Does Rite Aid Have a Notary? (All You Need To Know)

There are several types of documents that need to be notarized to be legally-binding. Mortgages, vehicle titles, wills, and other contracts usually require a notary public to be present for their signing.

Luckily, there are many places that can notarize your document, including some Rite Aids. To find out if the Rite Aid in your area can, take a look at the answer below!

Does Rite Aid Have a Notary In 2024?

There are some Rite Aids with a notary public on staff, which means that they will be able to notarize your documents in 2024. The cost of this service varies from state to state due to the range of regulations involved. To find out if your local Rite Aid notarizes documents, you will need to call and ask an employee.

To find out what times Rite Aid provides notarizing services and what you’ll need, keep reading for more interesting and useful facts!

Does Rite Aid Have Notary Services on Sunday?

Because Rite Aid is typically open on Sunday, you can usually have signatures notarized on Sundays as well.

However, only some locations have the ability to perform this service, so it’s vital that you call and ask before you head to the store.

Furthermore, qualified employees may not work on Sundays, which would disallow them from notarizing signatures on Sundays.

There may be a price associated with getting a signature notarized as well. In the end, it may vary from location to location.

Because this service is not one that Rite Aid commonly performs, the policies may be different from store to store.

Furthermore, the state you’re in matters significantly when it comes to price, as the regulations are different.

You may be able to get your signature notarized during any of the store’s open hours. Typically, this is between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. However, different stores may have different hours.

How Do You Get Your Signature Notarized at Rite Aid?

Getting your signature notarized is actually pretty straightforward. First, you’ll need to ensure that you have not yet signed the document. You have to do it in the presence of the notary.

Next, you’ll need some sort of ID to prove that you are the correct person signing.

This step is to prevent someone from pretending to be someone else, and signing notarized documents without their knowledge.

Usually, a photo ID works for this step.

Then, the document becomes valid when you sign it in the presence of the notary public, after you’ve proven your identity.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Document Notarized at Rite Aid?

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Document Notarized at Rite Aid?

The cost varies greatly from location to location. Most states have an upper limit as to the amount that a company can charge for notarizing a document.

For this reason, different stores in different states will charge different things.

However, just because your state has a maximum cost does not actually mean that the store will charge this maximum price. In many cases, the store may charge less.

For this reason, it largely depends on your local store’s policy.

To find out the price, you can always contact your local store and ask. Because this service is a bit rarer, they usually do not have their prices posted.

What Type of Documents Does Rite Aid Notarize?

If a document needs notarizing, then Rite Aid can typically notarize it for you (if that store has a notary public on staff).

The most common documents you’ll need to notarize include passport applications, wills, legal documents, mortgages, affidavits, and vehicle titles.

Exactly what documents need notarized does vary based on local laws, though.

For instance, most states do not require that all contracts are notarized, but some may require that certain documents are.

It is always best to check your local laws to find out what needs notarized and what doesn’t.

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While not all Rite Aids provide notarization services, some do. It all depends on whether the store has a notary public on staff, which is a person qualified to notarize documents.

If they do, then you can typically take any document in need of notarizing to your local Rite Aid – as long as the qualified individual is currently working. Often, this includes Sundays, as Rite Aid remains open on Sundays.

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