What Are Facebook Reels? (Your Full Guide)

Facebook has implemented many new features over the years. Originally, this platform only allowed text; however, since the site’s inception, videos and pictures have been added. 

Still, Facebook is continuing to add more types of content to drive views and engagement. For instance, Facebook recently released reels. To find out what these are, keep reading!

What Are Facebook Reels In 2024?

Facebook reels are extremely short videos that can be created by anyone in 2024. However, they are largely made by content creators and companies, as they represent a very engaging form of media. Therefore, these reels provide an easy way for companies to advertise. Of course, these reels were likely added to help Facebook compete with Tik Tok. 

Let’s take a look at how these reels are monetized, as well as how you can avoid them. 

What is the Point of Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels allow users to create short videos to reach new audiences and grow their followers. Additionally, these videos often include audio and music. 

Currently, Facebook is pushing its reels substantially, as it is trying to increase the number of reels on its platform. 

Likely, this is to allow the company to compete with other short video-sharing platforms out there. 

Therefore, posting reels is probably a good idea if you want to increase engagement. 

This is because Facebook views reels as very engaging content, which means that it’s more likely to appear on newsfeeds. 

Does Facebook Reels Pay You?

You can earn money via Facebook reels using Reels Play.

Furthermore, this program is newer and works across Facebook and Instagram. 

Additionally, if your reels get at least 1000 views over a 30-day period, then you may be eligible to make money off of them. 

However, you must meet the company’s monetization policies and own the content you’ve posted. 

Also, this program is invite-only so you cannot ask to be monetized; the company decides when you have enough followers and views to be monetized. 

Therefore, usually, only the top creators are monetized on Facebook. 

Additionally, if you use both Facebook and Instagram, then you will earn money for views seen on both. 

How Do You Watch Reels on Facebook?

You can watch Facebook reels exclusively if you want to, as opposed to just scrolling through your feed. 

Typically, you can also continue to watch suggested videos if you are already watching a  reel. 

However, you can also go straight to reels by clicking “more” in the bottom corner of the Facebook app. 

From there, you can tap “Reels,” which will take you to a reel. As you watch, swipe up to view more. 

Then, the company will continue to show you reels that it thinks you’ll be interested in. 

Usually, these reels are those from people you follow or pages you like. 

However, if the company runs out of these reels, it will show you reels by similar people or simply popular reels that the algorithm believes you’ll like. 

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Reels?

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Reels?

You cannot determine who has viewed your reels on Facebook. However, you can see a list of people that have liked your reels, which may give you an idea of who is seeing them. 

Furthermore, tracking metrics on your Facebook reel requires you to have a business or creator account.

Therefore, if you have a regular Facebook account, this option isn’t available, however, you can still see the total number of likes and comments on your profile. 

Who Can See My Facebook Reels?

While Facebook is a bit more private than other user accounts, reels tend to be a bit more public. 

However, you can still set your reels to “friends only” or “friends-of-friends.” In this way, Facebook provides you with complete control over your privacy levels. 

Additionally, you can set your reels to public if you choose. In this case, your reels may show up to just about anyone through the reel screen. 

Although you’ll need high engagement and relevance for your reels to randomly appear as a suggested option to people you don’t know. 

Furthermore, we recommend setting a default audience for all your reels so that you don’t have to set it each time.

Also, no matter your default, you can change the audience of each reel individually. Therefore, if you want one particular reel to be available to only your friends, you can set this. 

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Reels?

Since it was implemented, not everyone has been pleased with Facebook reels. 

Sadly, there is no way to completely remove reels from Facebook, however, you can adjust settings so that they don’t play automatically. 

Furthermore, to do this on the Facebook site, you should start by navigating to settings. To do so, click your picture in the top corner. Then, click settings and privacy.

From there, you’ll want to click the settings option. 

Next, scroll down a decent way and click Videos. An Autoplay option should be available from this panel and usually, it will be in the on position so just click it to turn autoplay off. 

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Facebook reels were added to help the company compete with Tik Tok. Therefore, they are very similar to the media utilized on Tik Tok – very short videos. Furthermore, often, music and sound effects are added to these videos. 

Additionally, although many people like the new reel system, others do not. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to completely remove Facebook reels from your feed. Therefore the only thing you can do about them is turn off the autoplay mode so you don’t have to watch them.

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