Do Zara Clothes Run Small? (+ Other Common FAQs)

One of the most stressful parts of clothes shopping is finding the correct size. Different companies have different sizes, and sizes can even fluctuate inside the same brand.

That said, Zara is a very popular brand, but its sizes are known for fluctuating. So, to find out if Zara’s clothes run small or larger, keep reading!

Do Zara Clothes Run Small in 2024?

Often, Zara clothes run small compared to other companies in 2024. Usually, you’ll want to purchase a size bigger than what you normally would. However, this isn’t always accurate. Often, it is best to use Zara’s sizing chart or utilize the online tool to help you determine the best size. Luckily, this company’s return policy is very good.

For more information on Zara sizing, including if you should size up when purchasing Zara clothes, take a look at our further information below!

Should I Size up in Zara Clothes?

Often, it’s recommended to size up in Zara clothes. Typically, this brand is known to run small, so you’ll need a bigger size than you might initially expect.

However, this process can be a bit complicated. Letter sizes are more likely to be small than number sizes, which fluctuate less.

What counts as a medium or a small may vary a lot, while an 8 tends to stay an 8.

Therefore, you may only need to size up S, M, and L clothes.

Sadly, this isn’t always possible, though. Zara pre-makes a set number of clothing articles in each size for each style.

Often, the company doesn’t produce anything higher than an XL, which those who usually wear an L would need.

Therefore, those that wear plus sizes at other brands likely won’t find anything to fit them at Zara.

Unfortunately, the company’s lack of size options and tendency to run small simply makes it impossible for larger women to find clothes that fit them here.

Do Zara Clothes Run True to Size?

Sadly, Zara clothes usually aren’t true to size. Like most fast fashion companies, Zara struggles with sizing, as many of the clothes run small compared to other brands.

Therefore, you’ll often need a bigger size than you might originally think.

We highly recommend using Zara’s sizing chart to determine your size. However, when you doubt, sizing up is often the best choice.

Furthermore, the company also provides a “Find My Size” button online to help you determine what size you should wear.

The instrument will ask you for some measurements, though, so be prepared with a measuring tape to provide the correct information.

Don’t assume you’re a medium in all Zara clothes just because one medium fits you.

Sadly, this company is known for fluctuating its sizes, which can make things a bit complicated.

Luckily, Zara’s return policy is excellent. Therefore, you should be able to return clothes that end up not fitting.

What Is a Size Medium in Zara?

What Is a Size Medium in Zara?

At Zara, a medium is a 35 ½-inch bust and 38 ½-inch hips. When in doubt, it is often best to measure yourself to determine your size.

While this isn’t always super accurate, it is more accurate than some other options out there.

Furthermore, Zara tends to make small clothes compared to other brands. Therefore, it often works best if you size up to ensure that your clothes fit.

Is Zara Sizing Different?

Compared to other brands, Zara clothes do have slightly different sizing. Usually, Zara’s clothes tend to run a bit small.

Therefore, most recommend sizing up to ensure that they receive the correct size.

However, the company’s sizes also fluctuate quite a bit. Therefore, to choose the right size, you’ll often need to try the clothes on.

When shopping online, this can be a bit challenging. Luckily, the company does have a good return policy that allows you to return clothes that don’t fit.

However, we highly recommend that you go to a physical store to try on clothes when possible. Like most fast fashion brands, Zara tends to struggle a bit with clothing sizes.

What Size Should I Get in Zara Jeans?

Zara jeans tend to vary a bit in size. However, if you purchase all-cotton jeans, they don’t stretch.

Therefore, you should purchase whatever size fits you in the store. Your best bet is often to try on different sizes until one fits you.

Usually, Zara jeans run a bit small, just like other clothes. Therefore, you probably want to start with a size bigger than you think you need.

When shopping online, you often have to make an educated guess. Zara has fluctuating sizes, which can make shopping online challenging.

Luckily, Zara does have an online tool called “Find My Size” that allows you to find the exact size you need. This option is available on all of Zara’s clothing.

Simply click on it after you have selected the pants that you like.

As you’d probably expect, this tool requires some measurements. Therefore, you should have a measuring tape ready to go.

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Typically, all Zara clothes run a bit small. The company’s letter sizes mainly run small when compared to other companies. Plus, the clothes tend to fluctuate a bit, making it challenging to determine your size without trying them on.

Luckily, Zara does have a good return policy. Therefore, if the clothes you purchase are too small, you should be able to return them.

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