Does Instacart Deliver to Apartments? (All You Need to Know)

Grocery shopping while living in an apartment can be a challenge, especially if you live in a major city, and rely on public transportation.

However, Instacart has changed the grocery shopping game, bringing the bags to your front door. But what if that front door is up three flights of stairs? Does Instacart deliver to apartments? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does Instacart Deliver to Apartments In 2024?

Instacart can deliver to the vast majority of apartment-dwellers, including those who may live in a gated complex or security-enhanced buildings in 2024. Most Instacart shoppers will bring your bags up flights of stairs to the individual’s front door unless instructed otherwise. Customers can leave instructions in the check-out section of the Instacart app.

To learn more about how to get that Instacart delivery person to your front door, where you can instruct your delivery person to leave the bags if it’s okay to ask them to bring the bags upstairs and much more, keep reading! I’ve got all you need to know!

How Does Instacart Apartment Delivery Work?

Instacart delivery to an apartment works much the same as it does to a house.

That is to say, you will create an account if you don’t already have one, choose a retailer/grocer, place items in your cart, and then head to check-out when you’re ready.

Once there, the most important area for some apartment-dwellers becomes the text box where it asks for Delivery Instructions.

This is where you can enter pertinent information about getting inside a gated complex, finding your front door, where you would like them to leave the bags, and so on.

Do you have a keypad entry into your building or complex?

You can leave the code in Delivery Instructions so that your shopper can get in without having to contact you at the time of delivery, ensuring a smoother hand-off.

One other thing for apartment dwellers: if you can schedule delivery for when you will be available by chat or phone, that would also be best.

Sometimes apartment deliveries can be more challenging, and if you forgot some information in Delivery Instructions, it would help the driver if you can be reached with questions.

You don’t necessarily have to be physically there, but if you’re at work, schedule delivery for when you don’t have a meeting or for during a break.

Does Instacart Drop off at Apartment Doors?

Instacart absolutely drops off at your apartment door, even up four flights of stairs.

According to a long-time shopper for Instacart on Quora, “…we deliver to the door, even if that means carrying $600 of food up however many flights of stairs…”

However, if you live in a fifth-floor walk-up that is absolutely burning hot in the summer, please consider leaving the most generous tip possible to your driver!

You might also be wondering- since apartments have multiple occupants in each building if Instacart will leave the bags at your door for contact-less delivery.

The answer is yes, your delivery driver will do that, too. You can just choose the “Leave at my door if I’m not home” option, and also mention it in the Delivery Instructions.

You can say something like: “Can just leave at door. I’m here and will hear you. Thank you!”

The few instances where Instacart shoppers cannot just drop off items at your front door and go is if you have purchased alcohol or prescriptions.

Then you’ll need to be present to show ID, but that’s universal, not just for apartment-dwellers.

Can Instacart Drop off in Gated Apartments?

Can Instacart Drop off in Gated Apartments?

Instacart can drop off in gated apartment complexes, provided you give your driver the information they need to get in.

That could be what to say to any security guards who might be manning the gate or giving them the code to punch in to get the gate to open for them.

If you don’t give them this information, and they show up and are surprised by not being able to get in, you can expect a phone call or message from your shopper.

Also, if you’re not available to answer, then unfortunately your order will have to go back to the store.

Therefore, avoid this crisis entirely by giving your driver all the information they need, or by being available at the time of delivery.

Will Instacart Deliver Upstairs?

Instacart shoppers’ policy is to leave your groceries at your door; and if your door happens to be up a few (or more than a few) flights of stairs, well, up goes the shopper.

If you live at the top of a building with no elevator, please leave your shopper a generous tip!

Does Instacart Bring Your Groceries Inside?

Instacart will bring groceries inside an apartment building to deliver to the door of an individual unit, but not cross the threshold into a home (any home).

That is standard practice, but you might have heard about this woman in Georgia who broke from Instacart’s front-door policy.

Sensing something wasn’t right based on an elderly man’s appearance and sluggish movements, she brought the groceries inside for him.

She herself began feeling unwell, so she contacted the daughter who had placed the order on her father’s behalf.

It was a gas leak, and the Instacart shopper saved the man’s life.

This incredible story shows how rules are put in place for a reason, but at the end of the day, your Instacart shoppers are capable of making tremendous judgment calls when necessary.

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Instacart can deliver to just about any type of building, including apartment complexes, even those that are gated or have some other form of enhanced security.

To ensure a seamless hand-off, make sure to use the Delivery Instructions at Instacart check-out to provide all the information your driver will need to locate your door.

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