Does Zara Have Plus Sizes? (Size Range, Accuracy + Other Common FAQs)

Finding the proper size at many fashion retailers is challenging, especially when you’re typically in plus sizes. In fact, not all stores even carry plus sizes, effectively eliminating your ability to shop there.

In fact, while Zara is a popular brand, its sizing is notoriously difficult to understand. So, to find out if Zara carries plus sizes and what sizes these actually are, keep reading!

Does Zara Have Plus Sizes in 2024?

Zara only carries a limited number of plus sizes in some styles in 2024. Not all styles will be available in plus sizes, and stores typically won’t carry many plus sizes at all. However, you can often find plus sizes on the company’s online store. Because Zara clothes run small, you often have to size up.

For more information on sizing and how to fit Zara clothes well, including how to read the company’s size chart, keep reading!

What Size Is XXL in Zara?

All Zara clothes tend to run a bit small compared to other retailers.

Therefore, you often have to go up a size or two to find something that fits. Zara’s letter sizes, in particular, are difficult to size correctly.

The company’s XXL size is technically a size 18 in the UK, which is the highest size the company has.

However, sizing is a problem throughout the clothing industry, especially in fast fashion.

Therefore, it isn’t odd for clothes to be a bit less accurate. Fashion sizes have often been described as “erratic” at best.

Therefore, just because this size is supposed to be an 18 doesn’t mean that it actually is.

The only way to know for sure is to try it on. Even then, it’s hard to narrow down your size to a single number. Therefore, you may have to switch sizes depending on the style.

What Is the Largest Size in Zara?

Knowing the largest size in Zara really depends on where you’re located. Online, you may be able to find many sizes in the XL size. However, in many cases, they only go up to an L.

In stores, only the sizes S through L are usually carried. Therefore, if you wear a plus size, you’ll probably need to shop elsewhere for clothes- this company isn’t exactly plus-size friendly.

In fact, the company has come under a lot of scrutiny for its lack of plus sizes.

Sometimes, you’ll find a plus-size section at their larger stores, but this section is often extremely small and limited.

However, the company limits its larger style choices for a reason.

Because Zara is a fast fashion brand, it focuses on producing new styles very quickly. In fact, the company switches styles about every week, if not more.

Because Zara’s styles are only around for a limited time, the company creates all its clothes before they are released to the public.

There is only a set number of each style available. Therefore, Zara doesn’t create many plus sizes.

In the end, this leads to the company mostly having a bunch of smalls, mediums, and larges. While plus sizes may exist, you won’t find them everywhere.

Do Zara Sizes Run Big?

Do Zara Sizes Run Big?

In most cases, Zara sizes run small, especially the letter sizes. Therefore, if you want to find a good fit, it is usually recommended that you size up.

The L size is particularly small compared to other retailers, who create their L size several sizes larger than Zara.

Therefore, if you’re usually an L, you’ll likely have to go up – which severely limits the odds of finding clothes that you like.

Sadly, this company simply does not carry many plus sizes. Therefore, it is challenging for anyone that is usually an L to shop there, since sizing up is basically impossible.

How Do I Know My Zara Size?

The only way to determine your size is to try on clothes. Furthermore, sizes at Zara and other fast-fashion retailers are notoriously inaccurate.

Therefore, just because you’re a medium in one style doesn’t mean that you’ll be a medium in all styles.

Therefore, you’ll often need to try on each style to ensure that it fits.

When shopping online, this is obviously not possible. However, Zara does have a good return policy, which allows you to send clothes back if they don’t fit.

For this reason, you typically don’t need to worry about choosing the right size, as you can always switch it out later for the correct size.

However, Zara only carries a few pieces of each style. Therefore, if you see something you like, be sure you figure out your correct size quickly, as Zara probably won’t have it in stock later on.

How Accurate Is Zara’s Sizing?

It is no secret that the sizes at Zara vary widely. In some styles, you may be an S. In others, you may be an M or even an L.

Usually, Zara’s sizes run small. Therefore, you should aim to size up in most cases.

However, this isn’t always accurate, as the sizes do vary a lot. Often, the only way to know what size you are is to try on the clothes.

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Zara is notoriously known for having inaccurate sizes that seem to change with every style. Usually, the sizes run a bit small, so you’ll usually need to size up.

However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the sizes may fit as you’d expect. Other times, you may even need to go down a size. Because Zara’s sizes aren’t terribly accurate, the only way to know for use is to try on the clothes.

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