know, Kirkland is a brand that is owned and primarily sold out of Costco, which, in most cases, requires you to have a membership to shop.

However, as mentioned before, it is entirely possible to order Kirkland formula off of Amazon without a membership.

Also, another way you can get your hand on some Kirkland formula is by obtaining a gift card from a friend who has a Costco membership.

That said, as long as you have a Costco gift card, you will not be required to show your membership card at the Costco checkout.

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When deciding on a formula to feed your child, you undoubtedly want to know which company makes it and where it is produced.

That said, the Kirkland brand formula is made by Perrigo, which is produced in Vermont in the United States.

Moreover, off-brand formulas have a reputation of being just not as good as name-brand formulas. Unfortunately, though, name-brand formulas can cost a lot.

However, you don’t have to worry about this with the Kirkland formula as it meets the requirements assigned by the FDA.

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