What Is Microsoft Delve? (All You Need To Know)

Microsoft Delve is not the most commonly known product in the popular Office suite, so if you have not heard of it until now, you may be curious about what it is all about.

If this sounds like you, this article is perfect, as it will help you to learn everything that you need to know about Microsoft Delve, such as what some of its features are, why you would want to use it, and more!

What Is Microsoft Delve In 2024?

Microsoft Delve is a tool that can be used for data discovery and collaboration that draws on aspects of machine learning and social networking to locate and retrieve relevant information from the different Microsoft Office applications in 2024. This tool can also provide users with a means to organize the professional information that they are most likely to need. 

If you are interested in learning everything you need to know about Microsoft Delve, you are going to want to keep reading!

What Are Some Features Of Microsoft Delve?

There are many helpful features of Microsoft Delve, some of which include the following list:

  • MS Delve’s personalized profile page offers users a suggested content feed, plus the profiles of colleagues, and a list of documents that they have recently opened. It also has different menus that can be used to retrieve content that was already viewed.
  • Its users can choose the standard search function or specifically look for any document with which they have previously interacted. A trending function is also available to locate any relevant content that colleagues have frequently viewed.
  • The user profiles in MS Delve can be adjusted to display any details, such as skills, projects that are currently being worked on, and pictures.
  • The “people search and discovery” feature provides MS Delve users with an easy way to find a specific colleague. 
  • When given authorization, those who use MS Delve can see recent communications and activities of coworkers, such as the documents they viewed, project work they have completed, or emails they sent through Outlook. 
  • The “praise” feature lets MS Delve users send recognition to coworkers to celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Each document in MS Delve is displayed on a content card which includes a picture, title, and description of the most recent activity so that the user can see why this particular document may be relevant. Alongside that, the content card indicates when the last modification of the document was performed, as well as where it is currently stored and the number of times it’s been viewed.
  • Boards can be created in MS Delve to gather any documents that will need to be accessed at a later date. In order to do so, users create a board onto which documents relevant to a specific project can be organized and then viewed by all team members involved in a project. Boards also allow additional users to view content and contribute to it.

How Does Microsoft Delve Work With Other Microsoft Programs?

How Does Microsoft Delve Work With Other Microsoft Programs?

With the help of other MS Office programs, Delve has the ability to learn not just who, but also what is important to the user.

Furthermore, MS Delve does this by automatically taking content from the Office and presenting it in one view.

This then eliminates the need of having to navigate between different apps to get the information that you need.

Additionally, this application can be used to pull content from other apps, some of which are listed here:

  • Yammer
  • SharePoint
  • One Drive for Business
  • Exchange
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Sway

Plus, MS Delve reviews the content from the MS Office Video portal as well as email attachments to search for important information that may be needed.

Also, the tool provides its users with a “discover” function that alerts them of information that has the potential to be relevant, based on relationships as well as prior user activity. 

However, it is good to know, though, that only the content that users have permission to view will be presented to them in order to ensure that information is kept secure.

Why Would You Want To Use Microsoft Delve?

Since Microsoft Delve was initially released in 2015, it has provided its users with a bunch of features and tools, which were mentioned previously in this article.

Furthermore, these help with the collaboration on documents, as well as interactions between team members.

Listed here, are just a few of the reasons why users like working with this application:

  • While using MS Delve, it is easy to manage and edit profiles with as little as just a few clicks.
  • This app is a powerful time-saving tool in that it streamlines the search process of retrieving contact information, website details, tasks, and documents. So, instead of wasting hours opening applications, performing keyword searches, and reaching out to colleagues to gather the information that was lost in old correspondences, MS Delve users can perform all of these tasks in mere seconds. 
  • Signing onto Delve is so simple. Those who want to use this tool simply choose this application in the MS app launcher or select delve.office.com in their browser, and log in with their work or personal account. 
  • MS Delve doesn’t change the existing permissions settings in Microsoft 365, meaning that its users can only see documents or changes that they have been given permission to see. This is a vital safety feature in that no user can be granted access to a private document or one that was not shared with them on purpose.
  • Also, MS Delve is available on three mobile apps, which include Delve for iOS, Delve for Android and Delve for Windows. Additionally, those who currently have a subscription to Office 365 are able to access documents that are connected to coworkers and make updates to their profiles right from their mobile devices. Plus, Mobile MS Delve users also receive real-time updates on how their colleagues are progressing with a project. 

Alongside these reasons and so many more, Microsoft Delve provides its users with a helpful and centralized business solution to better manage their work documents and correspondences.

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Microsoft Delve is an application that is used for searching for information and people across the Office 365 suite.

Additionally, Delve provides its users with a means to organize the professional information that they are most likely to need or find useful throughout their work day.

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