What Is a FedEx Onsite? (All You Need to Know)

You know the feeling- you’ve got a package to drop off but you can’t figure out where you’ll find a time to get to a FedEx location to take care of it. It’s frustrating and anxiety-inducing to say the least.

Thankfully, though, FedEx has developed a solution for all of the busy shippers out there. It’s called OnSite and it’s a collaboration between FedEx and retailers like Walgreens, Dollar General, and Albertson’s. Keep reading to learn more about it!

What Is a FedEx Onsite in [currentyear]?

FedEx OnSite is a network of retail locations that offer FedEx pick-up and drop-off services in [currentyear]. These locations can also hold packages for up to 5 business days. More than 7,500 Walgreens locations are part of the Onsite program. FedEx Onsite can also be found in select Dollar General stores, Albertson’s, and Kroger grocery stores.

If you’re interested in learning more about FedEx Onsite locations and how they work, then make sure you finish this article for more facts!

What Is FedEx OnSite?

FedEx Onsite is a network of retail locations that offer select FedEx services. Some of these services include:

  • Package pick up and drop off
  • Package redirection
  • Package returns
  • Package holding (up to 5 business days)

Where Are FedEx OnSites Located?

FedEx Onsite locations can be found in more than 7,500 Walgreens locations in all 50 states.

They can also be found in select Dollar General stores and in grocery stores like Albertson’s, Kroger, Shaw’s, and Star Market.

How Do I Find a FedEx OnSite Near Me?

To find participating FedEx OnSite locations near you, head to the FedEx locator page. Here, you can either enter your ZIP code or your town and state to see a list of locations.

In addition to giving you the name and address of the store, you’ll also be able to see store hours, get directions, and see which in-store services are available.

How Many FedEx OnSite Locations Are There?

As of 2017, there were more than 7,500 FedEx Onsite locations at Walgreens.

This number has undoubtedly increased as FedEx has added more locations over the years. However, the company hasn’t published those figures.

That being said, at least 80% of the US population lives within 9 minutes of a FedEx OnSite location, a figure that speaks to the massive number of locations that are out there.

How Do FedEx OnSite Locations Work?

How Do FedEx OnSite Locations Work?

If you’re familiar with dropping off and picking up packages from a FedEx Office location or a FedEx Ship Center, then you already know how to use FedEx OnSite.

Participating locations will usually have a FedEx-branded sign in the window letting you know that you can take care of your FedEx business there.

Inside the store, you should find a FedEx sign directing you to the area of the store allocated for FedEx services. If not, ask an associate or head to the customer service desk.

Once you’re in the right spot, you can either drop off or pick up a package.

If you’d like a package to be redirected to an OnSite location, then you need to create a  FedEx Delivery Manager profile.

Using this tool, you can change package delivery from your home to a participating OnSite location.

When your package arrives, you’ll receive a notification via email or text message. You can then retrieve your package at your convenience.

Which Shipping Services Are Offered at FedEx OnSite?

FedEx OnSite locations accept most FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages. International packages are also accepted as long as the package has a US-originated address.

Which Items Aren’t Allowed at FedEx OnSite Locations?

While OnSite locations accept packages from a number of different services, you can’t ship dangerous goods or hazardous materials there.

Similarly, packages that are unsecured or that need to be packed will not be accepted.

If your shipment fits into either of these categories, you should bring it to a staffed location, such as a FedEx Ship Center.

Can I Return a Package to a FedEx OnSite Location?

FedEx OnSite locations accept package returns.

Here, you can return packages that already have a printed prepaid return label.

Additionally, you can have the location print a label from a QR code or barcode given to you by the company you’re returning the package to.

If you choose to have the location print the label for you, make sure you choose a location that offers on-site label printing.

This will be listed in the available services when you search for OnSite locations near you.

Does FedEx OnSite Have Boxes or Envelopes?

Most FedEx OnSite locations don’t have shipping supplies like boxes or envelopes.

While these locations take care of basic FedEx services like package pick up, drop off, and holds, they are not full-service locations.

Therefore, packages must be dropped off “ready to ship” with the package fully closed and in good condition.

If you need shipping supplies or help packing items, you should visit a participating FedEx Authorized ShipCenter or a FedEx Office Location.

Is There a Fee for Using FedEx OnSite?

There is no additional fee for using FedEx Onsite. Treat these locations as you would any FedEx Office or FedEx Ship Center.

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FedEx OnSite is just one more way FedEx is leading the shipping industry in speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Where once you might have had to drive all the way to a FedEx Office location to pick up or drop off your package, now you can take care of the most basic shipping services where you pick up your prescriptions or do your grocery shopping.

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