Is Samsung A Korean Company? (All You Need to Know)

When researching the new products we are planning on buying, for whatever the reason may be, sometimes we want to know where the company is from. 

That being said, I was curious about the Samsung company, so I did the research, and this is everything that I was able to find!

Is Samsung A Korean Company in 2024?

Samsung is a Korean company in 2024. In fact, it all began in a town called Samsung within Seoul, South Korea. Today, the company’s main headquarters still resides in South Korea. However, there are many manufacturing facilities across the entire world like in the United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, and many more.

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about where Samsung comes from, who created the company, and much more!

Is Samsung From Korea?

Samsung is a South Korean company that is actually one of today’s largest producers of electronic devices worldwide. 

The company has become one of the most popular names in the technology industry and produces about ⅕ of South Korea’s electronic exports.

Is Samsung a Japanese Company?

Though many believe that Samsung has a Japanese background, this is not the case. Rather, as mentioned above, Samsung is actually from South Korea.

The company began in Seoul, which is the largest metropolis, the capital of South Korea, and has a population of 9.7 million people. 

What Is Samsung?

Samsung specializes in the production of a wide range of electronics for both consumers and the industry.

These electronics include household appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, integrated systems, and more. 

As mentioned previously, the company has become one of the most recognizable names in the technology industry and produces about ⅕ of South Korea’s exports. 

Where Was Samsung Founded?

The Samsung company was founded on March 1, 1938, by Lee Byung Chull, as it was actually a grocery trading company rather than one that caters to electronics.

Samsung first entered the electronics industry in 1969, bringing out black and white televisions. In the 1970s, the company began to export home electronics overseas. 

During that time, Samsung had become one of Korea’s major manufacturers. Then, the company began to expand rapidly in the late 1970s and early ‘80s.

Samsung Data Systems, which is now known as Samsung SDS, was established in 1985 to serve businesses that were gaining a need for systems development.

This helped Samsung to quickly become a leader in information technology services.

Who Created Samsung?

Who Created Samsung?

As stated above, Samsung was created by a man named Lee Byung Chull and was originally created as a grocery trading company in 1938.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until 1969 that the company turned into an electronics producer.

Where Are Samsung Products Manufactured?

Samsung has many manufacturing facilities across the entire world for the many products and devices that it has to offer. 

South Korea is the birthplace of Samsung, and only 8% of its devices are still manufactured there. 

This 8% of devices are sold in the local market, including the Galaxy S Series and the latest Samsung Foldable Phones.

Vietnam is the country where most of Samsung’s products are made and has about 50% shares. In fact, the company has 6 factories and employs approximately 16,000 people. 

The reason why so many of Samsung’s products are manufactured here is that this country provides cheap labor and other favorable things, decreasing the cost of making the products. 

India has the largest and most significant mobile phone manufacturing unit of Samsung based on production capacity. 

However, most of the production from the Indian Samsung factories is for local buyers. 

As for China, due to a significant drop in Sales, they are no longer responsible for manufacturing any Samsung devices. 

The main reason for the drop in sales is that more people prefer to purchase their devices from local manufacturing companies. 

Samsung does have manufacturing facilities within Brazil, these factories are responsible for providing Samsung devices to all of Latin America.

As well, the company set up its manufacturing unit in Indonesia, and just like in South Korea and India, the products that are made are mostly sold locally. 

Taiwan has one of Samsung’s oldest manufacturing factories and it produces 600,000 units per month.

According to Samsung, the manufacturing of its devices has not yet been set up in Turkey but will be soon. 

Where Can You Buy Samsung Products?

You can get your hands on Samsung products almost anywhere in the world. 

As mentioned previously, your smart device will either come from a local factory or would have been imported from another county.

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Although many believe that Samsung is a Chinese or Japanese company, this is not the case. Rather, Samsung is a South Korean company. 

The company has many manufacturing facilities across the entire world in countries such as the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Turkey.

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