How Can I Lower My Verizon Bill? (12 Ways To Save)

Are you looking to save money on your cell phone bill to lower your monthly costs, but don’t know exactly how to go about it? Specifically, are you wondering: how can I lower my Verizon bill?

If so, keep reading below, because I’m going to tell you what I’ve discovered about the best ways you can lower your Verizon bill right now and save money, so keep reading!

How Can I Lower My Verizon Bill In [currentyear]?

There are several ways you can lower your Verizon bill, including switching from Asurion to Verizon for phone insurance, checking your phone bill for errors, asking about promotions and discounts for your profession, and downgrading your plan. With multiple ways you can lower your Verizon bill, you’ll surely find at least a few options that work for you in [currentyear].

Do you want to learn more about ways you can lower your Verizon bill? Continue reading to find out the most common and overlooked ways you can lower your bill today!

1. Go Through Verizon for Insurance

While most people use Asurion for cell phone insurance with Verizon phones, it would be cheaper to try to go through Verizon for insurance instead.

Furthermore, insurance through Verizon offers the same amount of coverage but can be a lot cheaper than the insurance that Asurion offers customers.

2. Ask for Bundled Insurance Coverage

Insurance on your cell phones can be expensive, especially if you have multiple phones with insurance, so ask if you’d qualify for any bundled insurance coverage to lower your bill.

For example, if you pay $10 per month for insurance on each phone for a total of $40 per month, ask Verizon customer service if it offers deals, such as $30 per month for 4 lines.

3. Ask Verizon About Discounts for Your Job or Employer

One easy way to lower your Verizon bill is to ask about the various discounts Verizon offers for specific careers.

Furthermore, Verizon offers a lot of discounts for specific employees, such as teachers, state employees, military, veterans, and more.

Therefore, if you work in any of the above jobs or a similar job, it would be worth calling Verizon to see what’s available, and the sayings can be 10% to 20% off your monthly Verizon bill!

4. Sign up for Automatic Payments

Verizon offers $10 off your cell phone bill if you sign up for autopay, which is simple to do through the My Verizon app or website, so you don’t even need to speak to a representative!

5. Downgrade Your Plan

Downgrading your plan is a common way you can lower your Verizon bill, especially if you’ve realized you don’t use all of the services your current plan offers.

However, make sure that you know the plan details before downgrading, such as fees for calls to Canada and Mexico.

While these calls are free with Unlimited Plans, they could cost you a basic plan.

6. Call Verizon to Ask About Special Promotions

If you’ve had your Verizon plan for a while, the odds are that any promotions you’ve had have expired.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t lower your Verizon bill with new promotions and offers.

For example, Verizon may offer additional savings if you’ve paid your bill on time, use a Verizon credit card, or have points or credits with Verizon. It all adds up and can save you quite a bit!

7. Don’t Upgrade as Often

7. Don’t Upgrade as Often

Typically, when you upgrade your Verizon phone, you’ll still have to pay monthly on the new phone if you don’t buy it outright, even if Verizon is offering deals for you to upgrade.

Additionally, there is a $35 one-time upgrade fee, so it’s not free and is just going to cost you extra money.

Even though we all like to have the newest cell phone on the market, you can lower your Verizon bill by holding off another year or two before you upgrade your phone to avoid those costs.

8. Visit an Authorized Retailer Instead of Calling Customer Service

You can lower your Verizon bill simply by forgoing the customer service representatives, and instead, head to an authorized retailer to talk about your account and how to lower your bill.

Customer service representatives are more likely to try to upsell you since they often make a commission, whereas authorized retailers don’t typically get that benefit.

Also, you can find out where the closest authorized Verizon retailer is through the store locator function, and it’s worth the effort so you can speak to someone face-to-face about prices.

9. Cancel Unused or Unneeded Verizon Services

Did Verizon sell you on the Verizon Smart Family service a couple of years ago, but you realize it’s no longer needed in your household or you forgot you even were paying for it?

Well, situations like that are common, and companies like Verizon just hope you continue paying it.

However, those services can add up quickly on your bill, even if it’s just $5 or $10 per service.

Therefore, if you have Smart Family, Home Protect, Verizon Cloud, Tech Coach, or other add-ons on your account and you don’t use it, then get rid of it to save yourself some cash.

10. Look for Errors on Your Bill

Billing errors happen all of the time, and most often, it’s not nefarious on the part of the company.

However, these errors can significantly impact your Verizon bill.

For example, billing errors could be an accidental duplicate charge for a product or service, charges for canceled services, and even charges for services you don’t have.

Billing errors can happen once or happen more often, so you must check for errors on your bill every month to ensure that these mistakes can be fixed to avoid any additional charges.

11. Switch to a Family Plan

If more than two people have lines on your account, it might be better to switch to a family plan, which can drastically lower your Verizon bill and even give you better perks and benefits.

12. Downgrade Hotspot Plan

Verizon charges more for cell phone plans with bigger Hotspot data capability, but do you use your Hotspot enough to justify the additional cost?

Well, if you don’t use that Hotspot much or at all, think about downgrading the plan associated with the Hotspot to help lower your Verizon bill.

To know more about Verizon, you can also read our posts on whether or not Verizon prorates the final bill, if Verizon offers prepaid plans, and if Verizon offers cable TV.


You can lower your Verizon bill by checking it for errors to see if you’re being wrongfully billed for services or products, which happens most often if you’ve recently canceled a service.

Additionally, talking to an authorized retailer over a customer service representative can save you money, as well as choosing to downgrade your Hotspot plan or Verizon plan as a whole.

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