What Is LG Smartworld? (All You Need To Know) 

If you have recently purchased an LG smartphone, you may have noticed a preinstalled app called LG Smartworld. Therefore, you are probably wondering: what is LG Smartworld? 

If so, continue reading to find out this answer and more! 

What is LG Smartworld In 2024? 

LG Smartworld is an app alternative to the Google Play Store for LG Android smartphones in 2024. Moreover, this app gives you access to games, apps, themes, customization features, and more that are only available on the LG Smartworld app. Additionally, LG Smartworld is now available on LG Smart TVs. 

Read on if you are interested in learning about how LG Smartworld works, how to download LG Smartworld on your mobile device or Smart TV, and much more! 

What is LG Smartworld Mobile? 

LG Smartworld Mobile is an app for your LG phone or tablet. 

Additionally, LG Smartworld allows you to download many different apps that aren’t available to anyone other than LG users. 

Furthermore, with LG Smartworld you can download games and entertainment as well as themes, fonts, and more to customize your smartphone or tablet. 

What is LG Smartworld TV? 

LG Smartworld TV is the same as LG Smartworld mobile, but it is for your LG Smart TV. 

Therefore, you can download the same games and entertainment for your smartphone or tablet on your Smart TV. 

How do I Download the LG Smartworld App? 

Fortunately, you can download the LG Smartworld app in a couple of different ways. 

Moreover, you can download the LG Smartworld app on your mobile device through the mobile app store or a web browser. 

Therefore, to download the LG Smartworld app on your mobile device through the app store: 

  1. Start by going to the apps store on your mobile device 
  2. Next, search “LG Smartworld” 
  3. Then click “Install” or “Download”. 

Furthermore, you can also download the LG Smartworld app on your LG Smart TV using the TV content store the same way you download the app on your mobile device. 

Moreover, to download the LG Smartworld app on your mobile device through a web browser: 

  1. First, go to www.lgworld.com. Additionally, you can go to www.lgworld.com using your mobile device and you won’t need to scan the QR code 
  2. Second, if using your laptop computer, scan the QR code using your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the QR code will be located in the top left corner of the website 
  3. Next, click “Download” 
  4. Then, choose your country and region 
  5. Finally, click “Install” to download the LG Smartworld app 

Additionally, if you downloaded the LG Smartworld apk file on your mobile device and are running the file, the application is installed automatically. 

How does LG Smartworld Work? 

How does LG Smartworld Work? 

To use LG Smartworld, the app needs to be installed on your device, as stated previously. 

Once the app is installed on your device, you can create a Smartworld account and sign in. 

Therefore, to create an LG Smartworld account: 

  1. First, open the LG Smartworld app 
  2. Second, Click “Sign Up” 
  3. Then, you will need to agree to LG’s “Legal Notice” 
  4. Next, enter your email and create your password 
  5. Last, click “Register” 

Now that your Smartworld account has been created you need to sign up for a membership and you can do so by going to www.lgappstv.com

After you sign up for a membership, you can log into your Smartworld account. 

Additionally, you can sign into up to five monitors with one account ID and password. 

Furthermore, to install apps through LG Smartworld on your mobile device: 

  1. Start by opening the Smartworld app on your device 
  2. Then, search the categories for the app you want to download and click on it 
  3. Last, review the app details to make sure it works with your device and click “Install” 

Moreover, to install apps through LG Smartworld on your Smart TV: 

  1. First, click “Smart Home” and then click “LG Smart World” 
  2. Second, Log into your LG TV account 
  3. Then, choose the app you want to install to see its details 
  4. Next, check the system requirement for the app, and if your device is compatible click “Install” 
  5. Finally, click “OK” to install the app 

Additionally, if the app(s) you are downloading are “paid content”, you will have to pay for the app before you install it. 

Moreover, you can pay for paid content on LG Smartworld with a credit card or a PayPal account. 

Does LG Smartworld Still Work? 

LG Smartworld does still function for LG Android users. 

Unfortunately, as of 2021, LG decided to stop producing mobile smartphones and tablets.

However, all of the already manufactured LG smartphones and tablets still function and run like normal, and some are even receiving updates. 

Therefore, even though LG has decided to stop producing smartphones and tablets, the LG Smartworld app will continue to run as normal for all LG users. 

Furthermore, if you are having trouble with the Smartworld app, it may be because of your location or provider. 

Moreover, LG has stated, “the provision of this service depends on the country and the communication service provider. 

LG also states that you can check whether your country or service provider works with LG Smartworld through the Smartworld website on the Country list.

Can I Delete LG Smartworld? 

Fortunately, if you downloaded the LG Smartworld app to your mobile smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV you can delete it because it was added to your device later and not pre-installed. 

Furthermore, you can also delete LG Smartworld if you are running the LG Smartworld apk file on your mobile device.

Unfortunately, if the Smartworld app was pre-installed on your device, you will not be able to delete it. 

However, just because the Smartworld app is installed on your mobile device does not mean you have to use it. 

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LG Smartworld is an alternative app store for LG Android users. Moreover, Smartworld allows LG users to download extra apps such as games, entertainment, fonts, themes, and more to customize their mobile phones. 

Furthermore, Smartworld is only available to LG users, and other Android users can not access Smartworld. Additionally, LG Smartworld can be used on LG devices such as smartphones, tablets, and LG Smart TVs. 

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