How To Use DHL Packstations? (All You Need To Know)

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone buys things online. While it’s certainly convenient to have face cream or dog treats delivered to your door, most people can’t be at home to collect their packages when they arrive. 

Unfortunately, porch pirates take advantage of this situation and make off with the goods. However, DHL has an innovative program called Packstation that allows customers to collect their packages from secure lockers, to stop this from happening. Continue reading for more info! 

How To Use DHL Packstations In 2024?

DHL Packstations can be used for shipping or collecting ordinary parcels and letters delivered by Deutsche Post in 2024. Furthermore, a limited number of DHL Express Germany packages are also delivered to Packstations, however, customers must have a DHL customer account and the Post & DHL App in order to use Packstations. Parcels stay at Packstations for up to 7 days. 

If using a DHL Packstation sounds convenient to you, then be sure to read this guide in order to understand all of the ins and outs!

What Is A DHL Packstation? 

In this article, you’ll get all of the information you need about using a DHL Packstation. But before that, it’s essential to know what a Packstation is. 

A Packstation is a service of parcel lockers run by DHL Parcel Germany.

Furthermore, DHL Parcel Germany is a business unit of Deutsche Post’s Mail division, and it is present in Germany and elsewhere. 

This service provides automated, self-service booths where customers can collect and send parcels and oversize letters.

Additionally, it originally started as a pilot program in 2001 and quickly expanded. These days, there are more than 3,000 Packstation machines in Germany. 

However, only ordinary parcels and letters delivered by Deutsche Post can be delivered to Packstations. 

Sometimes, though, Deutsche Post allows its subsidiary DHL Express Germany to deliver a limited number of express packages to Packstations.  

How Do I Ship To A DHL Packstation?

Shipping to a DHL Packstation is easy, simply follow the instructions below. 

First, you must enable the Packstation service. To do so, you’ll need a DHL customer account and the Post & DHL App. 

Next, you need to address your parcel to a Packstation. This can be accomplished in four simple steps. 

  1. After your first name and surname, enter your customer number (also known as your Post number) in the address suffix field. You can find this information on your DHL customer card or in the Post & DHL App. 
  2. Write “Packstation” in the Street field and the 3-digit number of your desired Packstation in the Building number field. 
  3. Enter the postcode and the town of the desired Packstation. You can find the addresses of all Packstations in the Postfinder.
  4. Drop off your package at a local DHL location or arrange for a pickup. 

How Do I Get My DHL Parcel From A Packstation?

How Do I Get My DHL Parcel From A Packstation?

If your package is going to be delivered to a Packstation, here’s what you need to do in order to collect it. 

First, you’ll receive a notification by email and push notification from the Post & DHL App as soon as your parcel is ready for pickup. 

Next, head to the Packstation when it’s convenient for you to collect your package. 

Then, enter your customer number (also known as your Post number) and the pickup code on the screen. 

Once you’ve entered your information, the compartment opens, so remove your parcel and close the compartment. 

If your package couldn’t be delivered to your home address and was delivered to a Packstation, then you don’t need a Post number to pick up the item. 

Rather, you can scan the notification code found on the card left by the DHL courier during the attempted delivery. 

Alternatively, you can scan the barcode from the notification email at the Packstation.

How Do I Ship A Package From A DHL Packstation? 

In addition to being able to collect deliveries, you can also ship packages from Packstations, rather than having to visit a DHL location. 

To do so, head to a Packstation and log the item by entering the item’s barcode (found on the shipping label). 

Then, select the proper compartment size for your item. 

After this, a corresponding compartment will open, and from there, you can deposit your parcel and close the compartment. 

Furthermore, DHL will collect your parcel either that day (if you deposit your item before the pickup time) or the next day (if you deposit it after the pickup time). 

How Long Do Parcels Stay At DHL Packstations?

How long your parcel stays at a Packstation depends on how it got there. 

If you addressed or diverted your parcel to a Packstation, DHL will keep your parcel for you for 7 calendar days (this includes the day of delivery).  

On the other hand, if the parcel was addressed to your home but was brought to a Packstation following a failed delivery attempt, then the item will stay at the Packstation for 9 calendar days. 

How Much Does It Cost To Use A DHL Packstation? 

Registering for and using DHL Packstations is free of charge for both private and business customers. 

When Are DHL Packstations Open? 

DHL Packstations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. 

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DHL Packstations are a convenient way for customers to ship and collect their packages from a secure location. 

Furthermore, all you need is a customer number and an app to be able to use this free service. 

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