Extended Network Verizon (What Is It + Other Common FAQs)

If you have Verizon as your cell phone provider, there are times when you’ll see different words at the top of the device, such as Extended Network.

Well, if you’re wondering what Extended Network Verizon means, then keep reading to find out what I’ve discovered about this phrase, and whether there are charges associated with it!

What Is the Verizon Extended Network In 2024?

Extended Network on Verizon means that you’re in an area where there are cell phone towers, but they are not native Verizon towers. You’re still going to have service when you see Extended Network, but it’s considered domestic roaming. Not all devices will say Extended Network, and you might only see the word Extended, which is the same in 2024.

Do you want to know more about Extended Networks, such as when you might see this on your device? If so, continue reading below to find the answers to all of your important questions!

Does It Cost Extra For Extended Network Verizon?

It will not cost you any extra money for Extended Network, unless you have a very old Verizon plan, since Extended Network is considered domestic roaming, which is free on Verizon.

However, if you’d like to verify that your plan covers domestic roaming for free, you can go into “My Plan,” and then look to see if roaming is listed, and if there’s no information, then it’s free!

Where Will I See Extended Network Verizon?

You’ll see Extended Network on your Verizon device if you’re roaming domestically, which includes the following locations:

  • Within the United States (such as Alaska and other non-Verizon coverage locations)
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Puerto Rico

However, if you’re roaming internationally, it’s not going to be the same as domestic roaming, and you’ll incur expensive charges, so it’s important to note it’s free for only domestic locations.

What Is Verizon Extended Network LTE?

Verizon Extended Network LTE is a contingency internet connection.

This means that you’re not connected to Verizon, but with a different network carrier to provide you the service you need!

Additionally, if you have an iPhone, it means that you’re currently roaming on a carrier for 1x, but that you’re still connected to the Verizon LTE network.

Does HD Voice Work on Extended Network Verizon?

There might be times when you’re roaming domestically, and you may not have access to HD Voice, because it’s not supported.

Therefore, if you cannot use HD Voice while on Extended Network, Wi-Fi Calling is the best option for you so that you can use HD Voice in these situations.

Does Data Work with Extended Network Verizon?

Does Data Work with Extended Network Verizon?

Unfortunately, data doesn’t always work correctly when you see Extended Network on your Verizon device, but there’s an easy way to fix this common problem.

You’ll just need to go into the “Settings” of your device, and then turn Data Roaming on so that you can use data while roaming domestically.

However, when you’re roaming domestically, you may notice that your data speeds are slower than usual, so don’t be surprised if it takes longer to watch or stream movies or music.

Does Extended Network Verizon Change How I Use My Device?

Extended Network does not change how you use your device, except in some locations, dialing “1” before an area code will be required during domestic roaming. 

Does Extended Network Verizon Use My Data?

There are instances where your data can still be used if you’re roaming domestically and see Extended Network, so make sure that you’re keeping track of your data allowance.

Can Extended Network Verizon Make International Calls?

You’re able to make international calls as you normally would on your device when you see Extended Network, provided that you enabled International Services on your Verizon account.

Furthermore, if you enabled International Services on your account, using Extended Network will not disable it, and it’ll function the same way it always has, regardless of domestic roaming.

How Can I See Extended Network Verizon Locations?

If you’d like to see what locations may be domestic roaming, and where you might see Extended Network on your device, you can use the Verizon Coverage Map.

What Is the Difference Between Extended Network Verizon and Roaming?

Extended Network on Verizon simply means you’re outside of the Verizon cell towers, but agreements are in place for you to use another carrier’s cell towers to get service (it’s also free).

Further, your connection may be slower than normal, but your device will work as it does when it’s connected to a Verizon tower, since it’s specifically designated for domestic roaming.

However, with roaming, you’re going to be charged expensive fees, because there is no agreement between Verizon and the cell tower your device has connected to.

Also, roaming is much quicker, since it’s something you’re paying for, and for Verizon, you will not see roaming if you’re traveling domestically.

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If you see Extended Network on your Verizon device, then it means you’re roaming domestically, which will happen within the United States, US Virgin Islands, and while in Puerto Rico.

However, you’re not charged additional fees for Extended Network, and your device will still work normally, except data speeds may be slower and you may need to dial “1” before an area code.

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