Does Verizon Block Spam Calls? (Your Full Guide)

If you’ve ever been bombarded with spam calls, you may wish that your phone provider would block the calls so that you’re only receiving calls from familiar numbers.

Therefore, you might be wondering- does Verizon block spam calls and robocalls? If so, continue reading because I’ll tell you everything I’ve discovered about that question and so much more!

Does Verizon Block Spam Calls In 2024?

Verizon does automatically block spam calls for certain eligible Android postpaid customers in 2024. However, most Verizon customers are going to need to download and install the Verizon Call Filter app if they want spam calls blocked on their device. This app has been a focus of Verizon in the last couple of years since spam calls have jumped significantly.

Do you want to know more about Verizon, such as whether you have to pay to block spam calls or how to stop the spam calls on Verizon? If so, keep reading to find out all of the important details!

Does Verizon Automatically Block Spam Calls?

Verizon has rolled out a program called Call Filter, which comes preloaded on certain Android devices and the FCC allowed Verizon to automatically enable it for eligible customers.

Therefore, in this case, eligible customers are only those on a postpaid Android device that’ll receive the automatic block of spam call service from Verizon.

Subsequently, if you don’t have one of those eligible Android devices, you’ll have to download the Verizon Call Filter app on either iOS or Android to begin using Call Filter to block spam.

How Do I Stop Spam Calls on Verizon?

The best way to stop spam calls on Verizon is to download the Verizon Call Filter app onto your iOS or Android device if it’s not preloaded, and you can download the free or paid version.

Further, Call Filter allows you to report numbers that you don’t want to see, screen all incoming calls, and there’s an automatic block spam feature.

Additionally, Verizon offers everyone the ability to sign up for the Call Filter Plus service, which will cost customers $2.99 per month for each line you sign up for with this enhanced spam blocker.

With Call Filter Plus, you can find many more useful features, including the ability to look up spam numbers and you can identify by name those unknown callers that you get on your phone.

Does Verizon Block Robocalls for Free?

Verizon does block robocalls for free with the Call Filter app, which can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and the App Store.

However, you have the option to upgrade to the Call Filter Plus subscription for $2.99 per month for each line if you want even more features.

Does #662# Block Spam Calls with Verizon?

Does #662# Block Spam Calls with Verizon?

Unfortunately, Verizon does not use the #662# dialing feature to block spam calls, but on certain cell phones, this does work, including with T-Mobile.

Is My Verizon Call Filter Compatible with Dual SIM Devices?

You cannot use My Verizon Call Filter if you have a dual SIM device or a device with an eSIM, with the only exception being the Motorola Razr.

How Do I Turn on My Verizon Call Filter?

You’ll need to download the My Verizon Call Filter app onto your iOS or Android device to turn on My Verizon Call Filter unless you were automatically enrolled.

Afterward, you can turn on My Verizon Call Filter and manage the free service right from your My Verizon app! We’ll tell you how to do that on both iOS and Android below.

To use My Verizon Call Filter on an Android device using the My Verizon app, simply do the following:

  • Open the My Verizon App
  • Click on “Account” and enter your password
  • Find the mobile number you want and click “Manage”
  • Tap on Call Filter and then toggle to turn on or off as you’d like
  • Once it’s turned on with an Android device, all spam calls are automatically blocked, they don’t even go to voicemail, and you won’t see them in your call log

Likewise, if you’d like to use and manage My Verizon Call Filter on iOS Devices with the My Verizon app, follow these steps below:

  • Open up My Verizon and click on “Account”
  • Enter the password or Face ID if required
  • Find the mobile number you want and then click on “Manage Device”
  • Click “Manage Call Filter” and then open the “Settings” section
  • Click to toggle on or off the setting to automatically block spam calls
  • If you turn the toggle on, you can adjust the sensitivity for spam calls such as high-risk only, medium and high risk, medium risk, and all spam calls
  • You’ll also be able to report numbers manually when the service is turned on
  • Choose whether you want blocked spam calls to go to voicemail or choose no ring and no voicemail which just means the call is blocked outright
  • Click on “Save” and then the new settings will be applied

Can Verizon Block Spam Calls on Landline?

Verizon can block spam calls on a landline if you’re a customer that uses FIOS Digital Voice, and this service is free to all Digital Voice customers.

Furthermore, the Spam Alerts will alert you of a potential incoming spam call, but you also can sign up for the free Nomorobo service, so those spam calls don’t ring on your house phone.

To know more, you can also see our posts on whether or not Verizon charges for hotspot, if Verizon charges for roaming, and if Verizon offers prepaid plans.


Verizon has an app called Call Filter, which allows you to block spam calls on your mobile device, and some postpaid Android customers were automatically enrolled into this service.

Therefore, Verizon does block spam calls if you use this app, which you can download for free on iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Verizon also offers a paid version of this app that gives you even more services and features for $2.99 per month.

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