Does Poshmark Use USPS? (All You Need To Know)

The buying and selling of used goods is a tale as old as time, and the digital age has only made the process that much easier, with marketplaces like Poshmark popping up. Selling on Poshmark is an easy way to earn cash for your gently worn, branded apparel.

But if you’ve never used it before, the shipping aspect can seem intimidating. Are you wondering, does Poshmark use USPS, and if so, which mail classes are available to you? Wonder no more – I’ve got the answer you seek!

Does Poshmark Use USPS In [currentyear]?

Poshmark has exclusively partnered with the United States Postal Service to offer its sellers easy, fast shipping through the Priority Mail, Priority Mail Flat Rate, and Priority Mail Regional mail classes as of [currentyear]. Buyers pay the shipping at a flat rate set by Poshmark, while the company emails sellers the shipping labels when they make a sale.

To learn more about shipping with Poshmark, including some best practices and what to do if the label doesn’t include enough postage for your box, what kind of boxes you can use and where to get them, plus much more, keep reading!

How Does Shipping Work With Poshmark?

Poshmark knows that when it comes to individuals selling their goods, shipping can be a hassle, to say nothing of how it can slowly eat away at your profits.

Therefore, the company has developed a clever system for shipping that benefits both its sellers and buyers.


The buyers pay the shipping as a flat fee of $7.67, so they always know what the shipping will cost.

So, while it won’t go any lower for smaller or lighter items, it also won’t go any higher for heavier or bulkier ones.

The seller, meanwhile, has to take care of the packaging, including obtaining boxes and other shipping materials – packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.

However, instead of having to create a label (as you do on Etsy or eBay), Poshmark generates the USPS shipping label and sends it to you via email.

After getting the label, all you have to do is print it and affix it to your box – and you’re set!

Shipping Materials

You have tons of options for shipping materials, including boxes, which you can get completely for free from USPS.

Because Poshmark exclusively ships via USPS Priority Mail, you can obtain free Priority Mail boxes from your local post office.

Or, even better, you can order them online – yes, completely free! – and have them shipped to your front door (your Postal carrier will likely grab your order and deliver it).

Of course, if you have empty boxes lying around that meet the USPS Priority Mail dimensional requirements, you are welcome to use those.

That said, the dimensional requirements are pretty simple; the combined length and girth of the box cannot exceed 108 inches. Also, any box that exceeds one cubic foot can elicit a surcharge.

However, what you cannot use or reuse are any USPS boxes other than those meant for Priority Mail, not even Priority Mail Express.

If you are reusing a box to ship your order, make sure that any old labels are peeled off or marked over.

Additionally, any indication of alcohol, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, or hazardous materials (like lithium batteries) must be marked over, or the shipment will be returned to you.

Finally, if you’re shipping something delicate, like a necklace or pair of earrings, while it certainly fits in a padded envelope, it might be safer to box it.

Moreover, you can’t really control how USPS handles your parcel, and if someone is in a hurry, they might be a little careless.

Incorrect Labels

Incorrect Labels USPS

The one thing about Poshmark sending you the label is that you don’t have any control over what is initially sent to you.

So, for example, all Poshmark USPS labels cover up to five pounds of weight.

But say your box actually weighs 5.5 pounds; you will get the shipment returned to you for insufficient postage.

To get a new label, you can go into the app or your account online, navigate to “My Sales,” and tap/click on the order that requires the change.

Then, you’ll tap/click on “Need New Shipping Label,” select “Need Heavier Weight Label,” and enter the correct weight.

Unfortunately, the difference is charged to you from your earnings.

Lastly, you’ll tap/click on “Next” and “Send New Label,” and Poshmark will get that sent out to your email immediately.

Do You Have To Use USPS Boxes To Ship Poshmark?

You do not have to use USPS Priority Mail boxes to ship with Poshmark, but they are free and incredibly easy to obtain from the post office or online.

However, if you opt not to use a new USPS box, ensure the box you choose is sturdy, has had all prior shipping labels removed, and has no references to alcohol, cosmetics, etc.

Will USPS Print Your Poshmark Label?

Poshmark will send sellers their USPS label for at-home printing. No printer? Your post office can actually print the label for you through a program called Label Broker.

When you opt-in, you take a special Label Broker ID to the post office; an employee scans it and prints the label for you right there.

How Do You Get Free USPS Mailing Boxes To Ship Poshmark Orders?

Obtaining free USPS mailing boxes for your Poshmark orders is incredibly easy, as you can simply pick them up from your local post office.

Even better, if you don’t want to leave your home, you can order them online – again, for free – and have them delivered to your front door.

With that, visit the free shipping supplies page to see what’s available!

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Poshmark has made it easier than ever to sell your gently used designer and brand-name apparel and accessories on its website.

By partnering with USPS and offering Priority Mail shipping on all orders, Poshmark ensures sellers have access to free shipping materials and buyers receive orders quickly.

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