What Is Costco Auto Program? (All You Need To Know)

Buying a car is an exciting experience, but it can also be quite intimidating if you have to get it from a dealership.

Costco has an Auto Program in place to connect its members with participating dealerships to make the car buying process more manageable. So how exactly does this program work? Here’s all you need to know!

What Is Costco Auto Program In [currentyear]?

The Costco Auto Program is available for members only and enables them to get pre-arranged pricing and discounts. Customers can choose from various vehicles and get more information about limited-time specials. Costco connects its customers with more than 3,000 approved dealers across the country.

Read on to learn more about the Costco Auto Program, how it works, who can use it, and its services!

How Does The Costco Auto Program Work?

Unlike the traditional car-buying system where you have to meet with the sales representatives and negotiate prices, the Costco Auto Program gets you low, prearranged pricing from authorized dealers.

Moreover, dealerships on the Costco Auto Program are vetted against strict requirements to meet members’ expectations.

Therefore, if you want to utilize Costco’s Auto Program, here are the steps you should follow:


To begin your search, you need to go to “Vehicle Research” and look for new car models depending on your preference.

Moreover, you should also compare the specs, read reviews and view photos. In addition, you can check the safety information and review manufacturer incentives.

Locate A Dealer

Once you have spotted a car you like, locate a participating dealer close to you.

That said, this dealer will contact you after you submit your request and schedule an appointment at the dealership.

On the other hand, Costco can provide you with the dealer’s information if you prefer to connect with them on your own time.

Visit The Dealer

Visit the authorized dealer to select the new vehicle. Fortunately, you don’t have to negotiate the price.

Further, Costco has a member-only price sheet with exclusive prearranged prices for your chosen car.

What Can You Get From The Costco Auto Program?

What Can You Get From The Costco Auto Program?

If you are a Costco member, here’s what you can get from the Auto Program:

New Vehicles

Customers that prefer to buy new cars can save money by using the Costco Auto Program to purchase or lease a new truck, car, or SUV via authorized dealers.

Also, you can search for new cars by selecting the year, make, and model.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

If you want to save money by getting a cheaper car, you can buy a pre-owned vehicle.

As previously mentioned, the Costco Auto Program will connect you with an approved pre-owned vehicle dealer.


If you are in the RV business, you can buy one via the Costco Auto Program. For recreational vehicles, the same rules apply.

That said, Costco prearranges all the prices, there is a member-only price sheet, and you’ll have access to specially trained authorized dealers.

Parts & Service Discount

Costco members also receive 15% off parts, accessories, and services. With that, visit “Parts & Service” to get these discounts, print the coupon, and take it to a participating service center.

Moreover, this discount only applies to work done at the Service Center; therefore, it can’t be used for oil changes, tire changes, or purchase of airbags.

Additionally, keep in mind that not all Costco Auto Program dealers offer this Parts & Service discount.

Therefore, to find out if your nearest location has this service, you can contact them via 800-458-1662 or send a request via the website.

Limited-Time Specials

Apart from the already negotiated car prices, you can also take advantage of the limited-time specials that include exclusive savings on select car models.

Where Does The Costco Auto Program Operate?

Costco has a network of more than 3,000 dealerships across the US and Puerto Rico that offer these services.

Is The Costco Auto Program Available To All Costco Customers?

To use the Costco Auto Program, you must be a member at the bulk warehouse retailer. That said, Costco has different types of membership plans, Gold Star, Executive, and Business.

Once you’ve registered to be a member, you can access these services and purchase a car at a discount.

What Are The Benefits Of The Costco Auto Program?

The Costco Auto Program comes in handy if you want to buy a car. Moreover, here are some of its advantages:

Prearranged Pricing

When shopping for a vehicle at the dealership, you have to negotiate and haggle the price. However, with the Costco Auto Program, you get a prearranged price.

Also, Costco offers already negotiated price and manufacturer incentives; therefore, you’ll spend less on the car. When buying the car, request the member-only price sheet to help you budget.

Approved Dealers

Costco connects you with more than 3,000 approved dealers, depending on your location. Therefore, you don’t have to look for the dealers and compare prices.

In addition, the dealers have been trained before they start working with Costco members to ensure that the buying experience is transparent.

Member Support

Your car buying experience with Costco Auto Program will be seamless because the program has Member Advocates to provide support.

Further, these Member Advocates answer questions and address any concerns so that you are comfortable with the buying decision.

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The Costco Auto Program is available for members only and enables them to get pre-arranged pricing and discounts throughout the year.

Also, customers can choose from various vehicles and get more information about limited-time specials. Moreover, Costco connects its customers with more than 3,000 approved dealers.

That said, the Costco Auto Program saves you money because Costco has already negotiated prices with the dealership.

In addition, the dealers are professionally trained to provide the best services.

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