How To Use American Airlines Credit? (All You Need To Know)

Flying frequently with American Airlines is a rewarding experience. Customers have the opportunity of accumulating a lot of American Airlines credit.

You’re probably wondering, how do I use this credit? For the answer to that and more — keep reading!

How To Use American Airlines Credit In 2024?

American Airlines offers different types of credits that can be redeemed for eligible flights in 2024. Customers can use the AA website to look up how many credits they have and redeem credits. Credits expire one year after the original flight was booked. AA credits can also be used with other airlines affiliated with American Airlines.

There are many things to keep in mind when using American Airlines credit and many questions that pop up. For the answer to those questions and more, keep reading!

How Do I Use My American Airlines Vacation Credit?

Currently, there are three types of travel credit customers can get from American Airlines.

For example, trip credit is issued for refunds, any excess value from flight credit, and exchanges.

On the other hand, flight credit comes from tickets that have not been used or ones that have been canceled. Lastly, travel vouchers are issued electronically.

Additionally, all types of travel credit can only be used for booking flights — not for extras like bags and seats.

Fortunately, using American Airlines vacation credit is simple, as you just have to follow these steps to use your credit:

  • Open a browser and type in
  • Once the flights have been chosen, select “Other Forms Of Payment”
  • Enter the voucher number and PIN
  • If there is an outstanding balance, customers can pay using a credit card

Can You Use American Airlines Credit For Vacation Packages?

Yes, you can use American Airlines credit to pay for a vacation package. That said, here are the steps for booking a vacation package using AA credit:

1) Navigate to and book a new flight

2) On the payment screen, select “Add Flight Credit”

3) Enter the ticket number from the canceled flight and apply the credit to your booking

4) Customers can use a credit card to pay for any outstanding balance

Can You Use Your Flight Credit For Someone Else?

Can You Use Your Flight Credit For Someone Else?

Unfortunately, flight credit is only redeemable by the original flier. However, you can use travel vouchers and trip credits to buy airtime for someone else.

How Do I Get My Credit Back From American Airlines?

Visit and search “redeem flight credit” or “check travel funds.” In some cases, customers may have flight credits from refunded flights they forget existed.

How Do I Use AA E-Voucher?

Here are the steps for redeeming an E-voucher from American Airlines:

  • A link will be sent to the customer via email
  • The customer can then click on the link to get their E-voucher number and PIN
  • On the payment screen, they will need to type in the E-voucher and PIN

Moreover, customers may redeem up to eight vouchers at a time.

Will American Airlines Extend Vouchers?

For any travel vouchers that had an expiration date between January 1, 2021, and May 31, 2021, American Airlines made an exception and extended the vouchers to March 31st, 2022.

Aside from this exception, there has not been another extension to American Airlines’ vouchers.

When Does American Airlines Flight Credit Expire?

Flight credits expire one year from the date when the ticket was issued.

How To Use American Airlines Credit From A Canceled Flight

Here are the steps to use American Airlines credit from a canceled flight:

  • Open your email regarding the canceled trip
  • Navigate to and click “Manage Trips/Check-In”
  • Locate the trip
  • Rebook the flight and add flight credit

American Airlines Flight Credit Lookup

To lookup your American Airlines flight credit, simply navigate to this page on the website and enter the following details. Once completed, click the “Find Travel Credit” button.

Additionally, you will need the following information:

  • Trip/credit number (from your email)
  • First Name
  • Last Name

How To Use American Airlines Credit On Expedia

Unfortunately, customers cannot use AAdvantage Miles when booking with Expedia.

However, customers are advised to add an AAdvantage account number to the booking, which allows customers to collect miles for the flight.

How To Use American Airlines Credit On Alaska Airlines

When customers fly on Alaska Airlines, they can earn and redeem AAdvantage miles.

Moreover, customers can use AAdvantage miles to buy a ticket and fly, which can be done through the Alaska Airlines website when booking a flight.

How To Use American Airlines Credit On Orbitz

During the booking process, customers can use American Airlines credit to purchase flights. To do so, simply navigate to “My Account” on the Orbitz site and select “Coupons and Credits.”

How To Use Amex Airline Credit American Airlines

Amex Airline credits are not directly redeemable through American Airlines.

Instead, customers will need to book through one of the American Airlines partners indirectly.

Moreover, these partners include Qantas Airlines, Iberia Plus, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not American Airlines has outlets, American Airlines refund policy, and do American Airlines points expire.


American Airlines has three different types of credit that can be redeemed for flight miles; trip credit, flight credit, and travel vouchers.

Also, customers can use American Airlines credit for a flight with another airline affiliated with American.

On top of that, American Airlines’ credit expires one year from the date the ticket was issued.

Lastly, customers can use the American Airlines website to redeem flight credits, use E-vouchers, or look up the balance of their total credits.

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