Can Apple AirPods Be Tracked? (All You Need to Know)

If you’re thinking about getting Apple AirPods, you might want to know more about them first. For instance, can Apple AirPods be tracked? Do you worry about your privacy using AirPods?

If so, continue reading because I’ve been researching this topic and have the answer plus so much more!

Can Apple AirPods Be Tracked in [currentyear]?

Apple AirPods can be tracked using the Find My feature, including AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and regular AirPods in [currentyear]. Also, you can track your AirPods by sending a sound to them using an iPod Touch, Mac, iPhone, or iPad that you’ve set up Find My for your AirPods with.

Do you want to know even more, like if reset AirPods be tracked? Well, don’t stop reading because I have all you need to know about this topic below!

How Far Can AirPods Be Tracked?

If your AirPods are stolen, they can be tracked around 40 feet away from you, but once they have gone beyond that range, there is no way to track them.

Also, when someone steals AirPods, they can sync them to their iPhone, which limits your tracking abilities using your iPhone or another iOS device.

Can the Owner of AirPods Be Tracked?

There is a serial number that can be found on AirPods, which allows them to be tracked in a roundabout way so that the owner of the AirPods can be tracked down.

However, the serial number is only used by law enforcement in the event your AirPods are stolen and then found to verify that the AirPods are yours before they are given back.

That being said, the person who stole the AirPods can reset them, which then would prevent or make it nearly impossible for the true owner of the AirPods to reclaim them.

Can Reset AirPods Be Tracked?

Reset AirPods can’t be tracked, which means you can’t use the Find My feature to track them down. Therefore, you’re better off purchasing a new pair.

Also, even if you still have your case, the person who stole your AirPods can use another AirPods case to reset them, since they can be re-synced.

What If Your AirPods Are Stolen?

What If Your AirPods Are Stolen? Apple

 If your AirPods are stolen, then you will need to use Find My to try to track them down. However, this will only work if the AirPods are within 40 feet.

Therefore, you’re better off purchasing new AirPods, though you may have the option of filing a police report for your lost pair.

Unfortunately, though, law enforcement likely won’t do anything if you try to report the AirPods as stolen.

How Do I Remove AirPods Tracking?

If you’d like to reset your AirPods so that they can’t be tracked, use the following method:

  1. Put your AirPods in the charger case
  2. Leave the lid open
  3. Press and hold the button on the back of the case
  4. Hold the button until you see a flashing white light between your AirPods
  5. Your AirPods are now reset to factory settings, which means it’s disconnected from your Apple devices
  6. The tracking is then stopped until you reconnect your AirPods to your iCloud account

Also, you can remove a device from having access to the AirPods so that they can’t be tracked on that specific device by following our guide:

  1. Open the “Settings” on the device you no longer want to have AirPods tracking abilities on
  2. Select “Bluetooth”
  3. Find the AirPods in this section
  4. Select “Forget This Device”
  5. This disables the iOS device you’re using to track the AirPods

Can Apple Track Stolen AirPods by Serial Number?

Apple nor law enforcement can track AirPods using the serial number, since AirPods don’t come with Wi-Fi or GPS tracking.

Furthermore, there is no way to lock the serial number or control it, and it’s only useful if stolen AirPods were found to try to track down the original owner.

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Apple AirPods can be tracked if you have them linked to the Find My feature, but can only be tracked at a distance of 40 feet. Therefore, if your AirPods are stolen, there is a good chance you won’t be able to track them, especially since someone reset the AirPods.

That being said, AirPods do have serial numbers on them, which law enforcement can use to verify the owner of the AirPods if they happen to be found after being reported stolen.

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