AT&T Vs Verizon Coverage (Read The Before Choosing)

AT&T and Verizon are two of the hottest and most popular wireless carriers within the United States, but do you know the differences between AT&T Vs Verizon coverage?

Do you know which offers better coverage in rural areas or cities? Well, if you want to find out more about AT&T Vs Verizon coverage, continue reading below to learn all about it!

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When it comes to AT&T Vs Verizon coverage, AT&T is superior in 5G coverage while Verizon has lagged behind every carrier in 5G coverage rollout. There are subtle differences between AT&T and Verizon coverage, but it’s a close race as a whole and either way you go you can’t lose.

Do you want to know more specifics about AT&T Vs Verizon coverage, such as which has better rural coverage? If so, continue reading below to learn more coverage details between the two!

Does AT&T Have More 5G Coverage Than Verizon?

AT&T does have more 5G coverage compared to Verizon, and it’s not even up for debate! While 5G is still in its infancy stage, Verizon has lagged far behind the competition.

To illustrate, when you look at the Verizon coverage map, you can see how limited the 5G coverage is throughout the United States, and then look at the AT&T 5G Coverage Map.

Furthermore, it’s estimated that AT&T covers over 18% of the country with 5G whereas Verizon provides about 11% of 5G coverage throughout the United States.

Does AT&T or Verizon Have Better 4G Coverage?

Verizon has the best 4G LTE coverage out of all of the major providers, so it’s better than AT&T in terms of 4G LTE and has been a leader for years in 4G LTE.

For example, you can compare the Verizon Coverage Map to the AT&T Coverage Map and see the difference, although it is close and you have to zoom in to see the differences.

Verizon has 4G LTE coverage in over 70% of the United States, whereas AT&T has 4G coverage in 68% of the country, so you can see how close the two are with 4G coverage.

Does AT&T or Verizon Have Better Rural Coverage?

Verizon has the best rural coverage out of all of the carriers, especially in remote and fringe areas of the country.

Furthermore, OpenSignal performed a study in 2019 which looked at each carrier in rural areas and broke down the rural locations into fringe, remote, and distant.

The survey showed that Verizon was available in 83.5% of remote areas, while AT&T was available in 75.5% of remote areas.

Also, Verizon was available in 95.1% of fringe locations, while AT&T scored 88.8%. Verizon was available in 89.3% of distant locations whereas AT&T was available in 80.8% in distant locations.

Therefore, it’s a close race, but Verizon does beat AT&T in rural coverage when you look at the three different groups studied.

Does AT&T or Verizon Have Better Metropolitan Coverage?

Does AT&T or Verizon Have Better Metropolitan Coverage?

If you look at both AT&T and Verizon, they are nearly identical when it comes to metropolitan coverage, so if you live in the city you won’t go wrong with either carrier.

However, if you live in a state like Alaska, West Virginia, or Montana, you’ll find that you don’t have hardly any coverage with Verizon in these locations, even within the cities.

Does AT&T or Verizon Offer Better Coverage for Travel?

Verizon is a better network if you’re a traveler and enjoy trips across the country as you’ll likely have service anywhere you go, whether you’re going into rural areas or a big city.

However, AT&T isn’t that far behind Verizon but does lack rural coverage and it is also spotty in certain locations throughout the country, and you can zoom in on the map to get a closer look.

Is Verizon or AT&T Better Texas?

If you’re traveling to Texas or you live in Texas, you should know that AT&T has better coverage than Verizon in Texas.

Furthermore, AT&T boasts a 96.61% coverage rate in Texas, while Verizon covers 91.11% of the state, so it’s close but AT&T is more reliable throughout the state.

However, neither Verizon nor AT&T have great 5G coverage in Texas, with AT&T only covering 4% of the state in 5G and Verizon only has 0.0018% 5G coverage in the state!

Is Verizon or AT&T Better in Florida?

Verizon is better in Florida than AT&T since Verizon covers 99.18% of Florida, but AT&T isn’t far behind covering 99.05% of the state.

For example, out of 1,029 zip codes in Florida, AT&T covers all 1,029 zip codes, whereas Verizon covers 1,006, so it’s incredibly close.

In addition, AT&T offers some 5G coverage within the state, although it’s only 13%, and Verizon 5G coverage is even less, coming in at 0.0028% coverage.

Does AT&T or Verizon Have Better Overall Coverage?

Verizon has better overall coverage thanks to its well-known reliable 4G LTE coverage across the country regardless of where you’re traveling.

Meanwhile, AT&T has almost identical coverage to Verizon, with just a couple points separating the two and they both are known to have more spotty coverage out West.

However, since Verizon has better coverage than AT&T in rural areas, including remote and fringe locations, it’s the winner in overall coverage.

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When it comes to AT&T Vs Verizon coverage, Verizon wins in the 4G LTE market throughout the United States, although AT&T isn’t too far behind and it’s probably not going to be that noticeable.

However, if you’re talking about 5G coverage, AT&T thoroughly beats Verizon, but 5G is still in its infancy so Verizon still can catch up.

Additionally, Verizon coverage is better in rural areas compared to AT&T, but both have excellent coverage in metropolitan areas.

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