Does Instacart Deliver to Hotels? (All You Need to Know)

One of the nice things about going on vacation is trying food that you might not find at home, but after some time, eating out for every meal can get old.

However, if you have your own kitchen in the hotel suite where you are staying, that makes buying groceries an option. If you have your own kitchen in the hotel suite where you are staying, that makes buying groceries an option.

Therefore, you may wonder: does Instacart deliver to hotels? If you would like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

Does Instacart Deliver to Hotels In [currentyear]?

Instacart does deliver to hotels, and in some cases, delivery drivers can bring the bags right up to your room. However, some hotels do not allow entry beyond the lobby or delivery at all. Costs are subject to location and time, though Express members do not pay delivery fees, no matter where they order in [currentyear].

Keep reading to learn more about Instacart hotel delivery, including how it works, which hotels allow it, how much you can expect to pay, and even what to do if your hotel doesn’t allow grocery delivery!

How Does Instacart Delivery to Hotels Work?

To use Instacart delivery at a hotel, you should speak to the front desk first, and ask if they allow grocery delivery.

If they say yes, but don’t elaborate, you might want to ask if you can have groceries delivered to your room, or if you’ll need to go down and collect them.

Let the hotel receptionist know that you will be placing an order so that they can expect to see a delivery person with bags, and not stop them unduly.

Next, you must have an Instacart account, which is free to sign up (unless you want to become an Express member for $10 per month, or $99 for an entire year).

You will need your hotel address, and you can enter it either when you sign up or, if you already have an account, by clicking on the address section at the top-middle of the app.

After, a box will open up that lets you add an address. Once you do that, the app will reload itself for a few seconds to show you what available grocery stores exist in the area.

Select the store you wish to shop from and start adding items to your cart.

It’s important to note, especially if you don’t live somewhere where alcohol is available for delivery, that you can order it in certain states, but you’ll have to show your valid ID.

When you’re done shopping, you can go to check-out and choose a time and day for the delivery.

You will confirm the address, and if the delivery driver is bringing the groceries to your door, you can put the room number in where it asks for an apartment number.

Next, just to be safe, use the Delivery instructions box to add any additional information, like a meeting place if you’ll be in the lobby.

Select your payment method, add in a generous tip, and submit the order.

Even though you might be on vacation, you should still do the work of staying by your phone while the order is being shopped, so that you can answer any questions the shopper has.

Follow along during the delivery process as well, noting when they get close.

If you have to go down and collect the bags, it’s much more polite to be down there waiting, rather than make them wait for you.

Instacart shoppers cannot just leave your bags without ensuring that they are in your possession, so you will have to answer the door if they come up to your room.

While they can leave them on your property unattended, if advised by you, a hotel is not your property, so they cannot be left.

If you don’t answer, or you have stepped out, the driver will likely take the bags back with them and Instacart will send you a refund.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Instacart Delivered to a Hotel?

How Much Does It Cost to Have Instacart Delivered to a Hotel?

Instacart does a good job of keeping its delivery and service fees quite stable across the country, but there are always peak shopping time surcharges to be aware of.

That said, $3.99 delivery is quite standard for many grocery stores on the Instacart marketplace, but you could see prices as high as $7.99, or even $9.99.

However, Instacart cannot be held accountable for higher-than-normal prices that you might be used to if you’re from a smaller city and are staying in a larger, more expensive one.

It’s always important to tip well, though, at least $5 for their trouble. However, if it’s a larger or heavier order, show some appreciation with a 15-25 percent tip.

Finally, if you’re just looking for some midnight snacks, consider checking out the area’s Convenience hub, where you can get delivery for free on smaller orders.

As well, in some cities, stores that are open 24/7 also deliver 24/7 through Instacart.

What Hotels Allow Instacart Delivery?

One of the major hotel chains that have partnered with Instacart to allow for easy grocery delivery is the Wyndham hotel group.

However, this special partnership – where you can order groceries based on pre-arranged gourmet recipes – is only available in a handful of resorts.

The main thing when determining if your hotel allows Instacart delivery is just to ask the front desk.

The worst the staff can do is say no, and even if they do, you still have options (which are detailed further down).

Will Instacart Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Instacart shoppers will generally deliver wherever you ask them to. However, it’s up to the hotel manager to determine how far the grocery bags are allowed to go.

Bear in mind that no matter where your Instacart delivery person is permitted to go, you must be there to receive the bags; not having them left at the front desk or on a chair in the lobby.

What If My Hotel Doesn’t Allow Instacart Delivery?

Some hotels don’t allow Instacart delivery, because there are usually restaurants on the premises, and Instacart presents competition.

If you call down to your hotel’s front desk and are told that management does not allow Instacart delivery inside, you are not completely out of luck.

You can still order groceries, but you might instead opt to go pick them up (and perhaps enter through one of the side or back doors instead of the front).

You might also order delivery, but have your shopper meet you in the parking lot, near one of the side/back doors, versus the main entrance.

Most hotels that don’t allow Instacart are saying that would prefer not to have the delivery person on-premises, but hotels cannot stop you from obtaining the order off-property.

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If your location allows it, Instacart will deliver to hotels, and will even bring your order right up to your room.

Many hotels are fine with Instacart deliveries, provided you give them a heads up, but be aware that some are not, and you may have to opt for pick-up.

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