FedEx UK Delivery Times (All You Need To Know)

With a population of more than 67 million people and the world’s fifth-largest economy, the United Kingdom is an excellent market for American businesses to tap into.

But success in business is about more than just a large customer base. Things like shipping services and delivery times are equally important. This article discusses FedEx’s delivery times from the US to the UK!

FedEx UK Delivery Times In 2024

Shipping times from the United States to the United Kingdom depend on the shipping service selected in 2024. FedEx International First Flight is the fastest option, providing delivery within 24 hours. International First and International Priority offer delivery in one to three business days. International First delivers by 10:00 AM, while International Priority delivers by noon.

We’ve got more detailed information about FedEx’s delivery times to the UK, so you’d better keep reading!

How Long Does FedEx Take To Ship To The UK?

Shipping times from the United States to the United Kingdom (UK) depend on the service selected.

That said, there are three tiers of service: as soon as possible, one to three business days, and economy. So, let’s take a closer look at the delivery times for each service.

As Soon As Possible

For the fastest delivery times from the US to the UK, select FedEx International First Flight.

That said, this service ensures your shipment makes it onto the next available flight. As a result, delivery happens within 24 hours.

One-, Two-, Or Three-Day Shipping

FedEx’s mid-level service tier includes FedEx International First and FedEx International Priority.

Further, International First delivers packages to customers in one to three business days by 10:00 AM.

In comparison, International Priority is a bit slower, with packages delivered by noon in one to three business days.

Two- To Five-Day Shipping

FedEx’s most economical international shipping option from the US to the UK is International Economy.

That said, this service provides time-definite delivery in two to five business days.

What Hours Does FedEx Deliver In The UK?

Like in the United States, FedEx’s typical delivery hours in the United Kingdom are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Unlike in the United States, Saturday and Sunday are not standard delivery days in the UK.

With that, we’ll go into more detail about what to expect from weekend deliveries in the next sections.

Does FedEx UK Deliver On Saturday?

Does FedEx UK Deliver On Saturday?

Yes, certain FedEx services are eligible for Saturday delivery in the United Kingdom.

You can determine if a shipping service offers Saturday delivery by using the FedEx Ship Manager tool.

That said, if a service is eligible, a radio button will appear in the “Package and Shipment Details” module.

Also, if you’re using FedEx Ship Manager Lite, you’ll be able to choose Saturday delivery when you get the rate quotes.

Lastly, keep in mind that a surcharge might apply to Saturday deliveries. Currently, the surcharge is £23.39 (about $28.00).

Does FedEx UK Deliver On Sunday?

Like many courier services in the United Kingdom, FedEx does not currently offer Sunday delivery because doing so wouldn’t be profitable.

That said, this policy may change in the future, especially if eCommerce and the demand for quick shipping continue to grow.

When Does FedEx Not Deliver In The UK?

There are plenty of holidays when FedEx doesn’t deliver in the UK.

Let’s take a closer look at what these holidays are so you can better plan your shipments. Also, keep in mind that these holidays apply to FedEx Express services only:

  • New Year’s Day (and New Year Holiday, if applicable)
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day
  • Christmas Day (and Christmas holiday, if applicable)
  • Boxing Day

Neither pickups nor deliveries are available on these days. As a result, your shipment may arrive a day or two later.

With that, for the most up-to-date holiday information, contact FedEx customer service in your local country or territory.

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When it comes to shipping from the United States to the United Kingdom, FedEx provides customers with plenty of options.

For example, if you’re in a big rush, FedEx can get your package across the pond in 24 hours or less with International First Flight.

Or, if you can wait a bit longer, International First and International Priority can get your package to the UK in one to three business days.

Finally, budget shippers will appreciate International Economy, a service that delivers in two to five business days.

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