13 Best Starbucks Drinks For Kids You Need To Try (Full Guide)

When you pull up to the Starbucks drive-through, kiddos in tow, you’re likely to receive a barrage of “I want something, too!”

Well, did you know that Starbucks actually has a ton of kid-friendly drinks that are perfect for your little one, whether they’re five or 15?

Here are the 13 best Starbucks drinks for kids you need to try next time you make your coffee run; just remember the smallest size is likely best and ask the barista for the “kid’s temperature.”

13 Best Starbucks Drinks For Kids You Need To Try

13. Hot Chocolate

A classic kid-pleaser by any standard, Starbucks’ is made with mocha sauce and steamed milk.

One plus here is that the mocha sauce has only about five grams of sugar per pump, so if you get the Kid size, which has two pumps of mocha sauce, that’s only 10 grams of sugar in total.

Plus, you can opt for almond milk, which has the least amount of sugar in it – just seven grams, compared to oat milk’s 17 grams and nonfat milk’s 26 grams.

As with all hot drinks, make sure to ask for the “kid’s temperature” when you order; they’ll heat the milk to 130 degrees, instead of 160, sparing your kid’s mouth from scalding.

12. Strawberry Crème Frappuccino

The Crème Frappuccinos actually contains zero caffeine (and coffee), making them perfect for kids with an already-hyper disposition (and that would be all of them).

And the Strawberry Crème Frappuccino reigns supreme – who doesn’t love what a strawberry milkshake is?

Made of strawberry puree, ice, and milk (remember, you can sub in almond milk to take the sugar content down a bit), this drink is quite the sweet treat.

11. Caramel Apple Spice

The ideal drink for during or after the pumpkin farm in autumn or a busy shopping day in winter, the Caramel Apple Spice tastes just like a candied apple.

Made of steamed apple juice, cinnamon syrup, whipped cream and caramel drizzle, you can forgo the latter two ingredients if you want to cut calories and sugar.

10. Iced Strawberry Milk

You can’t go wrong with the simple ingredients in Starbucks’ Iced Strawberry Milk; it’s milk of your choice, strawberry puree and ice.

This sweet, berry-forward beverage is like a dressed-up version of basic strawberry milk. 

You could also ask for freeze-dried strawberries in the drink, for a little added texture and fun.

Or ask for it blended for a smoothie-like consistency that would be fun for older kids who can handle a thicker drink.

9. White Hot Chocolate

Like regular hot chocolate, White Hot Chocolate is a basic drink consisting of milk of your choice and mocha sauce.

It’s just that in this case, the mocha sauce is white. This is a good alternative if your kid isn’t a fan of regular chocolate – or you don’t want to risk them spilling and staining their outfit.

If you’re ordering through the speaker, you’ll ask for the “kid’s temperature.”

But if you’re ordering through the app, you can edit under Milk where it says “Milk Temperature” and change it to “Warm” for little, sensitive mouths.

8. Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino

The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino from Starbucks isn’t just great for kids – it’s great, and quite beloved, by everyone.

Made with milk, vanilla bean powder and ice at its most basic, this is a straightforward, sweet and delicious drink – reminiscent of a vanilla milkshake.

It’s great for picky eaters who turn up their noses at most flavors or kids who don’t like fruit in their drinks.

Or, you can add a few pumps of syrup; raspberry or brown apple sugar would suit for more adventurous palates.

7. Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk

Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk

The kid’s version of the Iced Shaken Espresso, this drink naturally comes sans any caffeine or coffee.

Its oatmilk, one to two pumps of brown sugar syrup and ice; you can ask for: a tall oatmilk with a few pumps of brown sugar syrup, on ice.

If you’re using the app, navigate to the Iced Shaken Espresso version and simply cancel out the espresso shots.

6. Steamed Vanilla Milk

For the littlest kids – say, two or over – who nonetheless want “what mom or dad are having,” consider ordering for them the Steamed Vanilla Milk.

It’s very basic: just steamed milk of your choice and a few pumps of vanilla syrup.

You could even go with sugar-free vanilla syrup, to cut down on the sugar – they surely won’t notice the difference.

Or you could sub in any syrup you think your kid will like, be it raspberry, hazelnut, caramel, etc.

5. Water With Strawberry Inclusions

If you struggle to get water into your kid, this is the ideal compromise: you get the satisfaction of seeing your child drink water, while they get a “fancy” beverage from Starbucks.

It’s just a cup of water with Strawberry Inclusions, which are freeze-dried strawberries that are usually used in Refreshers.

The strawberries enhance the flavor of the water, though, making it subtly sweet and berry-fied, while adding little in the way of sugar or calories.

To order, simply ask for a tall water with strawberry inclusions; it’s not on the menu, but the baristas will know what to do.

4. Orange Mango Smoothie

For older kids who can manage the thicker texture, there is the Orange Mango Smoothie at Starbucks.

It’s made of orange mango puree, blended banana, a bit of milk and two scoops of protein powder.

You can eschew the protein powder, naturally, and sub in almond milk instead of 2 percent (the default) to make it more kid-friendly and less sugary.

According to The Every Mom, the “puree is the only flavoring ingredient” (plus the banana), so this is a healthier option for kids who are old enough.

3. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

The Blended Strawberry Lemonade is so terrific for hot summer days, when you need a cold drink to cool hot tempers (or tantrums).

This caffeine-free beverage is made with lemonade, strawberry puree and ice, which is all blended to a smoothie consistency. 

It’s also only 130 calories, with zero fat, although there are 31 grams of sugar in a tall.

The Blended Strawberry Lemonade comes, obviously, single-blended, but if you have a little one that isn’t quite up to texture, you can get the drink double-blended.

It helps make the drink smoother and easier to get through the little mouth hole (or straw).

2. Purple Drink

Not to be confused with the Violet Drink – which is a take on the Refreshers and therefore contains caffeine – the Purple Drink tastes as good as it looks.

You ask for: passion iced tea and your choice of milk, a few pumps of vanilla syrup and blueberry and blackberry inclusions.

The milk dampens the color of the passion iced tea to a pretty, lighter purple, while also making it creamier than just the tea on its own.

This drink is for slightly older palates, especially with the fruit inclusions, as they could be a choking hazard to really little kids.

But if you are confident that your child can handle it, the Purple Drink is a wonderful treat for a warm spring day.

1. Babyccino

You can’t go wrong with steamed milk for toddlers, which is essentially what this Babyccino is.

Although it’s not on the Starbucks menu, you can simply ask for a short or tall steamed milk with extra foam – and don’t forget to ask for it at the “kids temperature.”

Your little one will feel included, while also getting a good dose of calcium and other nutrients.

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Starbucks might not be the most obvious choice for kids’ drinks, but the menu – thanks to its many customizations – actually has plenty that will suit children.

Give it a go with any one of these 13 of the best Starbucks drinks for kids to try and start their lifelong love for the coffeeshop chain early!

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