What Is DHL Ecommerce? (All You Need to Know)

Whether you’re a small online startup or a large Ecommerce company, knowing where the best shipping deals are is difficult.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide about DHL’s Ecommerce service. By reading this article, you’ll learn who this service is designed to help, how long shipping takes, and what you can expect, so keep reading to learn more!

What Is DHL Ecommerce in [currentyear]?

DHL Ecommerce Solutions is a division of DHL responsible for domestic and international parcel delivery in [currentyear]. This tracked mail service aims to make cross-border shipping simple and affordable. This helps online sellers reach customers around the globe. Average transit time is 4 to 8 days, plus additional processing and transit time when the package reaches the destination country.

If you’re curious to find out whether DHL Ecommerce is right for you, then make sure you read this entire article for more useful facts!

What Is DHL Ecommerce?

DHL Ecommerce is an international-tracked mail service. It was created to help high-volume shippers (both small businesses and large Ecommerce companies) simplify their shipments.

In addition, this service aims to make cross-border shipping simple and affordable.

How Does DHL Ecommerce Work?

DHL Ecommerce offers services for high-volume domestic and international shippers. Services include pickups, deliveries, and returns.

By using the company’s free and easy-to-use portal, you can perform tasks like:

  • Pulling orders from your online marketplaces
  • Creating shipping labels
  • Tracking packages
  • Receiving email or SMS tracking notifications
  • Handling returns

Who Can Use DHL Ecommerce Shipping?

In order to qualify for DHL Ecommerce shipping, you must actively ship 200 pieces daily or 1,000 pieces weekly.

What’s more, each DHL pickup should total at least $200 in charges.

What Are the Pros and Cons of DHL Ecommerce?

Let’s look at what kinds of pros and cons DHL Ecommerce offers.

Some pros of DHL Ecommerce are as follows:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It offers excellent international shipping plans and tools
  • It has accurate package tracking
  • It can be used in conjunction with fulfillment services

In contrast, some cons of DHL Ecommerce are as follows:

  • Low-volume shippers aren’t qualified to use this service
  • Pricing isn’t transparent
  • Weekend shipping isn’t available in the United States

How Long Does It Take to Get DHL Ecommerce?

How Long Does It Take to Get DHL Ecommerce?

DHL Ecommerce usually delivers in 2 to 14 business days. However, the average delivery time is 4 to 8 days.

As well, there may be additional processing and transit time once the package reaches the destination country.

Such delays can occur due to local slow downs or because of a hold at the local customs office.

All of that said, online businesses with high sales volumes can take advantage of faster delivery with the DHL Fulfillment option.

With this service, businesses ship merchandise to a DHL fulfillment warehouse. There, products are stored until a customer orders something.

When an order is placed, DHL picks up the item and delivers it.

Why Does DHL Ecommerce Take So Long?

DHL Ecommerce packages can take a week or more to arrive, which is much slower than most shippers want to wait. ]

So, it’s worth asking – why does DHL Ecommerce take so long to deliver?

Well, one reason DHL Ecommerce shipping is slower is because it’s a lower priority service compared to Express. As a result, these packages take longer to arrive.

Another reason is that DHL Ecommerce does a lot of international shipping.

Things like customs delays, weather events, or public holidays in the destination country can all slow down deliveries.

Therefore, DHL advises recipients to contact the merchant or online shop they purchased from if they haven’t received their package within 10 days of the expected delivery time.

Is DHL Ecommerce in the USA?

DHL Ecommerce is available to business customers throughout North America (including the United States).

This service specializes in lightweight parcels (less than 5 lbs). It offers national coverage to every U.S. ZIP code, with final mile delivery carried out by USPS.

Domestic DHL Ecommerce offers three tiers of service:

  • Expedited Max: 2-3 day-definite service
  • Expedited: 2-5 day service
  • Ground: 3-8 day service

DHL domestic Ecommerce is an excellent choice for merchants needing a 3-day service for lightweight packages at an affordable price.

In addition, it offers greater flexibility than you might get with other express couriers.

When Does DHL Ecommerce Deliver?

In most countries, DHL’s Ecommerce service delivers Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

DHL does not typically deliver on Saturdays or Sundays in the United States, unless you make specific arrangements and are willing to pay the surcharge.

However, many countries in Europe deliver on Saturdays but not Sundays.

Further, DHL observes most bank and federal holidays, so plan for delivery delays during these times.

What’s the Difference Between DHL Ecommerce and DHL Express?

While DHL Express focuses on time-sensitive deliveries for all shippers, DHL Ecommerce offers cost-effective shipping for online merchants.

In other words, while DHL Express will make sure your package arrives the same day or the next business day, DHL Ecommerce can’t guarantee delivery by a certain date or time.

As well, another big difference between the two services is that you can register for DHL Express immediately. On the other hand, you have to be approved for DHL Ecommerce.

Does DHL Ecommerce Come With Tracking?

All DHL Ecommerce packages come with door-to-door tracking. Tracking numbers can range from 10 to 39 digits. 

You can track your package using the DHL website or one of the company’s online portals.

Alternatively, the merchant or online shop you purchased from will send you a link to track your shipment.

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If you’re an online retailer that does a decent amount of shipping, then DHL Ecommerce might be the perfect solution for you. Not only is this service affordable and easy to use, but it helps you reach more customers all over the world.

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