Is Sony Owned By Disney? (All You Need To Know)

If you’ve seen Sony films on Disney platforms recently, you may be confused as to the ownership of these companies. Since Disney has purchased many film studios in the past few decades, you might be wondering if they bought Sony as well.

Sony and Disney are both big names in the movie industry. However, Sony is a large company producing electronics and other services, while Disney is focused on entertainment. So does Disney own Sony? Continue reading to find out the answer and more!

Is Sony Owned By Disney In 2024? 

Sony is not owned by the Walt Disney Company in 2024. While both Sony and Disney are large, international corporations, they are separate, publicly traded companies. Additionally, some confusion may arise because they both work in the entertainment industry and own rights to Spiderman-related content. Furthermore, Disney has streaming rights to some of Sony’s movies and TV shows.

Keep reading to learn who owns Sony, and how the two companies are connected in the article below!

Who Is Sony Owned By?

All companies and subsidiaries under the Sony umbrella are owned by the Sony Group Corporation. 

Furthermore, Sony is a brand name representing all products, services, and entertainment developed by this corporation. 

Additionally, this sizeable multinational conglomerate is a publicly traded company– meaning its ownership is held in freely traded stocks.

While Sony Group Corporation is based in Japan, it is organized into subsidiaries with smaller companies below them. 

For example, Sony Entertainment is a subsidiary of the Sony Group Corporation. 

Whereas Sony Entertainment is responsible for the two companies, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Sony Music Group.    

Was Sony Bought By Disney?

Sony was not bought by Disney since the company is not for sale and has not been on the market. 

However, rumors emerged because of a deal Sony made with Disney over the rights to air and used Spiderman-related content. 

Furthermore, in 2021, Sony granted Disney temporary streaming rights to Spiderman-related content and other films on its platforms. 

However, afterward, individuals made comments that this was possible because Disney had bought Sony. Despite being false, the rumor spread. 

Is Sony Pictures Owned By Disney?

Disney does not own Sony Pictures as this company is owned and operated under Sony Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation.  

Does Disney Own Sony Animation?

Disney does not own Sony Animation as it is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, which is in turn owned by Sony Entertainment. 

Furthermore, all of these companies are under the Sony Group’s umbrella. 

Who Is Bigger Sony Or Disney?

Who Is Bigger Sony Or Disney?

Both Sony and Disney are huge, international companies. 

Therefore, deciding which is bigger depends on how you look at it. 

While Sony has higher revenues than Disney, Disney has more employees.

Additionally, Disney has around 200,000 employees to Sony’s 114,000. 

However, they both have very comparable net worths, just shy of $100B each.  

Also, another factor to look at is the services and products they produce. 

For example, Sony has a much larger scope with electronics, music, films, and financial services. 

Whereas Disney is primarily in the entertainment sector and is not an electronics company.  

What Is Sony’s Vs Disney’s Net Worth?

As of September 2022, Sony has a net worth of $98.16B while Disney has a net worth of $97B, both very comparable numbers.

Is Spiderman Owned By Disney Or Sony?

Sony and Disney have joint ownership over Spiderman content. 

Furthermore, Sony owns the cinematic rights to Spiderman and many other Marvel characters while Disney owns the merchandising, comics, and animated TV rights to Spiderman. 

Additionally, under their joint contract, the animated TV episodes must each be under 44 minutes. 

However, you’ve probably seen many Spiderman movies produced by Marvel– a company owned by Disney. 

While Marvel is responsible for most of the creativity and production of Spiderman films, they are released under the Sony label.  

What Does Sony Own?

Sony Group Corporation owns all companies and subsidiaries under the Sony title. This includes many companies around the globe and in the United States. 

Within the United States, this includes:

  • Sony Electronics Inc.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Sony Music Publishing.

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Sony is not owned by the Walt Disney Company. Therefore, all Sony industries are owned by the Japanese parent company Sony Group Corporation.

Furthermore, Sony also granted Disney streaming rights to its films and TV shows such as spider man. 

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