Is LG A Japanese Company? (All You Need To Know) 

LG has become one of the top 10 electronics manufacturing companies in the World and everyone knows its name and logo. However, not many people really know where LG appliances come from. 

Therefore, you may be curious as to where LG’s company and brand are from and you may even be wondering, is LG Japanese? If so, keep reading to find out! 

Is LG A Japanese Company In 2024? 

Interestingly, LG is not a Japanese brand but a Korean one in 2024! Furthermore, LG was established in South Korea over five decades ago to manufacture and produce consumer electronics and home appliances for local Korean consumers. However, now, the company has grown to an international level and has some of its products manufactured in Japan.

Keep reading if you want to learn more interesting facts about LG, where LG produces its products, and much more! 

Is LG a Japanese Brand? 

LG is not a Japanese brand because LG Corporation is based in South Korea and has been since 1958. However, LG does use Japan to produce, advertise, and sell some of its products. 

Moreover, LG even has a subsidiary for Japan, LG Electronics Japan Inc. 

Furthermore, LG Electronics Japan markets and sells consumer electronics for LG. 

Additionally, LG Electronics Japan “sells televisions, audio, and video products, mobile phones, home appliances, and computer peripheral equipment throughout Japan” for the company.

Who is LG Owned by?

Who is LG Owned by? 

LG owns itself, moreover, LG Corporation is a conglomerate company which means LG owns many other smaller businesses, called subsidiaries, and they all makeup LG Corporation. 

Furthermore, a subsidiary is a company controlled by a holding company. Therefore, some of LG Corporation’s subsidiaries are: 

  • LG Electronics 
    • LG Electronics has its own smaller subsidiaries based by country 
      • LG Electronics USA 
      • LG Electronics Japan 
  • LG Display  
  • LG Uplus 
  • LG Chem 
  • LG CNS 
  • LX Hldgs 
  • LG Household & Health Care 
  • And many more 

Additionally, LG was created in 1958 to domestically produce consumer electronics to help Korea’s economy after the war, however, the company was not called LG yet. 

Moreover, in 1958 the company was still called Goldstar and wasn’t called LG until 1995,  when Goldstar merged with Lak Hai, into Lucky-Goldstar in 1983. 

Since then LG has continued to rapidly grow and expand its brand. 

Where is LG Made? 

LG has grown so much over the last half a century and more that it has had to expand its operation globally and outsource production to many other countries. 

Therefore, LG appliances are produced globally in almost every country in the world, including Japan. 

Moreover, as of 2008, LG had one global operation in Japan. Now, as stated previously, LG has a whole subsidiary for Japan called LG Electronics Japan Inc. 

Furthermore, as of 2020, LG has 128 global operations around the world and is continuing to grow. 

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LG Corporation is a South Korean company and brand and has been for over half a century, so it is not from Japan. 

Furthermore, even though LG is not a Japanese brand, LG still uses Japan and its resources. Moreover, LG has a subsidiary just for Japan called LG Electronics Japan Inc. and LG uses it to market and sell its products to Japanese consumers and surrounding regions. 

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