How Can I Track My DHL Parcel? (All You Need to Know)

Knowing where your package is, especially if it’s arriving from another country, relieves a lot of the stress customers feel when waiting for a delivery. Using tracking software is the way to get this information. 

In this article, I’ll share how to track a DHL parcel and help you troubleshoot should you find that your tracking information isn’t working.  

How Can I Track My DHL Parcel in 2024? 

Tracking DHL packages is done mainly online in 2024. Different DHL services (e.g. Express, Parcel, and eCommerce) have different tracking pages, so customers should choose accordingly. DHL packages can be tracked without a tracking number by using the shipper’s reference number. Tracking problems often result from typographical errors, but if the issue persists, contact DHL customer service. 

This article has all the information you need to know about tracking DHL packages, so you’ll want to read everything for more facts!

What Is a DHL Tracking Number?

Before learning how to track a DHL parcel, it’s important to know what a tracking number is and what it’s used for. 

In the simplest terms, a tracking number is a string of numbers (and sometimes letters) that uniquely identifies each package in the DHL system. 

When you purchase something online, you’ll receive an email containing your tracking number so you can follow your package’s journey. 

Which DHL Services Offer Tracking?

In addition to knowing what a tracking number is, it’s essential to know which DHL services offer tracking. Let’s look at these in further detail:

DHL eCommerce – This domestic and international shipping service is designed for eCommerce businesses and includes a dedicated customer portal for tracking shipments. 

DHL Express – Express is a domestic and international envelope and parcel shipping service. It includes DHL ProView, an online express tracking service. 

DHL Freight – DHL’s domestic and international freight services come with an active tracking service. 

What Does a DHL Tracking Number Look Like?

If you need to track a DHL package, then it’s helpful to know what the company’s tracking numbers look like. 

DHL’s tracking numbers come in a few different formats, depending on the service. Let’s see how tracking numbers look for each service:

DHL Express: Packages sent through DHL’s fastest service can be identified by a 10-digit numeric code beginning with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or something similar. 

DHL Parcel: DHL’s standard parcel delivery service has 10-digit numeric tracking numbers that start with 3S, JVGL, or JJD.

DHL eCommerce: High-volume business shippers using DHL eCommerce will receive tracking numbers that vary from 10 to 39 characters and start with GM, LX, RX, or up to five letters.

DHL Global Forwarding: This air and ocean freight forwarding service has a few different formats for tracking numbers:

  • 7-digit numeric only (e.g. 1234567)
  • Beginning with 1 number, followed by 2 letters and 4 to 6 numbers (e.g. 2AB45678)
  • Beginning with 3 or 4 letters, followed by a dash, then an 8-digit number (e.g. CDF-12345678)

How Do I Track a DHL Parcel?

How Do I Track a DHL Parcel?

DHL online tracking is the easiest and fastest way to find out where your parcel is. 

To track your package, simply enter your tracking number in the box provided, click the red arrow, and get real-time details about your parcel’s progress. 

When using the online tracking tool, make sure to go to the tracking website associated with the service you purchased. 

For instance, if you shipped via DHL Express, then use the DHL Express tracking website. 

Can I Track My DHL Driver?

Several DHL services offer end-to-end shipping. This includes status updates and locations for the parcel from the time it’s picked up until the time it’s delivered. 

While this service provides a lot of details about the whereabouts of your package, it does not allow you to communicate directly with a DHL driver. 

Can I Track a DHL Package Without a Tracking Number?

If you don’t have a DHL tracking number, then the best thing to do is contact the shipper or online store you purchased from to see if they can provide you with it. 

Alternatively, you can try using a reference number instead of a tracking number. 

Simply enter the reference number into the tracking system for the service you purchased (e.g. DHL Express). 

Why Can’t I Track My DHL Package?

If you’ve tried entering your tracking number and aren’t getting any results, the first thing you should do is verify that you entered the correct tracking number in the correct format. 

If you continue to experience issues, then contact the shipper or the online store to see if they can troubleshoot or provide you with an updated tracking number. 

Alternatively, you can contact DHL customer service directly to see if they can provide you with any insights about the whereabouts of your package. 

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In most cases, tracking a DHL parcel is as easy as entering the tracking number into the company’s online tracking platform. 

What makes it slightly different from other shipping companies is that each shipping service has its own dedicated tracking page (rather than one centralized tracking system). This can sometimes cause confusion, but if you have any problems, contact DHL customer service. 

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