Is LG A Chinese Company? (All You Need To Know) 

Many products, similar to LG products, are manufactured in China, therefore, many consumers automatically believe that a product brand is based in China. 

Moreover, if you are buying an LG appliance you may be wondering: is LG a Chinese company? If you are curious, keep reading to discover the answer! 

Is LG A Chinese Company In 2024? 

Unfortunately, LG is not a Chinese company in 2024. However, LG does outsource some of its products to China for manufacturing and production, which is why some consumers get confused. Moreover, LG is actually based in South Korea and has been in South Korea for 50-plus years. 

If you are interested in learning about where LG’s products are manufactured, LG’s history, and more, then continue reading! 

Is LG a Chinese Company? 

LG is not a Chinese brand even though the company manufactures some of its most important products there, instead, LG is a Korean company. 

Are LG Products Made in China? 

As stated previously, LG does use China to manufacture and produce some of its most important products. 

Moreover, in 2008 LG had about 82 Global operations around the world and 17 of those facilities were throughout China. 

Furthermore, LG continued to grow, and as of 2020, LG had 128 global operations all around the world.

LG’s global operations include sales offices, research and development facilities, and manufacturing and production plants. Therefore, LG outsources to China for many functions. 

For instance, one example of LG outsourcing to China is that LG uses China to manufacture and produce its OLED TV panels and other TV accessories. 

Who is LG Owned by? 

Who is LG Owned by? 

LG is owned by LG Corporation, moreover, LG Corporation is a conglomerate company with many subsidiaries. 

Furthermore, a conglomerate company is a company made up of many companies or businesses operating in completely different industries under one corporation.

This is also known as a multi-industry company. Additionally, LG Corporation was created from a combination of two companies.

Lak Hui, pronounced “Lucky”, was the first company created in 1947. Then, in 1958 GoldStar was created because of an expansion of Lak Hui. 

Moreover, GoldStar was created to help Korea’s economy after the Korean War and many consumer products were sold under the GoldStar name. 

Furthermore, in 1983 the two companies combined to create Lucky-Goldstar or LG. 

LG has since grown and changed a lot over the last 50-plus years, however, the company remains based and owned in South Korea. 

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LG is not a Chinese company but a Korean company. Moreover, LG started in South Korea over 50 years ago and has developed and changed a lot, however, South Korea remains in control of the company. 

Furthermore, LG’s products may seem Chinese because LG outsources some of its work to China. For Example, China helps manufacture and produce one of LG’s most important products, LG OLED TV panels, however, it is still a Korean company. 

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