Verizon Router Yellow Light (Why Is It Yellow + 5 Steps To Fix)

If you have Verizon Fios, you might have noticed that the router has several different light colors that light up, and these colors all mean certain things, but do you know about the yellow light?

Have you noticed the Verizon router yellow light and wondered: what is the Verizon router yellow light? Well, keep reading below to learn what I’ve discovered about this topic!

Verizon Router Yellow Light In 2024

The Verizon router yellow light can appear as a blinking light or solid yellow light. A solid yellow light appears when there is no internet connection, and it’s a common problem for the Fios router in 2024. There are several solutions to this problem, such as rebooting your router and performing a reset of the router.

Do you want to know more about the Verizon router yellow light, such as the best methods you can try to fix the issue? If so, continue reading below to find out!

Why Is My Verizon Router Showing Yellow Light?

When you see a solid yellow light on your Verizon router, it’s telling you that there is no internet connection, which can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the following:

  • A bad connection or unplugged cable/wire
  • Overheating
  • Outdated firmware or software
  • Unpaid bill
  • Verizon outage

Similarly, you might also see a blinking yellow light on your router, which will happen only if you have an extender.

When the router is blinking yellow quickly, it tells you that you have great signal strength between the router and extender.

Likewise, a slow blink indicates a poorer signal with the extender.

How Do I Fix the Yellow Light on My Fios Router?

Since the yellow light indicates no internet connection, it could take some trial and error to fix the solid yellow light on your Fios router depending on the specific cause.

However, the following tips should enable you to fix your router and get that yellow light off and back to solid white as it should be:

1. Visually Inspect Your Ethernet Cable

First, you want to check the ethernet cable, since it plugs into your router and gives you your internet signal by following these steps:

  • Look on the back of your router, and you’ll see two ethernet cables plugged in
  • Wiggle the cables to see if they’re loose, and gently try to push the cables in further
  • If the cables are secure already, look closely at the cables to see if they are damaged, such as holes, frays, exposed wires, or chew marks

Additionally, the cable can loosen over time just from normal usage.

However, it can also be knocked loose when you’re cleaning, or if you have animals or kids, so it’s always best to check it first.

2. Reboot Your Router

Unplug your router and the battery backup. Wait two minutes, and plug everything back in, which will usually solve the yellow light issue.

3. Reboot the Ethernet

If a router reboot didn’t help, you can reboot your ethernet by unplugging it, unplugging the router, and waiting two minutes.

After the two minutes are up, plug the router back in, and then plug your ethernet cable back in.

4. Router Reset

4. Router Reset Verizon

You can reset your router if the above two methods didn’t help, which you can choose to do as a soft reset or a hard reset.

However, before you do a hard reset, you should locate your password, as that’ll be required since it clears all network settings.

Therefore, perform a soft reset first by holding down the reset button on the back of the router for three seconds, and see if that helps.

If not, hold it down for 20 seconds for a hard reset.

5. Shutdown the Router and Let it Cool

If the router is hot to the touch, the yellow light could indicate overheating, which can cause the internet connection to become unstable or not work at all.

To let your router cool down, you should unplug it, inspect it for dust or debris that could be blocking the vents, and keep it unplugged for 10 to 60 minutes.

You should not plug the router back in until it’s cooled down completely, and this should solve the issue if the above methods didn’t work.

Additionally, ensure nothing is blocking the router, it’s in the upright position, and that it’s not near the wall, which could all contribute to overheating.

Lastly, if none of the above methods worked, then you should contact Verizon Customer Service to either guide you through additional steps or have them send out a technician for assistance.

What Color Should the Light Be on My Verizon Router?

Your Verizon router should be lighting up solid white, which means that the router is running normally and there are no errors with the connection.

Similarly, you’ll notice that the white light is blinking quickly when you first begin the reboot process, which is perfectly normal and part of the startup process.

How Often Should You Replace Your Verizon Router?

You should replace your Verizon router every five years, if not every few years, depending on the number of devices you have connected to the internet.

Also, since technology continues to advance at quick rates, the sooner you replace your router, the better your internet service will be and you’ll have quicker speeds.

Therefore, if you’ve noticed any reduction in speed or signal strength, or you have connection issues regularly, it would be a good idea to go ahead and get a replacement.

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Verizon router yellow light happens when there is no internet connection, which is typically caused by an issue with the ethernet cable.

However, other issues could cause the yellow light, including the router overheating, outdated software, or an unpaid bill leading to disconnection of service.

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