How Is DHL So Fast? (9 Reasons Why)

If you’ve ever ordered something and had it delivered by DHL in just a few days’ time, you might have wondered what the company did to get your package to you so quickly. 

Well, this article will break down nine reasons why DHL is able to deliver so quickly to its customers. You’ll be surprised at all the things DHL does to be so competitive. 

How Is DHL So Fast in 2024?

DHL is able to offer fast shipping for a number of reasons in 2024. Some include many express shipping options, international delivery expertise, customs know-how, and various on-demand delivery options. By focusing on air transportation and international shipments, DHL has become an industry leader in next-day and two-day shipping options. 

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1. Handles Its Own Freight 

Unlike other delivery companies that outsource their freight, DHL employees handle almost all the company’s shipments.  

This gives DHL a lot more control over what happens to freight and is a major way the company saves time on deliveries. 

2. Smaller Infrastructure

While DHL isn’t a small company, it does have a smaller infrastructure than its competitors. 

This includes things like warehouses, hubs, and service points. As a result of having a smaller network, DHL is able to move items more quickly and efficiently between point A and point B. 

3. Lots of Express Shipping Options 

Perhaps one of the biggest things that allows DHL to deliver so quickly is its many express shipping options. 

Indeed, DHL’s international door-to-door delivery service, Time Define is able to deliver your package by a specific time or by the end of the next business day. 

Or, if that isn’t fast enough, DHL Express Same Day can get your valuable or urgent shipment to its destination in a matter of hours.  

Even better, this service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

This means that no matter when you need to ship, DHL will be there to provide some of the industry’s fastest shipping services. 

4. Focus on International Deliveries 

Unlike FedEx and UPS, which focus their efforts on providing fast domestic delivery within the US, DHL has made a name for itself by providing the world’s fastest international deliveries. 

In fact, DHL Express service can deliver packages from one side of the world to another in 3 days or less.

DHL is able to offer such fast service thanks to its half-century of experience and team of more than 100,000 Certified International Specialists.

5. Customs Know-How

Customs Know-How 

Customs delays are one of the things that slow down international deliveries the most. 

If a customs office is busy or if a package is missing paperwork, it could get held up for days until the issue is resolved.

These delays are less likely to happen when you ship via DHL. This is because the company has decades of customs know-how

In fact, DHL offers customs brokerage services to ensure smooth and on-time border clearance without administrative delays or penalties. 

As well, DHL offers customs consulting to help companies review their supply chains and deal with customs procedures in a more efficient way. 

6. Investment in Aviation 

Air transport is the fastest way to move packages from one place to another. 

Therefore, it makes sense that a company as fast as DHL has invested a lot of money in its aviation services. 

Currently, DHL Aviation is the division responsible for providing air transport. 

This network comprises more than 200 planes that are either owned by DHL or operated in conjunction with the company.  

In the future, DHL will continue to invest in new planes in order to meet customer demand for international express shipping. 

As a result, DHL’s delivery speeds will only continue to improve with time. 

7. Multimodal Shipments 

DHL’s shipping network includes options for ground, sea, and transportation. 

Having so many delivery channels allows DHL to remain flexible and adjust delivery services as needed, depending on customer demand and workflow. 

8. Large Workforce 

Obviously, no delivery company would be successful without its employees. After all, they’re the ones responsible for dispatching, sorting, and delivering packages. 

At this time, DHL employs 590,000 people, and this large workforce will continue to grow and adapt based on DHL’s needs in the future. 

9. On-Demand Delivery Options 

DHL offers a number of on-demand delivery options to help customers get their packages sooner. 

Some of these options include: 

  • Schedule delivery at a specific time
  • Have a package delivered to a neighbor or an alternative address 
  • Ship a package to a DHL Service Point 
  • Vacation hold

These options give customers flexibility and freedom to choose when and where they receive their deliveries, making the entire process more efficient. 

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DHL’s fast delivery speeds are no accident. In fact, the company has spent decades focusing on all the aspects of international deliveries like customs expertise and air transportation. 

What’s more, DHL’s express shipping and on-demand delivery options mean that customers have more control over how quickly their shipments arrive. 

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