How to Bypass Verizon Smart Family (Try These Tips)

Verizon Smart Family is a great service to have if you want to keep tabs on kids and their devices, but are wondering how to bypass Verizon Smart Family?

Do you want to know whether you can quickly disable Smart Family filters? If so, keep on reading to learn all of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered that’ll bypass Verizon Smart Family!

How to Bypass Verizon Smart Family In [currentyear]

There are several different ways to bypass Verizon Smart Family on your device if you want to get around parental controls and filters, such as by factory resetting your device in [currentyear]. If you don’t want to lose all of your apps, then you can change time zones on the device or use a VPN so that your internet traffic is diverted.

Do you want to know even more about bypassing Verizon Smart Family, including the best tips to help you get around the various web filters? Well, continue reading to learn more!

1. Factory Reset Your Device

One of the easiest ways to bypass Verizon Smart Family is to factory reset your device.

This will work to get rid of all of the filters and other parental controls, as long as it’s not on your router.

However, if you factory reset your device, you will lose all apps on your phone, and have to start over as if you just purchased the phone, so it’s not always the most practical option.

2. Use a Proxy Site

If you want a simpler solution without resetting your phone, you can use a proxy website, which can divert your internet traffic, and allow you to get the unfiltered internet content you want.

Furthermore, you can use a proxy site if you want just to unblock a website that has been blocked by your parents using Verizon Smart Family.

Also, proxy sites don’t require any installation on your device, as you just enter the website URL into your search bar, such as, and run your searches through that instead.

3. Use a VPN

Just like with a proxy site, a VPN will allow you to get unfiltered internet access, and will remove any blocks, since you’ll be running through a different device IP and location.

Additionally, while you can install a VPN app on your device, it will send an alert to the parent phone that you’ve installed an app, so it’s best to use a browser-based VPN.

Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, and many other browsers now have extensions and add-ons you can download to use a VPN right from your internet browser!

4. Use Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

If you’re good friends with your neighbors, you can ask to use their Wi-Fi, which can bypass Verizon Smart Family filters.

However, you might have to come up with a good reason as to why you need the password for your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, so make up an excuse about your Wi-Fi going out or something similar.

Most people have passwords on their Wi-Fi these days, so it’s not likely that any home Wi-Fi signals you can pick up from your house will be left unsecured.

5. Use Public Wi-Fi

5. Use Public Wi-Fi Verizon

One way to bypass the Verizon Smart Family filters is to use public Wi-Fi on your device, which is possible if you live in a city where multiple businesses are nearby.

Furthermore, most fast-food restaurants and retail stores offer public Wi-Fi that’s unsecured and free to use as a guest.

Therefore, if you can hop onto the signal, then it’ll be a quick way to bypass filters.

6. Use iMessage Instead of Web Browser

Bypassing Verizon Smart Family internet parental controls can be done through using iMessage, which is simple if you want to just open a website. 

Also, most websites will show up through iMessage, so you can always message a friend and have them send you the website link if needed.

7. Change the Time Zone

If you just want to remove time limitations on apps, then you can easily bypass Verizon Smart Family by simply changing the time zone on your device!

Therefore, right before the time limitation is set to take place, go into your “Settings,” and then alter the time zone, such as moving it back to a time zone several hours behind your own.

8. Grab the Parent Device and Remove Content Filters

Grab the device that has Verizon Smart Family installed, and select “Child” from the top, and then click on “Content Filters” from within Manage Controls.

Additionally, you want to select “Remove all,” which removes all of the content filters, and then select “OK” to complete the process.

That being said, this tip isn’t recommended unless you have easy access to the parental device that has the Verizon Smart Family app installed.

9. Reinstall Specific Apps

If you’re trying to bypass Verizon Smart Family time restrictions, or similar parental controls, you can delete the app from your device and then reinstall the app, which removes time limits.

However, the parental device may be notified if you have installed an app on the device, so this one should be used cautiously.

10. Turn off Parental Controls on Android

You can always try to turn off the parental controls from Verizon Smart Family by turning it off if you have an Android device, and don’t have access to the password, by following these steps:

  1. Go into the Google Play Store
  2. Find the Main Menu
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Look for “User Controls” halfway down
  5. Select “Parental Controls” 
  6. If you see that the controls are turned on, then simply select “Turn off,” or toggle the switch to turn the parental controls off

Unfortunately, this method could send a notification to the parental device, so it’s also a tip that should be used as a last resort, since it could tip off your parents that you turned it off!

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Bypassing Verizon Smart Family is possible by methods such as using a proxy, VPN, changing time zones on the device, accessing public Wi-Fi, or getting your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password.

Furthermore, if you have access to the parental device, you can turn the parental controls off yourself, or you could turn it off through the Google Play Store on your device.

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