T-Mobile Unlock Policy (How to Unlock, Before 60 Days + Policy Explained)

If T-Mobile is your wireless carrier, but you want a change, you may want to know about the company’s unlock policy so you can switch providers.

Well, I have been looking into this topic and have found a lot of information, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

What Is T-Mobile’s Unlock Policy?

In most cases, T-Mobile’s unlock process is automatic and done after your postpaid device has been active on the T-Mobile network for 40 days. Additionally, the device must have been sold by T-Mobile, with the account in good standing, and the device cannot be reported as lost or stolen in 2024.

Are you looking for even more information about the T-Mobile unlock policy, like whether you can unlock before 60 days? If so, continue reading to find out that answer and much more!

What Is T-Mobile’s Unlock Policy?

There are general T-Mobile unlock policy guidelines that you must meet regardless of whether you have a postpaid or prepaid T-Mobile plan, such as the following:

  • The device must have been sold by T-Mobile
  • The device must fulfill the postpaid or prepaid unlock requirements
  • The device cannot be reported as stolen, blocked, or lost
  • The account must remain in good standing

Additionally, for all postpaid plans, there are specific requirements you must meet before the device can be unlocked, including:

  • Your device must be on the T-Mobile network and active for 40 days
  • Payments for the device must be made on time and it needs to be paid in full
  • If the account that the phone was on was canceled, then it must be paid off

Also, prepaid plans have their own requirements for a device unlock to occur, which include the following:

  • The device must be active on the T-Mobile network for 365 days or have more than $100 in refills and be over 14 days since it was purchased
  • Only two device unlocks can occur per line within the last 12 months

Can You Unlock T-Mobile Phones?

In most cases, the T-Mobile phone unlock process is done automatically after you’ve satisfied all the requirements of either the postpaid or prepaid device unlock policy.

However, certain devices cannot be remotely unlocked by T-Mobile, and when this happens, you’ll get a notification within 2 business days of the device’s eligibility to be unlocked.

The notification will tell you the steps you need to take if you want your device to be unlocked, but otherwise, you can’t unlock your T-Mobile phone yourself.

Does T-Mobile Unlock Phones Before 60 Days?

Does T-Mobile Unlock Phones Before 60 Days?

The T-Mobile unlock policy states that phones are unlocked before 60 days, since you only need to have your phone active on the T-Mobile network for 40 days if on a postpaid plan.

However, your prepaid phone won’t be unlocked within 60 days, unless you’ve put $100 worth of refills in the phone and it’s been active for 14 days.

How Long Does It Take T-Mobile to Unlock a Phone?

Once your phone is eligible to be unlocked by T-Mobile, it will automatically unlock within 2 business days after the date of eligibility.

That being said, some devices can’t be automatically unlocked by T-Mobile remotely, and if this happens, you’ll receive a notification telling you the steps to take to unlock your device.

Can You Check T-Mobile Unlock Eligibility?

You can check whether your T-Mobile phone is eligible to be unlocked from your T-Mobile account online by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account through the website
  2. Go to “Accounts”
  3. Select your line
  4. Select “Check Device Unlock Status”
  5. You will need to look under the image of the device and it’ll tell you whether it can be unlocked

Are There Exceptions to T-Mobile’s Unlock Policy?

There are exceptions to the T-Mobile unlock policy, such as military personnel that has been deployed outside of T-Mobile’s coverage area, and other situations.

However, you will need to have an account in good standing, and if you’re being deployed, you’ll need to submit paperwork verifying your deployment to T-Mobile.

Therefore, you will need to contact T-Mobile if you have been deployed and need a device unlocked, or have another situation that would require you to have your device unlocked early.

How Much Does T-Mobile Charge to Unlock a Phone?

T-Mobile does not charge customers to unlock their devices, even if you’ve asked for more than one device unlock on your account.

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The T-Mobile unlock policy states that postpaid devices will be automatically and remotely unlocked after 40 days if all requirements are met, such as the device being paid off.

However, if you have a prepaid plan, then you’ll have to wait 365 days after the device has been activated on the network, unless you’ve spent more than $100 on refills. Also, there is no fee for a device unlock.

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