How to Use a USPS QR Code (All You Need to Know)

Whether you use USPS’s Click-N-Ship or you need to return something through the mail, your efforts may come to a halt when you realize you don’t have a printer.

Luckily, USPS has you covered, with something called Label Broker. You’re sent a QR code that you can show to the Post Office clerk, and they’ll print your label for you. But if you’re wondering how to use the USPS QR code, you aren’t alone. I have your how-to below!

How to Use a USPS QR Code in [currentyear]

A USPS QR code will be emailed to you when you select “Print at the Post Office” in Click-N-Ship in [currentyear]. You take that email with you to the Post Office, along with your parcel, show the clerk at the counter, and they will print it, affix the label, and put your package into the system.

To learn more about Label Broker, the program that makes this possible, whether you can print a label from a QR code, and whether you can use a QR code at a Self-Service Kiosk, keep reading!

What Is USPS Label Broker?

USPS Label Broker is a free program that allows customers who don’t have access to a printer to have their label printed out at the Post Office.

Whether you’re returning something or using Click-N-Ship to send something out for the first time, Label Broker can come to your rescue if you don’t have a printer.

If you already have your QR code because you’re returning something, you can skip out the next few paragraphs.

To generate a QR code with Label Broker if you’re using Click-N-Ship, navigate to your Shipping History.\

On the same line as the label, you want to print, click Label Details. Once that pops up, down the left-hand side you will see Label Actions.

Click on “Print at the Post Office.”

What you’ll end up with is an email from USPS, which contains a QR code.

Okay, so you have your QR code- next, package up your parcel and take it with you to a Post Office that supports Label Broker.

(You can perform a search here; press on Show Filters and select Label Broker from the list of Mailing Services.)

You’ll go up to the front counter and show them your QR code. They’ll scan it, print the label, affix it, and take your parcel.

After, it’s in the system, and you’re all done.

A few things to note: If you need to print out multiple labels at the Post Office, you will receive multiple emails with multiple QR codes.

Also, you can request a Label Broker QR code after previously indicating that you were going to print the label yourself.

Will USPS Print Your Label With a QR Code?

Will USPS Print Your Label With a QR Code?

Your local Post Office likely can print your label with a QR code, provided by Label Broker.

To find which Post Office near you has a Label Broker printer, go to Find USPS Locations, select Show Filters, and click on the box next to Label Broker.

Hit Search and the results will tell you which Post Office you can take your QR code to.

Further, if your location has an Automated Parcel Drop machine, you can have a label printed through that.

How Do You Scan a USPS QR Code?

There is another instance where USPS provides you with a QR code.

If you receive PS Form 3849 because your package was undeliverable, you might notice a QR code on the form.

That code is for you to scan if you would like to reschedule delivery for a time when you’re available.

If you have a newer Apple or Android device, you can simply open your camera and point it at the QR code; a yellow box should appear around the code, reading it automatically.

If you have older devices, however, you will have to download a QR code reader.

The QR code will take you to the web address listed,; this is just a shortcut so you don’t have to type it in.

Can You Print a Shipping Label From a QR Code?

You cannot print a USPS shipping label from a QR code; that’s the sole domain of the Post Office.

If you want to access your shipping label for printing, simply sign in to your account, navigate to Click-N-Ship, and bring up your Shipping History.

Can You Use a QR Code at a USPS Kiosk?

So far as my research tells, you can’t use USPS QR codes at the Self-service kiosks.

Rather, you must take your package and your QR code up to the front counter and have the clerk there print the label.

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Using a USPS QR code, generated by Label Broker, is fast, easy, and convenient to do. Simply take your QR code and your package to the front counter of your local Post Office, and a clerk will scan it, print the label, and affix it – all for free.

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