T-Mobile Military Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways to Save)

If you’re a member of the military and are considering joining T-Mobile, you might want to know if the company offers a military discount.

Well, I have found the answer to this question, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered while researching this important topic!

Does T-Mobile Offer a Military Discount in 2024

T-Mobile does offer a military discount for veterans and those on active duty in 2024. You can save 50% off the Magenta and Magenta Max Unlimited plans, although you have to sign up for the plans to get the discount. Additionally, you’ll have access to 5G included for free, and the prices will not go up.

Do you want to know more specifics about the T-Mobile military discount, such as how you can sign up? If so, keep reading as I get into the details and answer all of your questions!

Does T-Mobile Offer a Military Discount?

T-Mobile will offer a military discount to any veteran or active duty military member.

As well, the discount is eligible for the family if they’re included on the account with the military member.

Furthermore, with the T-Mobile military discount, you will save 50% off the Magenta Military or Magenta Max Military plan and will have the price locked in permanently.

However, the cost for the Magenta Military or Magenta Max Military plan will depend on the number of lines you have, such as $25 or $35 for 4 lines if you have AutoPay set up.

Who Qualifies for the T-Mobile Military Discount?

Any active-duty military member, veteran, Gold Star family, National Guard, or Reserve military member will qualify for the T-Mobile military discount.

Additionally, any small business that is owned by a military member will also qualify for savings.

How Many Lines Can I Have On My T-Mobile Military Plan?

If you’re on the T-Mobile military plan, you can have 12 voice lines on your account.

Fortunately, this means that family and friends can be on your account for even more savings!

How Do I Verify My T-Mobile Military Service?

How Do I Verify My T-Mobile Military Service?

If you’d like to get the T-Mobile military discount, you’ll have 45 days from when you sign up for the Magenta Military or Magenta Max Military plan to submit military verification for the discount.

To verify the status, you can go to the T-Mobile app or website and log in to your account, and then follow the steps below:

  1. Select “Profile”
  2. Click on “More”
  3. Select “Profile Settings”
  4. Choose “Military Verification”
  5. Enter your military status and information on the form
  6. Select “Submit”

Note that you might be asked to send in additional documents to verify your eligibility, and you’ll be notified if more documents need to be uploaded.

However, if you don’t need to submit more documentation, then your verification will show as being complete and you’ll receive a confirmation of this within 48 hours.

(You can also go to a T-Mobile store and get assistance with the verification process.)

Does Magenta Military Include Netflix?

Magenta Military does include Netflix, but the subscription will depend on which Magenta plan you choose.

For example, with Magenta Military, you’ll have 1 screen in standard definition, whereas with Magenta Military Max, you will have 2 screens in high-definition.

How Can I Save Money On My T-Mobile Bill?

Whether you have the T-Mobile military discount, there are other ways you can save money on your T-Mobile bill. Let’s review these options in further detail:

Stop Phone Insurance

One way you can save money on your T-Mobile bill is to avoid purchasing phone insurance because it will cost you more money than it’s worth.

To illustrate, if you pay $7 per month for your insurance on a phone that’s only worth $200, then you’re paying almost $100 a year on a phone worth just $200.

Therefore, unless you have an expensive phone or are prone to breaking sensitive items, phone insurance is often an unnecessary expense.

Set up AutoPay

With T-Mobile, you can save money by setting up AutoPay and choosing paperless billing, which can save you $5 to $10 per month.

Add Lines to Your Account

You can save money on your T-Mobile bill by adding more lines to your account.

So, if you have only one line on T-Mobile try, to add family or friends to get to 3 or 4 lines to save more money.

Ask About Other Promotions

You can call T-Mobile customer service and ask about other promotions that might be going on that you qualify for that you may not know about.

For example, if you’re a member of AAA, there might be a special discount, or maybe a discount is offered through your employer that you’re unaware of.

In addition, discounts for paying your bill on time or other special offers could exist.

Therefore, always call and ask to see what promotions or discounts are being offered at that time.

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T-Mobile offers a military discount, allowing you to save 50% on Magenta or Magenta Max Unlimited. The military discount is for active duty, veterans, reserve, and even Gold Star families, but you may need to submit additional documentation to verify your eligibility.

Nevertheless, even without the military discount, you can save money on your T-Mobile bill by setting up AutoPay, removing phone insurance, and adding lines to your account.

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