How to Clean a Lululemon Belt Bag (All You Need to Know)

Lululemon’s belt bags are similar to fanny packs, but more stylish and with different options. There are smaller bags for running or larger ones for everyday use.

However, whether you’re running, hiking, or just going about your day, that belt bag will inevitably get dirty. So, you might need to know: How do I clean my Lululemon belt bag? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

How Can I Clean a Lululemon Belt Bag?

Lululemon recommends spot-cleaning a belt bag with a damp washcloth and soap. The care instructions say not to put the belt bags in the washer or dryer. However, many people wash their belt bags without any problems. They recommend tucking in the strap and using a cold, gentle cycle to do this.

If your Lululemon belt bag needs a wash, keep reading! I have all the information you need to safely spot-clean or machine wash your bag.

Can I Wash My Lululemon Belt Bag?

Lululemon doesn’t recommend machine-washing belt bags. Furthermore, the care instructions say not to put the bag in the dryer, dry-clean, or iron belt bags.

However, while Lululemon says you shouldn’t wash belt bags, consumers have done so with success.

For instance, TikToker @msimon98 has a video showing how she washed her Lululemon belt bag. She uses a stain remover and then puts the bag in the washing machine on a cold cycle.

What Are Lululemon’s Belt Bag Cleaning Instructions?

To clean a Lululemon belt bag, the company recommends spot cleaning. Follow the below instructions for this method:

  1. Put a small amount of soap on a damp washcloth.
  2. Gently rub the dirty areas of the bag.
  3. Hang the bag to dry overnight.

How Can I Clean a White Lululemon Belt Bag?

Lululemon’s white belt bags follow the exact instructions as any other color.

While the company recommends spot cleaning, consumers have been able to wash it on a cold, gentle cycle without issues.

But as you know, white is a lot less forgiving, as stains and marks can show up faster and be hard to eliminate.

First, we recommend spot cleaning with a liquid detergent and warm water. If that doesn’t work, you should be okay washing it on a cold, gentle cycle. Hang it to dry when you’re done.

If the entire fabric portion, including the mesh, interior, and strap, is white, you can also use some bleach to brighten it up.

Bleach is safe to use on most synthetic fabrics, but make sure to wash and dry the bag thoroughly so the bleach doesn’t stain other clothing.

What Are Lululemon’s Washing Instruction Symbols?

What Are Lululemon’s Washing Instruction Symbols?

Lululemon care instructions can be found on the inside label of each product. Some instructions are written out, but often you’ll only see symbols.

Lululemon uses standard washing instruction symbols.

For Lululemon’s belt bags, you will see a few symbols. A water jug stands for washing, while a square with a circle inside symbolizes a dryer.

A dark triangle represents bleaching, and an iron will look just like an iron. An X over any of these means not to use such methods.

You’ll see an X over most of these since Lululemon doesn’t recommend washing belt bags.  

Are Lululemon’s Belt Bags Machine Washable?

Lululemon’s care instructions state that belt bags are not machine washable.

However, many customers haven’t had issues washing the belt bags. They recommend using a gentle, cold cycle, and putting it in a bag for delicates.

Afterward, air dry the bag by laying it flat or hanging it by the strap.

If you have tough stains, try using a stain remover like Oxi-Clean or spot cleaning with dish detergent first.

Although machine washing seems fine, we wouldn’t recommend putting it in the dryer or ironing.    

Are Lululemon Fanny Packs Waterproof?

Lululemon fanny packs, also known as belt bags, are water-resistant. These bags are made with waterproof, synthetic materials, including polyester and nylon.

So, you don’t need to worry about spilling some water on it during your workout or cleaning it with water.

Fortunately, belt bags are durable and can get wet. However, be careful if you have any non-waterproof items inside.

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