Instacart Profile Picture (Can You Add One, How To Change + Other FAQs)

When you’re working as part of the gig economy, first – and usually only – impressions make a difference, so you’ll always want to put your best face forward.

With Instacart, a friendly smile in your profile picture can go a long way toward endearing yourself to customers (and getting those big tips!).

Can you add an Instacart profile picture? What if you don’t like the one you have? I did the research and I have your answer. See below.

Can You Add An Instacart Profile Picture In 2024?

When new Instacart shoppers are setting up their profiles in the app they are invited to take or choose a photo of themselves to serve as their profile picture, though they can be difficult to change later; however, it is possible. It is important to choose a nice photograph as the customers do see them.

To learn more about the different ways you can change your profile picture if you don’t like the one you’ve got, what customers see of shopper information while interacting and even how profile pictures can be used to verify your ID, read on!

How Do You Change Your Instacart Profile Picture?

There are three methods I have found for changing your profile picture on the Instacart Shopper app.

The first is easy and you can do it right in the app.

According to u/Theycallmeswarley, if you navigate to the “Profile and Earnings” section of the app, you can find “Edit profile.”

From there you should see the option to edit your profile picture.

One respondent said they didn’t see any such feature in their app, so the original commenter posted an image of what they see.

If you are running the very latest version of the app, you may do it a little differently.

On your Instacart Shopper dashboard, which stays put at the top of the screen, you can actually press on your profile picture.

That will bring up a link that you can follow to change some of your personal information, including the image. Find an illustration of the “static dashboard” here.

If neither of these looks like anything you have in your Shopper app, don’t fret.

There is another way, and it involves just a bit more legwork.

If you reach out to Instacart shopper support you can request that they change your profile picture.

u/GrizzlyDoge called in and was given this email: and was told to email them the image they wanted to replace the original.

Of course, you should also include a pertinent subject headline like “ATTN: Profile Picture Change Request,” with a short message inside, as well as the image attached.

The shopper support rep then told u/GrizzlyDoge that it could take up to 48 hours.

Do Instacart Customers See Your Profile?

Do Instacart Customers See Your Profile?

Speaking as an Instacart customer, the only information customers see is your profile picture and your first name + last name initial.

While shoppers do fill out other information, like email, phone number and full name, plus date of birth, customers don’t see any of that.

That hasn’t stopped some customers (and even shoppers) from doxing other shoppers when they were unhappy with an order.

On Facebook, one shopper used the profile picture of another shopper to verify their identity through the social media site and post their personal information for all to see.

Yikes! Even though Instacart does its best to protect everyone’s privacy, it is still a slight risk putting yourself on the app.

Why Does Instacart Make You Take A Photo Of Yourself?

Occasionally shoppers may be prompted by Instacart to snap a selfie of themselves.

Unfortunately, it’s not for a cute gallery of Shoppers of the Week.

It’s to verify their identity and make sure that the person whose name is on the profile – and whose image is in the profile pic – is actually doing the shopping.

Instacart prohibits people from using each others’ accounts; so if you were deactivated, you can’t use your friend’s account to shop.

Occasionally Instacart will perform these ID checks to just make sure everything is aboveboard.

Do Instacart Customers See Your Name?

Instacart customers do see your name, but not your full name.

Just as you see their first name and last name initial, they likewise see yours.

They do not see any other information, like your phone number, address or date of birth.

And indeed, that information should be kept from either party, as it can be used for phishing or scam operations.

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If you didn’t like the photo you snapped or chose initially when setting up your Shopper account in the app, it is generally easily changed.

If you’re running an older version of the app or just can’t get the image swap to work, consider reaching out to Instacart shopper support for their assistance.

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