Ralphs Dress Code (Hair, Tattoos, Clothes + More)

Dress codes are part of life in the workforce, although some employers are more particular than others, especially in public-facing roles.

So, if you’ve ever shopped for groceries in Southern California, you may be wondering: what is Ralphs dress code? I was curious about this as well, so I did my fair share of research and here’s what I know now!

What Is Ralphs Dress Code in [currentyear]?

Ralphs grocery stores in Southern California have a fairly casual dress code for employees in [currentyear]. Workers just need to wear the store shirt or apron with black or blue jeans or khakis. Skirts without holes may also be worn, along with close-toed work shoes or sneakers. Piercing and tattoos are permitted, too.

Continue reading our detailed guide to learn more about the dress code at Ralphs, and what to expect from working there!

What Do Ralphs Employees Wear?

One of the perks of working at Ralphs is the laid-back business casual dress code.

Smart casual is acceptable at this supermarket, as Ralphs management suggests a collared shirt with dark pants or khakis.

Sweatpants, leggings, and sport shorts aren’t acceptable, and neither are every day t-shirts.

However, as long as employees have the Ralphs apron or shirt with a name tag and blue/black jeans or khakis, they should be all set.

Ralphs workers are asked to stay away from logos and graphics on any of their clothing and accessories, apart from the signature Ralphs logo.

Otherwise, employees need close-toed shoes, preferably a pair with an anti-slip grip and arch support for long days on their feet.

When employees are hired, Ralphs managers go through the dress code for each particular store and department to ensure the expectations are clear for everyone.

How Can Ralphs Employees Style Their Hair?

How Can Ralphs Employees Style Their Hair?

Like Kroger, Ralphs doesn’t have any restrictions on employee hairstyle or color. This means you can have an unnatural hair color and work at Ralphs without any issue.

However, it’s best to keep hair neat and tidy whenever possible to appear presentable and professional, regardless of your role at Ralphs.

For those in the meat, dairy, and produce departments, keeping hair up and out of the face is especially important to avoid potential hazards.

If Ralphs management finds that a worker’s hair is distracting or hazardous in their job, or receives numerous complaints, they may speak to the employee to discuss a possible solution.

While Ralphs is generally pretty open to different hairstyles and colors, the grocery chain only allows hats with permission.

That’s because a lot of hats come with logos and other designs, and Ralphs only wants employees to wear the official store logo when they are on the clock.

Can Ralphs Employees Have Tattoos?

There is no hard and fast rule on tattoos for Ralphs employees. Usually, the supermarket accepts tattoos on staff members, provided they aren’t facial tattoos.

Most employees say their Ralphs manager was fine with small arm tattoos visible under the work shirt.

However, if tattoos are big or of obscene nature, then workers will likely be told to cover up.

Keep in mind that it’s probably best to avoid showing off big tattoos during the initial job interview.

As well, you may want to ask current employees if management has said anything about tattoos, as managers at some stores may be more lenient and accepting than others.

Are Piercings Permitted for Ralphs Staff?

Piercings are another consideration for new Ralphs employees, although the supermarket treats earrings and nose rings much like they do different hairstyles.

As long as employees appear presentable with their piercings, they aren’t a problem.

Even so, a lot of workers like to hide their piercings during the interview and inquire about them before starting.

In the off chance a Ralphs manager isn’t pleased with an employee’s piercings, they will have a discussion to decide on the appropriate solution.

Just like with tattoos, piercings shouldn’t be obscene or excessive in nature to ensure there are no complaints from other staff or customers.

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If you want to join the Ralphs’ team of 27,000 people in Southern California, you can look forward to a pretty casual dress code. The Kroger subsidiary matches many other grocery stores with a fairly flexible dress code so long as you wear the assigned store apron or shirt.

Ralphs and its parent company Kroger ask employees to wear khakis, blue/black jeans, or a skirt with no holes or rips. The store name tag and top will be given to employees when they start work. Plus, in terms of hair, tattoos, and piercings, Ralphs is accepting of different styles.

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