Is DHL Reliable for International Shipping? (All You Need to Know)

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to international shipping, so how do you know which shipping company will get your package to its destination quickly and reliably? 

Instead of doing hours of research, check out this article to find out how DHL performs on international shipping. 

Is DHL Reliable for International Shipping in [currentyear]?

In general, DHL is considered reliable for international shipping. That reputation is thanks to its predictable transit times, simplified customs process, end-to-end tracking, and vast shipping experience. What’s more, DHL is often faster and cheaper than its competitors for international shipments. That said, the company routinely receives negative reviews from international shippers online, so proceed with caution. 

If you still aren’t sure whether you can trust DHL for your international shipping needs, then keep reading this article. 

Is DHL Reliable for International Shipping? 

Unlike FedEx and UPS, which focus on improving their domestic delivery services, DHL’s attention is on providing best-in-class international shipping. 

DHL’s reputation as a reliable international shipping service is well-established, but the company still wanted to provide additional proof. 

To do so, DHL hired a consulting company to create a test that would highlight the company’s reliability.  

This test involved creating a global business infrastructure made up of 107 offices worldwide. Each office had accounts set up with various courier companies. 

Together, these offices made 60,000 global express shipments with DHL and its competitors. 

After analyzing the speed of these deliveries, the consulting company was able to conclude that DHL was one of the world’s most reliable shipping companies. 

This was especially for DHL shipments originating in Asia. 

Is DHL Express Reliable for International Shipping? 

Thanks to its predictable transit times, simplified customs clearance process, vast shipping experience, and end-to-end tracking, you can trust DHL Express when sending items around the world. 

Can I Trust DHL for International Shipping? 

Can I Trust DHL for International Shipping? 

When it comes to something as important as international shipping, it’s only normal to wonder if you can trust DHL. 

Based on online responses for past customers, the answer seems to be “maybe.” 

One website with more than 400 DHL reviews gave the company an average of 1.37 stars for its international shipping performance.

For example, one respondent claimed that DHL had promised 2- to 3-day shipping on her order from the Czech Republic to the United States. 

Unfortunately, she still hadn’t received her package after a week and a half. 

Another respondent mentioned having to send 7 emails over the course of 4 days to clear a DHL package from South Africa to the United States. 

Even worse, DHL made mistakes with the recipient’s name and address and the payer’s details. 

On the positive side of things, another respondent mentioned that he had been using DHL for three years and was still satisfied. 

Further, he even called the company the best in international transport and logistics.  

So, based on these mixed reviews, it’s probably best to proceed with caution when it comes to trusting DHL with your international orders.

Is DHL UK Reliable?

It’s easy to think of DHL as a massive, monolithic company, but the fact is that DHL’s performance varies widely depending on the location. 

That’s why looking at country-specific results can be helpful when trying to get a clear picture of how DHL performs on a smaller scale. 

Within the United Kingdom, DHL is considered a very reliable company for cheap, next-day delivery. 

Proof of this can be seen in the scores given by DHL customers in the UK. Indeed, the company scored an average of 8.6 out of 10 when looking at things like:

  • Parcel delivery time 
  • Condition of parcel 
  • Delivery instructions followed 
  • Ease of use of tracking 
  • Clear communication

Is DHL Better Than FedEx for International Shipping?

Although both courier companies are skilled when it comes to handling international shipments, DHL tends to outperform FedEx in both regular and freight shipments. 

Let’s take a closer look at why.

While both companies offer international shipping services to more than 220 countries and territories, DHL shipping services are usually cheaper for international routes. 

What’s more, thanks to its more comprehensive global network, DHL may be able to accommodate a wider variety of shipments. 

As well, this network might explain DHL’s faster international delivery times.  

In terms of freight, DHL is the preferred carrier because it offers shipping services by road, air, sea, and rail. 

Why Is DHL More Reliable for International Shipments?

It’s one thing for a company to want to be reliable when it comes to international shipments, but it’s quite another to actually deliver on this promise. 

So, what is it about DHL that makes it more reliable for international shipments than its competitors? There are a few factors.  

For instance, DHL has fewer facilities and warehouses than other companies, meaning there are fewer places for your package to get lost. 

Another reason is that DHL doesn’t outsource its freight. 

Currently, most of DHL’s freight is handled by its employees, rather than contractors. Again, this means less of a chance for your goods to get lost. 

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While it’s true that DHL gets mixed customer reviews, overall, it seems as though the company is one of the world’s top performers when it comes to international shipping. Indeed, DHL has unmatched speed, pricing, and tracking. 

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