How Many Stamps In A Book? (All You Need To Know)

If you haven’t sent an actual letter through the mail in at least a decade, you’re not alone; the prevalence of email has made sending mail a dinosaur from the past for many of us. So, it’s always a surprise when something comes along, and you have to buy a book of stamps.

Do you need a whole book? How many stamps in a book are there, anyway? If you haven’t purchased letter postage in a while, I’ve got the answer you need!

How Many Stamps In A Book In [currentyear]?

There are 20 stamps in a book from the United States Postal Service; the price is $11.60, or $0.58 per stamp in [currentyear]. When you might only require one or two, purchasing an entire book of Forever stamps is not entirely a waste of money, as Forever stamps are usable regardless of price changes.

To learn more about stamp books, including how much they cost, where you can purchase them, what to do if you don’t need an entire book, and if it’s cheaper to buy a roll, keep reading!

How Much Is A Book Of 20 Stamps Today?

A book of Forever stamps pre-July 2022 could be purchased for $11.60. After July 2022, the price is $12 for a book.

That said, the thing about Forever stamps is that no matter when you purchase them, they retain the market value or going rate, regardless of how much the price goes up.

So yes, if you have a book of Forever stamps from ten years ago, they are still good for sending letters and cards via First-Class letter mail!

And yes, if you buy a book of Forever stamps today, and you hold onto one or two for ten years into the future, they will still be usable on that day you need to send a card a decade from now.

Still, the best part is that some retailers actually sell books or rolls for less than the Post Office, so you can get an even better deal on those Forever books.

How Many Books Are 100 Stamps?

When a book of stamps consists of 20 individual squares, 100 stamps consist of five books. Also, it’s not uncommon to see rolls of 100 stamps rather than extra-large books.

Where Can You Buy A Book Of Stamps?

Where Can You Buy A Book Of Stamps?

As it happens, there are actually quite a few places you can purchase a book of stamps or stamps in general, some of which might surprise you.

That said, the first is your local post office location. Obviously, the post office will have singles, books, and rolls of stamps.

But did you know you can buy postage online from USPS?

Yes, in addition to shipping supplies, cards, envelopes, etc., the online Postal Store sells sheets, books, and rolls of stamps.

However, not all stamps come in all denominations, and you can’t purchase individual stamps.

But, the common amounts include sheets of 20 and books of 20, as well as rolls of 100, 3,000, and 10,000.

Moreover, the post office and the Postal Store sell stamps at the regular price of $0.58 per stamp, or whatever denomination of stamps, multiplied by 58.

Basically, you won’t find discounted stamps from USPS.

However, you may find them lower than their retail value at a chain like Costco. To be competitive, you may find them slightly discounted at Sam’s Club.

Additionally, you may find stamps at office supply stores, like OfficeMax or Staples, but it’s best to call and ask first if you don’t want to make an unnecessary trip (individual stores may vary).

Despite being shipping competitors, the UPS store also sells stamps.

With that, big-box retailers like Target and Walmart tend to sell them, too, and many national and regional grocery stores.

Finally, gas stations, convenience stores, and drug stores often sell them, but that can be highly individualized, especially for your small mom-and-pops.

How Much Is A Roll Of Stamps?

If you purchase a roll of stamps from the post office or the online Postal Store, you can currently expect to pay $0.58, times however many stamps in the roll.

So, if you are purchasing a roll of 100, you’ll pay $58. However, the price for a roll will change as the price per First-Class Forever stamp changes.

So after July 2022, when Forever stamps cost $0.60 each, expect to pay $60 for a roll of 100 $600 for 1,000, or $6,000 for 10,000.

According to The Penny Hoarder, you can buy a roll of stamps at a slight discount at Costco.

With that, the author purports that the chain of warehouse stores sells a roll of 100 stamps for just $57.75, $0.25 cheaper than the post office.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Roll Of Stamps?

If you buy postage from the post office or the USPS online store, it is not cheaper to buy a roll of stamps versus an individual stamp or a book or sheet.

Put differently, USPS does not discount their stamps sold in bulk, unfortunately.

But as mentioned above, if you are really watching every penny, you can save $0.25 on a roll of 100 from Costco.

Is The Price Of Stamps Going Up?

The Postal Service has made headlines throughout the late 2010s and early 2020s because of its price rising.

In April 2022, the agency announced it would be raising the price of First-Class letter mail – and thus the Forever stamps – from $0.58 to $0.60 in July 2022.

Additionally, domestic postcards would rise from $0.40 to $0.44, and International First-Class letter mail would go from $1.30 to $1.40.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on USPS stamp types, does USPS print labels, and how many stamps do I need per oz.


There are 20 individual Forever stamps in a book, and if you’re buying them from the post office or USPS’s online Postal Store, you will pay the going rate multiplied by 20.

Also, if you’re looking to save on stamps, consider trying Costco, which sells rolls of stamps at a slight discount of $0.25 off.

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