Sephora Shoplifting Policy (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

Often Sephora displays irresistible makeup products that overwhelm one’s sensibilities. Unfortunately, most of these makeup items have steep prices, and one can easily be tempted to take one.

But what happens if you are caught stealing at Sephora stores? Does the beauty brand have a shoplifting policy? Keep reading and get informed!

What Is Sephora’s Shoplifting Policy in [currentyear]?

Sephora investigates shoplifters immediately after an employee raises the alarm. Typically, the acronym “NORA” is used to identify a potential shoplifter in [currentyear]. Moreover, the store has loss prevention employees and security officers who deter and detain suspect shoplifters. Depending on the case at hand, Sephora can prosecute shoplifters. In some instances, Sephora will ban suspected shoplifters from its premises.

Keep reading for more information on whether Sephora prosecutes shoplifters, if you can get caught stealing at Sephora, what happens if you get caught, and much more!

Does Sephora Prosecute Shoplifters?

Undoubtedly, Sephora prosecutes shoplifters. Sephora works closely with the state’s police officers to press charges against persons caught committing larceny against the stores.

In such a case, Sephora employees might detain you as they wait for the police to come and officially arrest you.

Nonetheless, it’s good to note that Sephora employees cannot detain a suspected shoplifter unless they’re 100% sure they took an item from the store.

Moreover, Sephora will prosecute only when there is indisputable shoplifting evidence.

Can You Get Caught Stealing at Sephora?

It is easy to get caught stealing at Sephora, as the stores have numerous security personnel wearing plain clothes and blending with typical shoppers.

Sephora’s security teams work in the background, and it’s impossible to differentiate them from other ordinary shoppers.

Usually, the security team is looking for shoppers depicting the following behaviors:

  • Taking unpaid makeup items and placing them in a personal bag.
  • Grabbing numerous identical makeup products or large amounts of beauty products.
  • Purchasing a shopping bag inside a Sephora store and putting cosmetics inside that haven’t been paid for.
  • Coming with a shopping bag inside the store and placing items inside that haven’t been paid for.
  • Looking, pacing, or loitering around nervously.

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting at Sephora?

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting at Sephora?

If you’re caught shoplifting at Sephora, you will be taken to a back room inside the store, where the staff will interrogate you and demand you give back the item you took.

The interrogation process can involve several questions, including whether you have shoplifted from the store in the past.

Depending on the outcome of the interrogation, the security officers may call a police officer to write a citation.

The police can officially take the shoplifting suspect into custody in such a case.

Afterward, they will be charged with petit larceny and given a desk appearance. Depending on the case, the suspect can be arraigned in court.

In cases where Sephora doesn’t charge the shoplifter, the security officers will ask the suspect to provide their details: birthday and name.

They will also take your photo and note other identifying details such as hair color and height.

Afterward, the suspect will be officially banned from shopping at a Sephora store in the future.

It is good to note that when one gets banned at Sephora due to shoplifting, Sephora files a report with the police.

Consequently, in case you’re caught again trying to shoplift, the officer in charge will be able to see there was a similar previous incident.

In such a case, you might not be judged as a first-time offender.

How Do Sephora Employees Identify a Potential Shoplifter?

The moment a Sephora employee spots a suspicious shoplifter, they use the special code word “NORA,” an acronym for “Need Officer Right Away.”

Immediately, an employee uses the code word, and a security officer is deployed to investigate the situation.

Note that Sephora employees aren’t supposed to address a shoplifting case before an officer gets on the scene.

This policy protects the employee and other shoppers in case the situation escalates.

How Does Sephora Deter Shoplifters?

Sephora uses the following mechanisms to discourage shoplifting in the brand’s brick-and-mortar stores:

  • Employing loss prevention staff to keep an eye on the customers.
  • Hiring trained security personnel officers to watch over customers physically and through closed-circuit television in the back of the store.
  • Installing high-resolution cameras to assist in monitoring employees’ and customers’ behaviors.
  • Designing a store layout that will make it hard for a shoplifter to stay hidden.
  • Having adequate security personnel to take immediate action in a suspected shoplifting case.

Does Sephora Have Loss Prevention?

Sephora has a loss prevention investigator. Here are some responsibilities of Sephora’s loss prevention investigator related to shoplifting:

  • Conduct effective surveillance in person or use a CCTV camera to deter or apprehend shoplifters.
  • Prepare and complete reports related to theft in the store.
  • Testify in court on behalf of Sephora if summoned.
  • Investigate theft cases occurring in Sephora stores.

Can You Be Charged With Shoplifting After Leaving a Sephora Store?

Shoplifters can be charged after leaving a Sephora store.

Because one can only prove a shoplifting case if they provide evidence that the suspect fled with an item without paying, a charge is completed once the accused leaves the store.

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Conclusively, Sephora takes shoplifting cases seriously and can press charges if there is solid evidence. In other instances, Sephora can ban suspected shoplifters from shopping at Sephora stores.

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