T-Mobile Dumb Phone (Does T-Mobile Have Them, Types + More)

Have you been looking into getting a dumb phone for someone in your life and want to know whether T-Mobile offers a dumb phone?

If so, keep reading because we’ve been researching T-Mobile dumb phone options and will tell you whether the company has them and what types are available below!

T-Mobile Dumb Phone In 2024

T-Mobile does offer a few different dumb phones for customers that want a basic phone without all of the bells and whistles of normal smartphones in 2024. These phones sometimes will cost less than a traditional smartphone and make the perfect choice for any child or older adult that isn’t familiar with the newest technology.

Do you want to know additional details about the T-Mobile dumb phones, such as what features come with them? Well, we have more information to share with you, so don’t stop reading yet!

What Types Of Dumb Phones Does T-Mobile Have?

When you look on the T-Mobile website, you can see there are four different types of dumb phones available that you can choose from.

For example, there is the Cat S22 Flip, Sonim XP3 Plus Non-Camera flip phone, Sonim XP3 Plus flip phone with a camera, and the Schok Flip phone.

In addition, there are likely other dumb phones that would be compatible with the T-Mobile network if you purchased them from another source, but you’d have to verify compatibility.

What Features Come With T-Mobile Dumb Phones?

The good thing about the T-Mobile dumb phones is that they don’t come with many features, making them great for the less-than-tech-savvy older population.

To illustrate, these are old-school flip phones, so most of them are not touch-screen smartphones, and it’s much harder to call someone on a flip phone accidentally.

Furthermore, the T-Mobile dumb phones come with smaller memory and are either 8 GB or 16 GB, and have other features, including:

  • Eight to 15 hours of talk time
  • Internal data and storage
  • 8-inch to 3.2-inch screen
  • 5mm headphone jack
  • 2,000 to 2,300 mAh battery
  • USB Type-C port
  • Qualcomm Quad-Core processor
  • 4G LTE technology
  • Programmable buttons
  • Larger buttons
  • Louder volume for the hearing-impaired
  • 5MP or 8MP camera (unless you choose the phone without a camera)
  • Great audio speakers
  • Ability to talk and text
  • The Cat S22 Flip is waterproof in up to five feet of water and can be in the water for 35 minutes
  • Either have Android GO or another lite operating system
  • Other features and specs vary depending on which T-Mobile dumb phone you choose

However, regardless of which T-Mobile dumb phone you choose, you will have a basic phone without the complicated features and settings found on regular smartphones.

How Much Does A T-Mobile Dumb Phone Cost?

How Much Does A T-Mobile Dumb Phone Cost?

The price for a T-Mobile dumb phone can vary depending on whether you want to get onto a payment plan, pay for the device upfront in full, and which device you choose.

For example, the Schok Flip phone is the least expensive, with a total price tag of $96, and you can pay as little as $4 per month for this phone.

When you look at the Sonim XP3 Plus phone, it’s going to cost you $210, but you can pay as little as $8.75 per month, with the non-camera version being the same price.

How Can I Purchase A T-Mobile Dumb Phone?

You can purchase the T-Mobile dumb phone just as you would a normal smartphone through T-Mobile, which means paying for it all in full or getting into a device payment agreement.

Also, a dumb phone is added to your account similarly, and you can even check your eligibility for transferring your number from another carrier when you purchase the dumb phone.

Why Would I Purchase A T-Mobile Dumb Phone?

There are several reasons you would want to purchase a dumb phone over a regular one, including the fact that they have very little Internet capabilities.

In addition, dumb phones are perfect for older people who don’t have tech knowledge and don’t know how to operate a traditional smartphone.

Beyond that, dumb phones don’t have a full keyboard and run on T9 keys or multi-tapping, but dumb phones are also great because of the following:

  • You don’t need a data plan which adds extra cost to your phone bill
  • Simple games that don’t take up space
  • Mainly used just for making calls but has the ability to text
  • Cheaper to own
  • Cheaper to operate
  • It has basic MP3 features
  • Can maintain a battery charge for days or even a couple of weeks at a time
  • More secure than a traditional smartphone
  • Perfect for young kids whose parents don’t want to surf the Internet
  • Cannot download apps onto the phone or get onto social media

Also, dumb phones are best for people who only want a phone in an emergency or don’t want to be constantly connected to the world, such as through social media.

Can T-Mobile Dumb Phones Be Tracked?

Some dumb phones have GPS-tracking capabilities, but often it has to be enabled either on the device or through the carrier.

Therefore, you won’t have the same tracking abilities as you do with smartphones such as Find My iPhone since it doesn’t have the same Internet capabilities.

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T-Mobile offers a few different dumb phones, including the Sonim XP3 Plus non-camera flip phone or the camera version.

Furthermore, the Cat S22 Flip or Schok Flip are available for purchase at T-Mobile, and these phones range between $96 to $210 full price, but monthly payments are $4 to $8.75 per month.

Also, these dumb phones are perfect for kids or seniors since they don’t have Internet connectivity but allow you to text or call, and the battery can last up to two weeks or more!

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