Do Taco Bell Employees Get Free Food? (Your Full Guide)

Are you wondering whether Taco Bell offers free food to its employees? Or, are you an employee looking for a restaurant with employee free food benefits?

Walk with us on this adventurous journey as we learn more about some of the free food privileges that Taco Bell and other fast-food restaurant employees get!

Do Taco Bell Employees Get Free Food In [currentyear]?

Taco Bell Employees get free snacks, drinks, bagels, and doughnuts on Fridays in [currentyear]. For every 6 hours, managers receive a free meal for under $5. In addition, employees receive free drinks throughout their shifts. On the contrary, employees are also allowed to leave during lunch on the condition that they get their food elsewhere.

Eager to know any other free food benefits and other employee entitlements? Don’t worry! Find out more below.

What Other Benefits Do Taco Bell Employees Get?

Some of the advantages of being an employee at Taco Bell include the following:

  • Employees have a flexible work schedule
  • Workers get paid sick leave
  • Employees are entitled to paid holidays or vacations by the company
  • The company offers food discounts to its workers
  • Free drinks/water/soda or juice are provided to employees

What Other Fast-Food Chains Offer Free Food to Employees?

Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks are some fast-food chains to work for if you’re in for food perks.

For instance, at Ben & Jerry’s, an employee gets an opportunity to take home three ice cream pints after work daily.

On the other hand, Starbucks offers workers free coffee or milk-based drinks 30 minutes before and after working shifts, not to mention a tasty panini or pastry.

What Other Restaurants Give Employees High Salaries?

An average TGI Friday employee gets a $9.39 per hour salary before tips. On the other side, the wait staff gets a higher paycheck, which comes in handy for the evenings with lower tips.

Chipotle is also not left behind on this. An average worker at this place receives an average of $9 per hour, with senior ranked employees at the managerial level getting paid $45000 – $60000 per year.

How Are Taco Bell Employees Paid?

Hourly pay at Taco Bell varies from $8.12 to $14.70. However, this is not the same for every worker.

Senior ranked staff members like the general manager receive an average hourly salary of $17.81.

On the other hand, junior employees, e.g., cooks, receive an average hourly wage of $9.22.

Do Taco Bell Employees Get a Discount?

Regular workers at Taco Bell receive a 20-25% discount for meals daily, and one can use a 50% discount that can be used only once for every shift.

On the other hand, managers always receive a 50% discount for their meals.

Moreover, the restaurant offers a $5.37 meal allowance with a staff discount for workers when they are out of shift.

Why Is Taco Bell a Good Place to Work?

Why Is Taco Bell a Good Place to Work?

Not only do Taco Bell staff members get great perks but also good worker experience.

Members of staff benefit from good support to expand their knowledge and skills. Most staff members have ended up staying for long terms.

Sales workers are not left behind either. Comprehensive training is given to them, plus, they’ve got an option to work either part-time or full-time.

They make $25 to $30 per hour with commissions.

Do Taco Bell Employees Have Health Benefits?

On the first day of reporting, employees receive full-scale dental, medical, and vision benefits and basic life coverage at zero cost.

In addition, they get term life insurance, inclusive of your annual salary bonus. Moreover, they have an option to acquire additional term life for themselves and their kin.

Do Taco Bell Employees Get Paid During Training?

Being paid during training at a company is rare since most companies do not consider trainee payment. However, trainees at Taco Bell are offered $8.00 per hour for every training session.

Do Taco Bell Employees Get Holiday Pay?

Paid holidays are only for the restaurant’s general managers and assistant general managers. Junior-ranked employees do not get paid holidays.

Do Taco Bell Employees Get Paid Time Off?

One of Taco Bell employees’ most enjoyable privileges is paid time off. The paid time off policy grants employees 0 – 10 days off per year.

29% of employees who work here agree that it is the most enjoyable benefit apart from the health benefit.

Taco Bell’s benefits and paid time off package averages a cash value of less than $500 per month.

Can Taco Bell Employees Accept Tips?

The management at Taco Bell prohibits employees from accepting tips from customers.


Working at Taco Bell has various benefits, even though it may have cons. A survey done on several employees indicates that they’ve always had a fabulous working experience, including free meals.

Feel free to apply for a job at the fast-food chain and explore the place, and have a one-on-one experience with this magnificent eatery. We hope you’re going to enjoy it.

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