How Much Are American Airlines Miles Worth? (Your Full Guide)

Air carriers worldwide have loyalty programs that award passengers with points, or “miles.”

If you’re flying with American Airlines, keep reading. I’ll fill you in on how much your accumulated miles are worth and more!

How Much Are American Airlines Miles Worth In 2024?

American Airlines miles are worth approximately 1.2 cents each in 2024. AAdvantage miles have a value that extends beyond redeeming miles for flights. Members can also sell their miles for cash or redeem miles for gift cards. Based on the membership level within the AAdvantage loyalty program, passengers will earn more points based on their tier.

All American Airlines passengers can join the AAdvantage program, which allows them to accumulate miles. Exactly how much are these miles worth? Keep reading to learn more!

Is It Worth Joining AAdvantage?

Absolutely! Joining the AAdvantage program is completely free. Upon joining the program, passengers can collect miles which they can redeem for various status upgrades.

Further, this tiered upgrade system allows passengers to unlock more and more perks as they progress.

How Much Are American Airlines’ Miles Worth In Dollars?

American Airlines’ miles are valued based on a few factors.

That said, two of the most significant factors are the US dollar’s value and what the passenger is trying to redeem.

On average, the value of an AAdvantage mile is 1.2 cents each.

How Much Is 50,000 AAdvantage Miles Worth?

At an average value of 1.2 cents each, 50,000 AAdvantage miles are worth about $600.

What Is 1,000 American Airlines Miles Worth?

1,000 American Airlines miles are worth about $12.

How Much Are 60,000 Miles On American Airlines?

60,000 AAdvantage miles are worth about $720.

What Will 50,000 Miles Get Me On American Airlines?

50,000 miles can usually cover a round-trip domestic flight in the US. Also, 50,000 AAdvantage miles are valued at around $600.

American Airlines Miles Calculator

American Airlines Miles Calculator

Traveling on American Airlines and associated flights allows passengers to earn AAdvantage miles for every dollar they spend.

Also, based on a passenger’s AAdvantage status, they will earn more miles the higher they are. For starters, a base member will earn five miles for every US dollar spent.

Additionally, a member of the most prestigious designation of AAdvantage Executive Platinum will earn 11 miles per US dollar, which is a whopping 120% more than a base member.

Can I Convert American Airlines Miles to Cash?

Passengers can sell their American Airlines miles for cash to a third-party miles buyer. Although this isn’t illegal, it is essential to mention this practice is frowned upon.

Not to mention, passengers should take caution and thoroughly research the organization they wish to sell miles to.

For example, privacy with information can be problematic if the passenger fails to do their due diligence and vet the buying party.

Do AAdvantage Miles Expire?

AAdvantage miles expire if there has been no activity in the passenger’s account for 24 months. Comparatively, this is an upgrade from the previous timeline of the 18-month expiration.

Also, for the intents and purposes of AAdvantage miles expiry, “activity” in the account is defined as earning or redeeming miles.

Furthermore, there are many simple ways to earn or redeem miles, such as using an American Airlines credit card.

That said, this will reset the expiration date on the entire miles balance of an account to two years from the date of use.

How Do I Avoid Losing My American Airlines Miles?

If a passenger is at risk of losing American Airlines miles due to expiration, they can earn miles by shopping online at the AAdvantage eShopping portal.

Also, there are many other ways to earn miles; click here to find out how. Additionally, passengers can earn miles by taking a small flight.

Can You Use Miles To Pay For Part Of An American Airlines Ticket?

Unfortunately, passengers cannot use miles as partial payment for a ticket with American Airlines.

Instead, passengers will need to pay the full amount in either AAdvantage miles, a credit card, or any form of acceptable payment.

Can I Use AA Miles For Gift Cards?

Passengers can redeem their AAdvantage miles for gift cards, but not through the AAdvantage program.

Instead, passengers will need to use, a loyalty program site that allows patrons to trade in their miles for various gift cards.

Can You Use American Airline Miles On Amazon?

Members of the AAdvantage loyalty program will be happy to hear that AAdvantage miles can be redeemed on Amazon.

Of course, members will need to link their Amazon accounts and select the appropriate payment option when redeeming points.

Can You Transfer American Airlines Miles To Delta?

AAdvantage miles are not transferable to Delta Airlines. However, since Delta is a partner of American Airlines, passengers can use AAdvantage miles to book a flight with Delta Airlines.

That said, this is especially advantageous for passengers wishing to make the most of their AAdvantage miles before expiration.

Can I Transfer My American Airlines Miles To JetBlue?

AAdvantage miles are non-transferable between American Airlines and JetBlue.

However, JetBlue is a partner of American Airlines. So, passengers will be glad to hear they can redeem AAdvantage points to book a flight with JetBlue.

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Passengers flying with American Airlines are highly recommended to sign up for the AAdvantage loyalty program.

Signing up is completely free, and passengers will unlock the ability to progress through the different tiers of the program and earn more points per dollar with each promotion.

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