Self Checkout Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

Self-checkout is becoming more popular as people prefer to bag their own groceries how they want and choose to deal with cashiers less.

However, have you been wondering about some of the most interesting trends and facts related to self-checkout? If so, read on to find out some of the coolest self-checkout statistics!

Self Checkout Statistics In 2024

1. 85% of Consumers Feel Self-Checkout is Quicker

According to a report “State of Self-Checkout Experiences” over 85% of customers believe that the self-checkout experience is quicker than a regular cashier or waiting in the checkout lines.

2. 65% Worry About Cleanliness

While customers may believe self-checkout is quicker than waiting in lines, over 65% of people responding worried about the cleanliness of the self-checkout stations.

Furthermore, multiple stores have had issues with people trying to disinfect the self-checkout stations and they end up ruining the computer, touch screen, or point of sale machine.

3. 80% Of Consumers Are Interested In Non-Traditional Checkout

What’s really interesting is that non-traditional checkout options are becoming trendy, with more than 80% of consumers interested in such an experience.

Also, out of that group, 66% were most interested in a self-checkout experience as their preferred non-traditional checkout option.

4. 67% Love The Speed of Self-Checkout

67% of consumers love the speed of self-checkout and that’s the main reason they prefer self-checkout over traditional checkout lanes, which often have long lines.

5. 67% of Consumers Have Had Self-Checkout Machine Fails

Self-checkout may be quicker overall, there are times when the machines malfunction or fail, which has happened to 67% of those surveyed.

6. 25.1% Will Avoid Self-Checkout If It Malfunctions

An interesting fact about self-checkout is that over 25% of people surveyed said they would avoid a machine if it malfunctions.

7. 90% Want Better AI & Self-Checkout Technology

Self-checkout is still relatively simple and 90% of those surveyed want self-checkout to have better technology and artificial intelligence.

8. Millennials Use Self-Checkout The Most

An interesting statistic about self-checkout is that Millennials are the most likely age group to use self-checkout when compared to older age groups.

9. Self-Checkout Will Be Worth $6.5 Billion By 2027

The self-checkout industry is growing substantially and by 2027, the industry will be worth $6.5 billion, which is fairly impressive as more stores opt for speedier service for customers!

10. 71% Want Scan-And-Go App For Self-Checkout

Scan-and-go service via an app would be the preferred option for customers for an even quicker self-checkout option.

11. 49% Want Price Check Option

An interesting statistic about self-checkout is that 49% of people surveyed wished that self-checkout had an option to check the price before scanning it and buying it.

12. The United States Has The Biggest Market Share Of Self-Checkout

12. The United States Has The Biggest Market Share Of Self-Checkout

Self-checkout is incredibly popular in the United States with a 41.38% market share in the global market of self-checkout with a worth of $1.4 billion in 2021.

13. Half of Consumers Would Choose The Store With Self-Checkout

About 49.4% of consumers would opt to shop at a store that had self-checkout when compared to a store that didn’t have the self-checkout option available.

14. Self-Checkout Is Popular With Parents

About 20% of customers that use self-checkout are parents and are the group that would like to see more non-traditional checkout options.

15. 39% Want Coupon Access While Shopping

Even though self-checkout is decent, 39% of those asked wanted the ability to access coupons and discounts while shopping.

16. 40% of Shoppers Want Human Interaction

Self-checkout might be growing in popularity, but 40% of consumers still want human interaction while they shop, which means they prefer standard checkout lanes.

17. 20% Have Admitted to Stealing During Self-Checkout

One of the weak points with self-checkout is the ease of theft, and 20% of those surveyed have admitted to stealing during the self-checkout process.

18. Theft on the Rise From Self-Checkout Increases Grocery Prices

Since it’s so easy to steal during the self-checkout process, theft is on the rise, and those losses are passed down to the consumer with grocery prices rising by $435 because of it!

19. Only 3% Haven’t & Wouldn’t Use Self-Checkout

What’s an interesting trend in the self-checkout market is that only 3% of consumers have not used self-checkout and have no interest in doing so.

Therefore, we can assume that self-checkout technology is going to exist in even more stores as stores try to remain competitive and give a majority of customers the options they want.

20. Shoppers Anticipate Using Self-Checkout More In the Next Year

It doesn’t seem like self-checkout is a fad or trend that will die out since 34.1% of those surveyed anticipate increasing their self-checkout usage in a major way in the next 12 months.

Also, we expect that this number will only grow in the coming months as more people get comfortable with using the machines and find them more readily available in more stores.

21. 87% Of Shoppers Used Self-Checkout During COVID Pandemic

The COVID pandemic changed how people lived their lives including the fact that more than 87% of shoppers chose to use self-checkout during this time than regular human checkout lanes.

22. Females & Males Used Self-Checkout Nearly The Same

Both males and females were nearly equal in using self-checkout with 47% of female shoppers using it regularly and 46% of males being into self-checkout regularly. Furthermore, it shows that self-checkout is growing in popularity with all types of consumers, whether you’re a single mom or a busy bachelor.

23. 14% Think Self-Checkout Kiosks Are Hard To Use

An interesting fact about self-checkout is that 14% of people believe self-checkout kiosks are difficult to use, which could be due to a lack of understanding of the technology.

What Percentage Of People Steal From Self-Checkout?

A study conducted by Voucher Code Pro found that 20% of people had admitted to stealing from the self-checkout lines.

However, since this was a user-reported survey, we can only assume that it’s higher than 20%, although it’s unknown how much theft actually happens in self-checkout.

What Is The Economic Impact Of Self-Checkout?

The economic impact of self-checkout is fairly moderate since an employer will get out of paying employee wages, healthcare, and dealing with safety regulations.

However, the costs to set up a self-checkout kiosk can be well over $100,00 so it’s not initially cheaper than hiring an employee to run the checkout lane.

Are Self-Checkouts More Efficient?

Self-checkouts are more efficient than normal checkout lanes since you can fit more self-checkout kiosks in one location as they take up much less space.

Furthermore, more customers can fit in the self-checkout kiosk area compared to if it was a normal checkout.

For example, you can fit at least 4 self-checkout kiosks in an area where only 1 regular checkout lane could exist, so it’s quicker and better for smaller store locations.

Is Self-Checkout Killing Jobs?

A report has shown that self-checkout is not killing jobs, and in fact, the number of cashiers has steadily risen over the past decade.

Additionally, self-checkout stations still need at least one cashier to deal with customers, whether it’s price checks, clearing or voiding items, or watching for theft.

How Much Does A Self-Checkout Machine Cost?

A self-checkout machine costs between $100,000 to $125,000 on average, which is just the setup of the machine itself.

In addition, you have to also pay for the integration of the self-checkout machine to the technology already in use at the store, software, system upgrades, and maintenance.

Therefore, the costs for a self-checkout machine can easily top $200,000 when you account for all of the other associated costs of operating, running, and maintaining the machines.

Can You Self-Checkout With Cash?

Self-checkout machines can take multiple forms of payment depending on the store, but all self-checkout machines take cash unless the cash receptacle is malfunctioning or broken.

Furthermore, you can swipe your debit or credit card at self-checkout stations, use gift cards, EBT cards, and even Google Pay or Apple Pay and similar contactless methods of payment.

However, the types of payment options available depend on the store you’re at and whether the store has integrated the newest technology to allow for more advanced methods of payment.

Does Self-Checkout Take 50 Dollar Bills?

Self-checkout machines are designed to take a range of dollar bills from $1 bills to $100 bills, so putting a $50 bill into a self-checkout machine is perfectly fine.


Some of the most interesting self-checkout statistics are that 85% of people feel self-checkout is quicker than traditional checkout, and self-checkout is popular with parents.

Additionally, 67% of people enjoy self–checkout because of its speediness, although 67% of people have had a self-checkout kiosk malfunction.

However, 40% of shoppers still enjoy human interaction when shopping and only 3% of shoppers would never consider using a self-checkout.

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