Most Popular Dunkin’ Donuts (List Of Most-Loved Types)

Dunkin’ Donuts is an American multinational fast-food restaurant chain specializing in hot, iced, frozen beverages, and freshly baked goods.

However, the quick-service franchise is most renowned for its wide range of donuts in different sizes, colors, and flavors.

So, which are the most popular donuts at Dunkin’? I embarked on a fact-finding mission about this, and this is what I discovered!

Most Popular Dunkin Donuts In [currentyear]

Dunkin’ Donuts makes donuts using different ingredients and baking methods to offer variety to customers in [currentyear]. There is a wide range of popular donuts since Dunkin’ customers have different tastes and preferences. But, some of the most popular donuts include Cinnamon, Coconut, Old Fashioned, Boston Kreme, Double Chocolate Frosted, Marble Frosted, French Cruller, and Jelly.

Keep scrolling to find out more about the most popular donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts, what they’re made with, and the best beverage to pair them with!

List Of Most-Loved Dunkin’ Donuts

It’s worth noting that Dunkin’ offers a wide range of donuts in its stores worldwide, giving donut lovers plenty of options to choose from.

Thus, you can always find a new donut option to try out at the multinational coffee and donuts company, even if you are an ardent Dunkin’ customer.

However, choosing the donut to pair with your favorite drink at Dunkin’ can be hard to crack, especially due to the many options.

Therefore, outlined below is a list of the most loved donuts at Dunkin’, in no particular order, to help you pick the right donut you’re looking for.

1. Cinnamon Donut

The Cinnamon donut is one of the popular treats at Dunkin’ Donuts, especially among customers who love churros and Autumn vibes.

That said, the popular biting comprises a white cake base and a thick cinnamon-sugar coating that adds to its crunchy texture.

Also, while the Cinnamon donut is a perfect Autumn treat, it can sometimes be messy since it sticks to the fingers.

Thus, it would be ideal for picking up some napkins in the store if you intend to devour this dessert. 

Moreover, since the dusty cinnamon sugar coating leaves the mouth dry, it would be ideal for pairing it with a Dunkin’ Apple Cranberry Refresher or Pumpkin Spice coffee.

2.  Powdered Sugar Donut

Powdered Sugar donuts are famous among Dunkin’ customers, especially during the Winter season.

As its name suggests, this simple yet popular dessert is made of a soft, cakey base and dusted with powdered sugar on its exterior.

Thus, the Dunkin’ Powdered Sugar donut has a sweet taste that can satisfy even the person with the most powerful sweet tooth.

Also, since the sugary coating on the powdered sugar donut leaves the mouth dry, it is best paired with any hot Dunkin’ beverage.

3.  Coconut Donut

Most Popular Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’s Coconut donut is a popular dessert among Dunkin’ Donuts customers who love coconut’s unique texture and flavor.

That said, this treat is made of a white cake base that perfectly mingles with the coconut coating to give it a sweet, tropical flavor.

In addition, its coconut coating adds a bit of a crunchy texture to the dessert, making it an ideal treat, especially if you’re looking for a donut with a varied texture.

Lastly, the Coconut donut pairs well with any tropical drink and is a unique treat compared to other donuts on the Dunkin’ menu.

4. Old Fashioned Donut

The Old-Fashioned donut is a popular pick among Dunkin’ customers who don’t have a sweet tooth and find donuts sickeningly sweet.

Moreover, this popular dessert is made of a white, plain cakey base without any toppings, making it a potentially delicious treat.

Also, the Old-Fashioned donut at Dunkin’ has a unique and subtle sweet taste and comes with a crispy exterior that many people find dry.

Lastly, one good thing about the donut is that it pairs with any Dunkin’ drink since it perfectly absorbs the flavors of any beverage.

5. Marble Frosted Donut

Dunkin’ Donuts specifically bakes Marble Frosted donuts for customers who love both chocolate and vanilla frosting that are swirled together for a marbled look. 

Taste-wise, this popular dessert is more or less similar to other Dunkin’ frosted donuts, only that it comes with a mixture of vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Further, the chocolate and vanilla flavored donut have a unique design that resembles the zebra cake design, making it a camera-perfect treat.

Also, since the Marble Frosted donut comes with a rich frosted topping, it goes well with a light drink such as the Dunkin’ Refresher or hot tea.

6. Double Chocolate Frosted Donut

As its name suggests, the Double Chocolate Frosted donut is famous among Dunkin’ customers who are chocolate lovers.

That said, this donut features a dense and thick chocolate cakey base topped with a fudgy and tasty chocolate topping.

Nonetheless, some Dunkin’ stores offer the donut with a handful of rainbow-colored sprinkles to make it an eye-pleasing treat.

Additionally, since the Double Chocolate Frosted donut has a super-sweet flavor, it pairs perfectly with a cup of hot tea or cocoa.

7.  French Cruller Donut

The French Cruller donut is another popular dessert at Dunkin’, particularly among customers who love devouring textured donuts.

With that, this dessert comes with a crispy exterior, a cakey inside, and a solid sugary glaze coating, giving it a unique flavor and texture.

Further, the French Cruller’s unique shape and design make the donut stand out among the brightly-colored donuts at the Dunkin’ Donuts display.

Overall, the Dunkin’ treat tastes amazing when paired with a cup of steaming hot Dunkin’ French Vanilla Swirl coffee.

8. Boston Kreme Donut

Many Dunkin’ customers with a sweet tooth love the Boston Kreme donut since it is sweet, rich, and filling.

That said, this well-liked dessert comes with a gooey, creamy, and rich custard filling at the center that oozes out with each bite.

To cap the donut off, it is topped with a fudgy chocolate topping to taste, making it an ideal breakfast or evening dessert.

Lastly, many people at the quick-service restaurant franchise prefer pairing the tasty Boston Kreme donut with a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee.

9. Jelly Donut

The Jelly donut is a typical pick at Dunkin’ Donuts stores among customers craving a delicious, fruity dessert.

That said, this donut features a soft, cakey base, crispy exterior, and a gooey raspberry filling, giving the Dunkin’ treat a unique flavor and texture. 

Fortunately, Dunkin’ offers different types of jelly donuts, with the standard Jelly donut being a popular dessert among Dunkin’ customers who don’t have a sweet tooth.

Alternatively, customers with a sweet tooth and who love fruity flavored donuts often choose the glazed Jelly donut.

10. Glazed Donut

The Glazed donut is one of the oldest and most sought-after menu items at Dunkin’ Donuts worldwide.

That said, this simple and fluffy dessert is popular among people with a sweet tooth since it comes coated with a sugary glaze.

Besides the standard Glazed donut, Dunkin’ offers different Glazed donuts, like Glazed Chocolate and Blueberry donuts, among other famous donuts.

Also, this donut pairs perfectly with hot chocolate from Dunkin’.

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Many popular donuts are offered at Dunkin’ Donuts since the fast-food chain seeks to satisfy its customers’ different tastes and preferences.

However, generally speaking, the list of donuts outlined above are some of the most sought-after desserts at the multinational restaurant franchise.

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