Does American Airlines Serve Food? (All You Need To Know)

A nice meal in the sky is one thing to look forward to when you’re en route to your next vacation.

If you fly with American Airlines, you may want to know if the airline serves food to your cabin and what’s included — if so, keep reading!

Does American Airlines Serve Food In 2023?

American Airlines offers many meal options in-flight in 2023. For flights over 2,200 miles, meals are complimentary. Customers that fly First Class enjoy complimentary snacks and full beverage service. American Airlines serves meals on flights that depart during specific time frames. Outside these times, passengers are given snacks, water, and drinks (non-alcoholic) on request.

American Airlines offers many different meal, snack, and drink options inflight. To find out what’s offered and when, read on. I answer these questions and more!

Does American Airlines Serve Food To Basic Economy?

American Airlines serves food to Basic Economy class passengers. That said, free snacks, soft drinks, and in-flight entertainment are also part of the package.

Are They Serving Food And Drinks On American Airlines?

American Airlines serves fresh drinks ranging from coffee and tea to water and soft drinks. Also, passengers can enjoy complimentary snacks.

Further, Executive Premium members can help themselves to an alcoholic drink and food menu item.

Lastly, meals are served for flights that are longer than 2,200 miles.

Does American Airlines Serve Food Or Snacks?

Yes, American Airlines serves food and snacks, but the service varies depending on where you sit.

Main Cabin

American Airlines does not offer food for purchase for short flights in the main cabin (under 900 miles). Water and soda are available at request.

Moreover, complimentary pretzels and water are offered for four-hour flights in the main cabin.

Lastly, for flights over 2,200 miles in the main cabin, meals and alcohol are only served on international flights.

First Class

Complimentary snacks and alcohol are provided for short flights under 900 miles.

In comparison, for a mid-distance flight under 2,200 miles, full drink service is offered along with snacks.

For long flights over 2,200 miles, American Airlines offers fresh snacks such as yogurt, fruit, and breakfast sandwiches.

Additionally, meals are served with a snack basket before landing, and alcohol is offered along with full beverage service.

Is American Airlines’ Food Free?

Is American Airlines’ Food Free?

American Airlines offers a “food for sale” menu in the Main Cabin, but the airline does offer free meals and snacks on US flights.

Also, American Airlines gives passengers the ability to pre-order food to take care of those in-flight cravings.

However, keep in mind that the pre-order system isn’t available to everyone, only passengers with “light meals.”

Additionally, flights must be longer than three hours and must not include free meal service.

What Are American Airlines’ Meal Times?

American Airlines serves meals on flights with a departure time between 5:00 AM to 1:30 PM and 4:01 PM to 8:00 PM.

On departures outside these times, American Airlines serves warmed mixed nuts and Lite Bites.

What Are American Airlines’ Meals On International Flights?

Main Cabin meals are served on international flights.

Also, passengers on Premium transcontinental flights are served a complimentary snack such as a sandwich, fruit, cheese, or hummus.

Unfortunately, no additional snacks or food are available for purchase.

Does American Airlines Serve Food In First Class?

American Airlines has its own First Class menu. That said, American Airlines is the first US airline that allows passengers to reserve an entree on a flight.

Also, meals are scheduled on American Airlines. So, if passengers choose to reserve a meal, they will need to do so at least 24 hours before the flight departs (up to 30 days in advance).

Moreover, if customers decide to change their flight, the reservation will need to be made again.

With that, customers can reserve a meal by logging in to or over the phone by calling American Airlines customer service at 03-4333-7675.

What Are American Airlines’ Meals In First Class?

American Airlines serves a mix of hot and cold entrees on its flights. For example, passengers get a salad, appetizers, and an entree for lunch and dinner.

Further, some of the more popular entrees include the charcuterie and braised beef short ribs. Also, cold entrees include items such as healthy grain bowls or entree-sized salads.

For dessert, First Class passengers can choose from ice cream, sorbet, or a fruit & cheese plate.

Does American Airlines Serve Food And Alcohol In First Class?

Flying first-class on American Airlines allows customers to enjoy full beverage service (including alcohol), and complimentary snacks are also available.

Does American Airlines Serve Food On Red-Eye Flights?

A red-eye flight is an overnight flight that departs at night and arrives the next morning.

Usually, American Airlines only serves snacks such as cookies, fruit, and hummus on red-eye flights.

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Many different meal options are available to passengers on American Airlines.

For flights under 2,200 miles, passengers are given snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on a complimentary basis.

Also, First Class passengers enjoy the option of complimentary snack and beverage service and have a menu of hot and cold entrees to choose from.

Further, American Airlines gives customers the option to reserve their meal anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days in advance, or they can make a purchase during the flight.

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