We are a small team of passionate consumer advocates.

QuerySprout was primarily born out of frustration as we were finding it increasingly hard to find reliable, accurate, and in-depth answers to our consumer and employee questions.

Because of this, we set out to create QuerySprout.com, a website dedicated to helping customers and employees solve their questions from a wide range of services, products, and industries.

While we have been in operation, our articles and content have been quoted and cited in major publications such as NBC, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, and Independent.

If you wish to learn more, please head over to the contact page, where you can get in touch with us directly. Additionally, if you want to see how articles are written for this website, please see the editorial policy for more information.


Marques Thomas

Founder & Writer

After graduating with an MBA in 2011, Marques worked in the retail and consumer service industry as a manager, advisor, and marketer. After leaving his position in late 2020, Marques now manages and writes full-time at QuerySprout.com. Learn more about Marques.

jasmine stanway

Jasmine Stanway

Writer & Editor

J.E Stanway has been a freelance writer since 2015 and has experience in creative writing, SEO, and journalism. She previously managed and was the co-editor of The Postmodern Journal, and has two published novels through Barnes & Noble Press. Learn more about Jasmine.

Cara Suppa


Cara Suppa has been freelance writing for over a decade and holds a BA in English and an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications. Outside of work, she is an avid cook, gardener, and discount shopper. Learn more about Cara.

Jermaine Jamero


Jermaine completed her degree in Computer Science in 2020 from AMA University and has been freelance editing/copywriting since 2016. When not editing, Jermaine is also the head designer for QuerySprout and specializes in UI/UX. Learn more about Jermaine.

Florence Howard

Florence Howard


Florence Howard has been freelance writing for over a decade, and has a vocational background in retail, tech, and marketing. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to rock and metal, and playing with her dog and cat. Learn more about Florence.

Mackenzie Jerks

Mackenzie Jerks


Mackenzie is a freelance writer and editor, published author, and music enthusiast who holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. When she’s not writing, Mackenzie is either wrapped up in a book, discovering new music, or introducing herself to a new fitness regimen. Learn more about Mackenzie.